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Thread: Drugs profits for Oil wars

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    Default Peter Dale Scott - Iran-Contra Connection

    When I looked for more information on the network described in my last post, I found a book by Peter Dale Scott (I actually found 2 books).
    Peter Dale Scott, Jonathan Marshall, Jane Hunter – The Iran-Contra Connection: Secret Teams and Covert Operations in Reagan Era (1987):

    I wouldn’t make a post on this book, if I thought it’s completely worthless, but there is something wrong when the 200+ page book, contains less interesting information than the article by Henrik Kruger...
    There isn’t a lot of information on drugs that I didn’t know yet. There is more information on weapons.

    South East Asia
    Ex-Nazis became pilots in the 1950-52 supply operation of Civil Air Transport (later Air America) to opium-growing Chinese Nationalist (Kuomintang, or KMT) guerrilla forces in Thailand and Burma.
    Air America planes flew opium out of areas controlled by Meo tribesmen in north-eastern Laos. In that Laotian war, the key players were: John Singlaub (in 1987, Chairman of WACL), Richard Secord, Theodore Shackley, Tom Clines, and Felix Rodriguez.

    Cuban exiles
    The Iran-contra network goes back to the Bay of Pigs invasion of 1961, or even before.
    Cuban exiles, assets to the CIA, worked on assassinations, terrorist operations, and included the infamous Watergate burglaries. Rodriguez, Luis Posada, and their friend, Watergate burglar Eugenio Martinez, were members of Operation 40.
    Some Cuban exiles were arrested in 1970 for narcotics dealing. In the early 1970s, law enforcement officials estimated that at least 8% of the Bay of Pigs army had been arrested for drug crimes.
    Armando Lopez Estrada said that "on the instructions of a U.S. official in Costa Rica" he recruited Bay of Pigs veterans to advise the contras.
    Some terrorists financed their covert operations by trafficking marijuana, cocaine or heroin.
    The staff of Sen. John Kerry linked Bay of Pigs veteran Frank Castro to the Contras.

    WACL, CAL – P2
    The Confederacion Anti-comunista Latinoamericana (CAL) of the World Anti-Communist League (WACL) was involved in drugs trafficking and terrorism.
    While Oliver North was portrayed as THE architect of Iran-Contragate, in reality North was the junior of the “secret team” of John Singlaub, Richard Secord, Robert McFarlane and Eugene Hasenfus.
    Reports linking WACL to drugs became particularly flagrant in the period 1976-80, when Carter was threatening to expose WACL.

    When Stefano delle Chiaie was accused of ties to French Connection heroin merchants that relocated to Italy; the Italian magazine Panorama named CAL Chairman Suarez Mason as "one of Latin America's chief drug traffickers".
    Francesco Pazienza was a financial consultant of Roberto Calvi at Banco Ambrosiano. Pazienza was indicted in an Italian court for luring President Carter's brother Billy in a compromising relationship with Gaddafi during the 1980 presidential campaign. Ledeen was named as his co-conspirator.
    Mario Genghini (a member of P2) was one of the biggest foreign investors in Nicaragua. In 1978, to avoid an investigation by the Bank of Italy, Calvi moved the centre of his international fraud to Nicaragua. One year later, as Somoza's position worsened, the operation was moved to Peru.

    Latin America
    The CIA was involved in destabilising several Latin America countries using the secret police, including El Salvador, Paraguay, Chile, Argentina, Honduras and Nicaragua.
    On 19 March 1981, less than two months after coming to office, the Reagan Administration asked Congress to lift the embargo on arms sales to Argentina. General Roberto Viola, one of the junta members responsible for the death squads, was welcomed to Washington in the spring of 1981 (in 1987, he had been sentenced to 17 years for his role in the "dirty war").
    On 25 June 1982, Reagan's first Secretary of State, Alexander Haig, had to resign over the "dirty war" in Argentina and Israel's invasion of Lebanon.

