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Thread: Generation Opportunity New Hampshire Applauds Civil Asset Forfeiture Reform

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    Generation Opportunity New Hampshire Applauds Civil Asset Forfeiture Reform

    Generation Opportunity New Hampshire Applauds Civil Asset Forfeiture Reform

    Legislation provides new protections for fundamental rights and liberties
    By Clay Sutton
    March 9, 2017

    Ross Connolly, Generation Opportunity New Hampshire spokesperson issued the following statement:

    “Generation Opportunity, working alongside the efforts of the Institute for Justice and New Hampshire ACLU, applauds the passage of HB 614 relative to forfeiture of personal property. This bill will expand upon the law enacted last year to protect citizens from a rampant system of government seizure of assets from those who are only suspected of a crime, not convicted. This bill strengthens due process and protects property owners ensuring that New Hampshire sticks to our tradition of leading the way protecting citizens from government overreach.”

    Last year civil asset forfeiture reform happened so that NH state and local governments can't really do much at all with it while operating under state law. However, most of the forfeiture happens under federal law. HB 614 states that "I. No state, county or municipal law enforcement agency or prosecuting authority may enter into an agreement to transfer or refer seized property to a federal agency directly, indirectly, by adoption, through an intergovernmental joint taskforce or by other means for the purposes of forfeiture litigation unless the seized property includes United States currency in excess of $100,000."

    While much less forfeiture happens in NH than many states, a sponsor of the bill estimated that if passed, it would cut the practice by 90%+ in NH. This is a huge reform. It would means that pretty much only buildings could be taken, and they would need be taken using federal law. The way it works is the local police and the federal government split control of the assets collected (usually money), and then use them. It is hard to split up and use a house
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    Lots of good stuff coming out of Concord.

    Keep it up!

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