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Thread: Sen. Rand Paul at SFRC Hearing on Yemen: Are our interventions doing more harm than good?

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    Default Sen. Rand Paul at SFRC Hearing on Yemen: Are our interventions doing more harm than good?

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    lol Rand was making a lot of people in that room squirm really hard, he must be related to his dad
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    Damn, this guy should have been President. $#@!.
    "And now that the legislators and do-gooders have so futilely inflicted so many systems upon society, may they finally end where they should have begun: May they reject all systems, and try liberty; for liberty is an acknowledgment of faith in God and His works." - Bastiat

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    It sucks, but we can't really do much about it. These raids were planned while Obama was president, probably to make Trump look bad.
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    “I don’t think that there will be any curtailing of Donald Trump as president,” he said. "He controls the media, he controls the sentiment [and] he controls everybody. He’s the one who will resort to executive orders more so than [President] Obama ever used them." - Ron Paul

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