    US intelligence officers trained their South American counterparts in torture techniques.
    Lau was orchestrating political killings in Honduras. Between 1981 and 1984, Lau, Argentine advisers, the contras and CIA-advised Honduran security systematically eliminated more than 200 Honduran “leftists”.

    Peter Maas claimed that Ted Shackley's assistant Tom Clines, "even before he left the CIA...was promoting a deal with the Nicaraguan tyrant, Anastasio Somoza, to create a search-and-destroy apparatus against Somoza’s enemies".
    Arms from Shackley and Secord reached the Contras via the firm of the Cuban Rafael "Chi Chi" Quintero.

    Secretary of State George Shultz and his chief assistant on Latin American affairs, Elliott Abrams, asked the Sultan of Brunei for a donation to the Contra cause. The sultan reportedly deposited $10 million in a Swiss bank account controlled by Oliver North. The deal involved billionaire arms dealer Adnan Khashoggi.

    Kissinger wrote in his memoirs that he had envisioned an important role for Iran in the Middle East and South Asia.
    In late May 1972, during a visit to Tehran, President Nixon and Kissinger offered the Shah unlimited access to America’s “conventional” weapons and support in fighting the Kurds. The Shah in turn guaranteed oil.
    Chase Manhattan Bank’s chairman, David Rockefeller, was a long-time friend of the Shah and received huge payments from the National Iranian Oil Company. In the 1960s, Chase took a leading position in Iran. In 1972, it opened a merchant bank in London. By 1975, Chase was handling $2 billion a year in Iranian transactions.

    Why did they orchestrate a coup in which the Shah was replaced by Ayatollah Khomeini?! The Shah complained about the corruption; that "the chicanery of Pentagon officials and their military and civilian representatives" was "intolerable".

    General John Singlaub and Richard Secord flew to Iran with Reagan’s staff members Robert McFarlane and Oliver North in May 1986 for an arms deal.
    The law suit against Richard Secord was settled out of court in 1983, after Michael Ledeen intervened. Ledeen has since confirmed that as a National Security Council consultant he helped set up the first contacts between Teheran and Washington on the arms deals.
    Ayatollah Hussein Ali Montazeri once told reporters that former National Security Adviser Robert McFarlane had personally visited Iran to trade military spare parts for American hostages held in Beirut.

    Israel was (is?) a major player in the arms trade. One out of 10 Israeli workers is employed in arms-related production. In 1975, arms exports represented 31% of Israel’s industrial exports and probably even more in 1987.
    Israel supplied the new Khomeini regime with arms, even during the hostage drama.

    Already in the 1950s, Mossad cooperated with the CIA in establishing the Shah's secret police, SAVAK.
    David Kimche, director general of Israel's foreign ministry, discussed Israeli arms shipments worth tens of millions of dollars to "moderates" in Iran with Secretary of State Alexander Haig and his counsellor Robert McFarlane.
    NSC consultant Michael Ledeen had close ties to Israel. In 1981, Ledeen was a founder of the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs. His wife Barbara is an assistant in the Pentagon office of Stephen Bryen, who was investigated by the FBI in the late 1970s after it was reported that he passed secrets to Israel.

    Israel was also arming and training the Contras. It has even been reported that the Israelis helped launch the contras soon after Somoza was overthrown, in 1979.
    Oliver North testified that the idea of Iran-Contra had originated with David Kimche. The Times of London claimed that the Iran-Contra operation was first put forward by then Israeli Prime Minister Shimon Peres.

    Ya'acov Nimrodi, who figured prominently in the arms-to-Iran dealings, also handled "shipments" of arms to the Contras, which were paid for with several million dollars, given by the Israeli government at the request of CIA Director Casey.
    Both the Contras Mario Calero and Julio Montealegre (an aide of Adolfo Calero) spent time in Israel.

    In 1985, Reagan Administration officials and members of Congress said that Israel had increased aid to the Contras, but denied that US foreign aid was funnelled through Tel Aviv, El Salvador or Honduras.
    According to Rep. Jim Wright in one transaction, Iran paid the Israelis $19 million - $3 million of that went to the Pentagon, $4 million to arms brokers and $12 million went to the Swiss accounts for the contras. Please note that one top of that millions were made with the cocaine smuggled by the Contra network...
    Also tens of millions were funnelled to the heroin producing, Afghan “guerrillas”.

