The Violent Left: What would the Founders Do?
By Jack Kerwick - March 18, 2017

Nationally syndicated “conservative” talk radio host Michael Savage and his poodle, “Teddy,” were recently assaulted while they exited a restaurant in San Francisco. A man followed them from the eatery and mocked Savage for his real surname (“Weiner”) before kicking Teddy and throwing Mike to the ground.

Neither master nor dog, fortunately, sustained any serious injuries—though Savage was “bloodied and shaken.” According to his lawyer, Dan Horowitz, criminal charges will be filed. They are also going to pursue the possibility of having the assailant charged for committing a hate crime on the grounds that Savage was attacked because of his political views.

Savage is but the latest old man in his 70’s to be roughed up by an intolerant, hate-filled, violent leftist bully. Attacks of this sort, and worse, against Trump supporters and those just suspected of being Trump supporters, have been occurring for over a year now. No one is safe, not the elderly, the young, or women.
How do you think Patrick Henry, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and all of those men (and women!) from the founding generation who dared to take up arms against the most powerful empire the world had known up to that juncture would respond if they were the targets of unprovoked assaults because of their politics?

Do you think that they would have resigned themselves, as many of today’s “conservatives” seem ready to resign themselves, to allowing government (the police) to protect them?