    Lyndon LaRouche and Ross Perot
    Two politicians, that are considered adversaries of the Reagan/Bush crime syndicate, were also involved.
    Lyndon LaRouche was employed by WerBell since 1977. Mitch WerBell had a long-time relationship with John Singlaub. In 1976, WerBell was indicted on drug smuggling charges.

    Dallas billionaire H. Ross Perot, owner of Electronic Data Systems, supplied private funds to help pay the ransom by NSC's Oliver North for American hostages held in Lebanon. He also bankrolled a former Special Forces colonel and veteran of White Star missions in Laos - Arthur Simons.
    Perot “advised” President Carter's national security adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski on the 1980 embassy rescue mission.
    Perot also played a role in supporting both "Bo" Gritz's POW searches in Laos and the rescue of Gen. James Dozier.

    Maybe in my next post; information from the other Dale Scott book...
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    In the USA, there are 3 members of the Tejapaibul family openly active in the drug, prostitution and identify theft business. Illegal prescription drugs, prescription knockoffs, massage parlors, credit card scams, real estate scams, pyramid name it, they are in it. I found several web sites using google search for their USA based businesses: Angel Element, Angelerate, Buzzshare, Tech Wildcatters, Tejapaibul Escorts, SD3D Printing, Fox Hill Capital, FundingPost, Help Bond Me, Paymize, Startup Grind, Tejapaibul Capital Partners, Tech Wildcatters Holdings.

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    Default Dale Scott – War machine, CIA, drug connection, Afghanistan

    Here’s the second book; Peter Dale Scott – American War Machine: Deep Politics, the CIA Global Drug Connection, and the Road to Afghanistan (2010): https://heavywatergate.files.wordpre...dale-scott.pdf

    When I was reading this book, I concluded that Dale Scott is a “limited hangout operation”. Fortunately there was still some interesting information in this book to add to this thread.

    President Truman’s program that used drug proxies in Burma, Thailand and Burma principally involved 4 men: William Donovan; his British ally “Sir” William Stephenson; Paul Helliwell (organiser of the World Commerce Corporation (WCC)); and Willis Bird (the 3 Americans veterans of the OSS, the predecessor of the CIA).
    After World War II, Stephenson’s WCC became active in Bangkok, and Stephenson himself established a strong personal relationship with King Rama IX.

    Paul Helliwell became partners in crime with Meyer Lansky and other crime bosses. E.P. Barry became Helliwell’s banking partner in Florida. Barry had been the post-war head of OSS Counterintelligence in Vienna, which looted Nazi gold in Operation Safehaven.
    In December 1947, the National Security Council (NSC) laundered over $10 million in stolen Axis funds that was used to influence the 1948 Italian election.

    Two principal figures in the US who backed Gen. Claire Chennault, Paul Helliwell and Thomas Corcoran in re-establishing the KMT in China, were attorneys for the OSS-related insurance companies of C.V. Starr in the Far East. Starr, who had operated from Shanghai before the war, helped OSS China establish a worldwide network. The C.V. Starr companies later evolved into the massive AIG group.
    Chennault was supported by Henry Luce of Time-Life and General MacArthur and his intelligence chief in Japan - Major General Charles Willoughby.
    Paul Helliwell controlled the Castle Bank in the Bahamas that later evolved into the Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI). These banks laundered money for the CIA and the mob.

    Santo Trafficante became General Vang Pao’s biggest customer.
    In late 1967, Shackley, with USAID, helped Vang Pao form his own private airline, Xieng Khouang Air Transport.
    According to FBI records, in January 1968 Trafficante flew to Hong Kong to meet Frank Furci, who was involved in Mafia corruption of US army officers in Vietnam. He paused in Los Angeles to confer with John Roselli before travelling to Hong Kong, Singapore, and Bangkok. Soon after the trip, heroin from Hong Kong began reaching the US via the Caribbean and Chile. Roselli had previously collaborated on paramilitary operations with Shackley.
    Ted Shackley, Richard Secord, and Tom Clines remained involved in drugs as a team. All 3 became major players in the drug-trafficking Nugan Hand Bank in Australia of Michael Hand, a former Green Beret in Laos under Shackley.
    Richard Secord later created an airline that brought mujahedeen to Afghanistan to assist in the heroin production.

    BCCI’s Pakistani president, Agha Hasan Abedi, financed Jimmy Carter’s treasury secretary, Bert Lance, to prevent his bankruptcy.
    Recipients from BCCI money included Ronald Reagan’s treasury secretary, James Baker, and Senators Joseph Biden and Orrin Hatch, who all refused to investigate BCCI.
    BCCI provided the initial infrastructure for the CIA intervention in Afghanistan in 1979. BBCI also helped set up the alliance with major drug trafficker Gulbeddin Hekmatyar. In the next decade, Hekmatyar received more CIA “aid” than any CIA asset before or since.
    Apparently they gave him “aid” in return for tons of heroin…

    Nugan Hand employed numerous former CIA officers and war veterans, including Bernie Houghton, who during the Vietnam War allegedly ferried cargo airplanes from Thailand, and former CIA Director William Colby.
    Nugan Hand was also in business with Thomas Clines, a CIA officer in Laos with Vang Pao under Theodore Shackley.
    The Nugan Hand Bank collapsed spectacularly in 1980 with the reported “suicide” of Frank Nugan.

    Under the dictatorship of General Augusto Pinochet, the Chilean army and secret police (DINA) exported tons of cocaine from Chile to Europe.

    The terrorist activities by Stefano delle Chiaie and Michael Townley included the attack on the Leightons in Rome, which also involved a former CIA Cuban, Virgilio Paz Romero. Delle Chiaie and Townley were also involved in the murder in Buenos Aires of Chilean General Carlos Prats.
    Townley once notified his DINA handler that another DINA assassin, Enrique Arrancibia (who assisted the CIA in the 1970 murder of Chilean General Schneider), travelled from Buenos Aires to California during the fall of 1977 on banking business for Delle Chiaie.

    In 1996, near Susulruk, Turkey a car crashed.
    In the wreckage were the bodies of a Member of Parliament, a former deputy police chief, a beauty queen, her lover, a heroin trafficker and a murderer named Abdullah Catli. They also found narcotics, thousands of US dollars, pistols with silencers and machine guns in the car.
    Catli had 6 official identity documents, including a diplomatic “Green Passport”. One of the names in Catli’s passports, Mehmet Özbay, was an alias that, according to Lucy Komisar, was also in the passport of the Turkish shooter of Pope John Paul II, Mehmet Ali Ag’ca. Catli and Ag’ca were death squad members of the right-wing paramilitary organization - the Grey Wolves.

    Citibank helped Raul Salinas (brother of former Mexican president Carlos Salinas) to transfer millions out of Mexico into secret Swiss bank accounts under false names.

    In 2003, CIA-supported drug proxies in the Golden Triangle and Golden Crescent accounted for 95% of the estimated illicit opium production in metric tons. When we add Colombia and Mexico, where the CIA also worked with drug traffickers, the 4 areas combined accounted for 97.8% of the estimated product.

    Peter Dale Scott – Limited hangout operation
    By overtly blaming the CIA for everything that’s wrong in the world, and calling the US “democracy” a failure, Dale Scott (a Canadian subject of Queen Elizabeth) implicitly paints a flattering pictures of (the dictatorships of) the Kingdoms of Britain, Netherlands and Spain. Dale Scott bizarrely claims that “Spain, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom have all shown post-imperial recoveries in which their societies are now a little more open and egalitarian than they were before”. Maybe Dale Scott has never heard of the “Dutch disease”…

    Dale Scott concludes that US banks are the main beneficiaries “of this recycling” and that also laundered profits from drug trafficking have been “recycled” into American and Canadian real estate, notably in Florida and Nevada.
    Earlier in the book he does mention that the money laundering Nugan Hand Bank was located in the British colony Australia, but claims controlled by the CIA.

    Some of the most interesting in this thread is missing from the 300+ book …
    The major drug money laundering HSBC bank doesn’t even appear in the book.
    Diligence LLC’s connection to the Alfa Bank is mentioned. But unfortunately Dale Scott “forgot” about its connection to Nat Rothschild and that Alfa-Eko was caught smuggling narcotics.

    Even though the book has a huge reference list…
    Gary Webb’s book Dark alliance isn’t even referenced (there are references to articles by or about Webb though).
    Terry Reed and one of the major drug traffickers, Barry Seal, aren’t even named…

    BBCI is repeatedly mentioned, but not its connections to the P2 affiliated Banco Nazionale del Lavoro (BNL), Henry Kissinger or George W. Bush’s Harken.
    The role played by the US Department of Justice and Robert Mueller (FBI director from 2001 to 2013) in the cover-up is also “forgotten”…
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    Default Diligence, BGR – Neil Bush

    I’ve found more interesting information on the Diligence LLC, whose chairman Richard Burt is also affiliated with the Alfa Bank (besides Burt’s ties to various major US politicians, including Donald Drumpf).
    I’ve found a connection to George W. Bush’s brother, Neil Bush.

    Around the time of the Iraq invasion, New Bridge Strategies was formed. The principal backers included Joe Albaugh (Chief of Staff to then-Governor Bush of Texas and Campaign Manager for the Bush-Cheney 2000 presidential campaign), Ed Rogers, John Howland and Jamal Daniel.
    Daniel is also co-chairman of Crest Investment. The other co-chairman is none other than Neil Bush…
    Daniel's family, Christians originating from Syria, reportedly was involved in the founding of the Ba'ath Party and remained affiliated with it in both Syria and Iraq even after Hafez al-Assad came to power. Jamal Daniel boasts connections with the families of the rulers of at least 5 Middle East countries: Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Syria, Yemen and Lebanon.
    Neil Bush was hired by Jamel Daniel as a “consultant” for New Bridge, for $15,000 every three months for 3 to 4 hours a week.

    In 2006, Ed Rogers (former Deputy Assistant to George HW Bush) was vice Chairman and Director of New Bridge Strategies and also a director of Diligence Inc.
    Ed Rogers and Lanny Griffith were also the top executives of republican lobbying firm Barbour, Griffith and Rogers (BGR). BGR was the initial funder for Diligence.
    Diligence's current Chairman is Richard Burt, who is also a Director of BGR.
    Diligence Middle East Inc. is a joint venture between Diligence Inc. and New Bridge Strategies.
    At one time BGR, Diligence and New Bridge shared the same 1275 Pennsylvania Avenue address in Washington DC.

    Most people focus on the countries Iran or Israel and Saudi Arabia. Sadly overlooked is the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Neil Bush also has strong business ties with the UAE.
    Neil Bush visited the UAE in October 2000, and in October and November 2001. In 2002, Neil was again in the UAE to get funds for his Ignite! Inc. company.
    UAE is a major investor in The Carlyle Group, where George H.W. Bush was once a senior adviser:
    (archived here:

    Richard Burt is also a Senior Advisor of McLarty and Associates.

    Thomas F. McLarty III is the President at McLarty Associates. He was the cofounder of Kissinger McLarty Capital Group.
    McLarty was also a member of the Advisory Board at Diligence London.
    McLarty is senior advisor of The Carlyle Group LP.

    McLarty was also President Clinton's Chief of Staff.
    He was also an advisor of US Presidents George H.W. Bush and Jimmy Carter:
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    Default Gene Wheaton – Shackley, Wilson, Clines, North

    I’ve tried to find more information on the whistleblower Gene Wheaton, but there isn’t much…
    Wheaton was actually the first to make the “Iran-Contra” scandal public.

    In 1971, Wheaton and his family were transferred to Iran where he was the narcotics and counter-terrorism advisor to the Shah of Iran.
    Wheaton retired from the army in 1975, and went back to Iran as a “civilian”.
    For 2 years he was executive assistant to a vice president of the CIA front Rockwell Corporation, and director of security for a program over there called the IBEX program.

    In 1985, Wheaton became vice-president of the cargo airline National Air.
    In the early 1980s, Wheaton got close to CIA paramilitary mercenary operator Carl Jenkins, who had been the commander of the biggest CIA base in Laos while Shackley was there. Neil Livingston invited Wheaton to a party, to meet Ollie North. In 1985, Ollie North asked Wheaton to help devise a plan for weapons to the Mujahedeen in Afghanistan and provide airplanes for missions to the Contras.
    In October 1985, Congress voted for $27 million in non-lethal aid for the Contras (which included weapons). Wheaton, Jenkins and Paul Hoven tried to get some of those $27 million to Honduras. They were told in no uncertain terms that the only way to do this was to go through Dick Secord and his aviation supply route. Wheaton refused because he knew that Secord had an unsavoury reputation.

    Wheaton received direct information that Secord and his group (Oliver North, Ted Shackley, Edwin Wilson and Tom Clines) were diverting aircraft and hauling illegal cargo on the side (smuggling). Secord had direct knowledge that kickbacks from the Saudi AWACS program, were used to buy weapons for the Contras (that paid handsomely for these weapons with cocaine…).
    In May 1986, Wheaton personally told CIA director Bill Casey, but Casey simply denied that the agency was involved in any of this illegal stuff. Then Wheaton took his story to the journalists Newt Royce and Mike Icoca, who put it on the front page of the Hearst newspaper.

    Wheaton paints the big picture like this:
    Ted Shackley and Vernon Walters and Frank Carlucci and Ving West and a group of these guys used to have park-bench meetings in the late 70s in McClean, Virginia so nobody could overhear they conversations.
    They basically said, "With our expertise at placing dictators in power," I’m almost quoting verbatim one of their comments,
    "why don’t we treat the United States like the world’s biggest banana republic and take it over?"
    Reagan never really was the president. He was the front man. They selected a guy that had charisma, who was popular, and just a good old boy, but they got George Bush in there to actually run the White House.
    They made sure that George Bush was the chairman of each of the critical committees involving these covert operations things.
    They got Bush in as the chairman of the committee to deregulate the Savings and Loans in ’83 so they could deregulate the Savings and Loans, so that they would be so loosely structured that they could steal 400, 500 billion dollars of what amounted to the taxpayers’ money out of these Savings and Loans and then bail them out.
    They got hit twice: they stole the money out of the Savings and Loans, and then they sold the Savings and Loans right back to the same guys, and then the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation - the taxpayers money - paid for bailing out the Savings and Loans that they stole the money from ... and they ran the whole operation, and Bush was the de facto president even before the ‘88 election when he became president.
    This crowd really believes that the unwashed masses are ignorant, that we are people who are not capable of governing ourselves, that we need this elitist group to control the country, and the world - these guys have expanded. They look at the United States not as a country, not in any kind of patriotic mode now, but they look on it as a state within a world that they control. And that’s this attitude that they have.
    They’re not unlike any other megalomaniac in the world. They’re nutty as fruitcake, but they’ve got distinguished gray hair, three-piece dark suits and they carry briefcases, and they’ll stand up and make speeches just as articulate as anybody in the world, but they don’t socialize and function outside their own little clique.
    My experience with them is that they could be certified as criminally insane and put away in a rubber room and have the key thrown away. That’s how dangerous they are. But they’re powerful, and they’re educated. And that makes them twice as dangerous. And that’s basically what’s running the world right now.
    When Harry Truman signed the National Security Act creating the CIA, he stated in that act that they couldn’t have any police powers, and shouldn’t operate in the US.
    Congressional oversight of the intelligence community was increased after the Pike and Church hearings of the 1970s, in the wake of the Watergate scandal and CIA director Richard Helms convicted of lying to Congress (there were also kickbacks from the giant arm manufacturers to top politicians worldwide…).
    The “secret group” of Ted Shackley, Tom Clines and Dick Secord were forced into retirement because of the scandal over Edmond P. Wilson’s training of Libyan terrorists.

    After 9/11 was staged, the restrictions on US intelligence agencies were lifted.
    75 and 80-year-old retired CIA people sat with tears in their eyes and told Wheaton:
    Gene, what you’re into, you understand it more than we did, and it’s absolutely true, but it’s just so big you can’t do anything about it.
    (archived here:
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    Default Kruger - Great Heroin Coup

    Quote Originally Posted by Firestarter
    Henrik Kruger also wrote the following book (I haven´t found a freely viewable version on the internet) – The Great Heroin Coup: Drugs, Intelligence and International Fascism:
    I’ve read the book (on paper); Henrik Kruger – The great heroin coup: Drugs, intelligence and international fascism (1980).
    There is relatively large amount information added since 1980.
    The value of this book to me is that it takes a different perspective than the other books I’ve read on this topic. There is at least one aspect that I disagree with; Kruger claims that until the beginning of the 1970s Marseille, France was the biggest heroin exporter with the Turkish poppy production. As far as I can tell, Turkey was never near the largest poppy producer in the world, so this conclusion by Kruger fails...
    According to Kruger, the Marseille heroin monopoly by the Corsican Mafia, mainly used Paraguay to transfer the heroin. It was replaced by the CIA-backed monopoly of South East Asia heroin exported to the US through Mexico.

    Kruger starts his investigation with the French crook Christian David.
    When David was locked up in prison; 1961 he was released after making a deal with Pierre Lemarchand to join the terror organisation of French intelligence agency SAC.
    In 1965, David was recruited by French intelligence agency SDECE: and sent to Africa and South America, for activities that included murders.
    In 1965, David was involved in the assassination of Ben Barka in Paris, who was a political enemy of Moroccan King Hassan.

    David claimed Antoine Guerini told him he hired Lucien Sartri, who recruited 2 Frenchmen, to kill John F. Kennedy.
    This was confirmed by Michel Nicoli, who named the other 2 snipers as Francois Chiappe and Jean-Paul Angeletti.

    In 1971, 29 drug refineries in South East Asia were dismantled, including one that was disguised as a Pepsi Cola plant, financed with USAID money.

    In 1975, Sam Gianca was extradited to Mexico, from where he was sent to France to face trial. En route to France he was murdered by US agents.

    In 1975, Alberto Sicilia-Falcon arrested, who claimed that CIA had $260 million on Swiss accounts for covert operations:

    The FBI destabilised Mexican government, after President Echevaria refused loans from World Bank and IMF.

    In 1976, convicted cocaine and marijuana smuggler Kenneth Gordon Burnstine would testify against Mitch Werbell III (who was in business with John Singlaub). Before he could; he died in a plane crash, and Werbell was acquitted.

    I’ve already found information on the involvement of former US Presidents: George Bush Jr and Sr, Bill Clinton and Ronald Reagan in drug trafficking and money laundering.
    Maybe the most important to add here, is that also disgraced US President Richard Nixon was connected to the mob.

    Juan Cesar Restoy tried to get his freedom and hundreds of thousands dollars by threatening to expose a close friend of Richard Nixon as a drug trafficker; Restoy was shot and killed by narcotics agents.
    Santo Trafficante Jr. knew Jack Ruby, and was an associate of Meyer Lansky and Jim Hoffa, who supported Richard Nixon.
    Nixon was involved with real estate firms that laundered Lanksy’s money.
    IOS millionaire Robert Vesco, who handled Lansky’s money, was a friend of Nixon.

    In March 1985, Capital Cities Communications (formerly named Mary Carter Paint Company) bought the giant ABC network.

    Some of the major players in Capital Cities are:
    William Casey, former CIA director, was a founder in 1954. Casey was also a major shareholder.
    Tom Dewey, former New York governor and twice Republican candidate for president, was also a founder.
    Tom Murphy, also a director of Texaco and IBM, was Capital Cities’ president in 1985.

    In 1959, Capital Cities was purchased by an investment group that included Lowell Thomas, Thomas Dewey and John Crosby, who were also prominent in Resorts International.
    The late James Crosby (son of John Crosby) was a close friend of Nixon; he donated $100,000 to his campaign in 1968. James would become chief executive of Mary Carter/Resorts International and his sister would become Tom Murphy's wife.

    James Crosby played host to the (then) recently deposed Shah of Iran at Resorts International's hotel on Paradise Island in the Bahamas.
    James Crosby was also a friend of Charles “Bebe” Rebozo, who was also in business with Santo Trafficante.
    See Rebozo with Nixon.

    In 1968, the Mary Carter Paint Company changed its name to Capital Cities Communications and concentrated on hotels and casinos in Atlantic City and the Bahamas.
    Later, it acquired Intertel, which specialised in private "security" and intelligence gathering for corporate and other clients. Some of these clients were close the CIA, including ITT, Anastasio Somoza, the Shah of Iran and Howard Hughes' empire of casinos and arms manufacturers.

    Resorts International was involved with Robert Vesco and the Meyer Lansky crime syndicate:
    (archived here:

    On 30 October 1978, it was reported that the principle investors of Resorts International were Meyer Lansky, Tibor Rosenbaum, William Mellon Hitchcock, David Rockefeller, and Baron Edmond de Rothschild.

    In one of those strange coincidences, in 1987 Donald Trump purchased his first casino interests when he acquired 93% of the shares in Resorts International.:

    Quote Originally Posted by Firestarter
    In 1986 undercover Customs agent Robert Mazur proposed an undercover money laundering operation called Operation C-Chase. Mazur opened a Panamanian account at BCCI because it was the easiest to get.
    Robert Mazur helped to bring down the BCCI bank and Pablo Escobar.
    In the following 12:44 video, Mazur tells that the BBCI actively helped him to set-up a money laundering scheme. Mazur tells that they could have achieved more if they had kept the operation going for a couple of months more.
    He testified every day during the 3 months trial. All of the defendants were convicted for their crimes.
    He tells that the banks these days are still doing the same thing, including the HSBC bank.
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    Default Vesco, Rothschild, BBCI, 1001 Club

    Quote Originally Posted by Firestarter
    Gary Webb “Dark alliance - The CIA, the CONTRAS, and the CRACK COCAINE EXPLOSION” (1998):
    Chapter 17 from Gary Webb’s book – We're going to blow your $#@!ing head off – details the deposition byJoseph “Joe” Kelso.

    In 1986, the federal government sent Kelso to Costa Rica to search for Robert Vesco. Kelso found Vesco’s private jet, parked in a hanger in San Jose. The storage bills for the jet were paid for by the owners of the cocaine dealing CIA front, Frigorificos de Puntarenas, that was used by Oliver North to funnel US government money to the Contras.
    Kelso was taken to the US embassy, where DEA agents began copying the documents in his briefcase until Rob Owen (Oliver North’s aide) came in and took all the documents with him.

    It’s tempting to go on and on about the CIA’s involvement in drug trafficking (and terrorism), because it’s relatively “easy” to find that kind of information. It’s almost like this is done to hide that the drug trade and money laundering is controlled from the City of London…

    The Rothschild's Swiss offices of Banque Privee, Banca Privata in Lugano SA, and Rothschild Bank AG of Zurich ran (from behind the scenes) the Swiss branches of the notorious Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI) and Banco Nazionale del Lavoro (BNL).
    Alfred Hartmann, who headed the Swiss branches of both BCCI and BNL, had been a manager for Rothschild since 1983.
    Hartmann also served as the chief financial officer of BCC Holding.
    Georges Karlweis was on the board of both BCCI and BNL

    In New York in the early 1960s Robert Vesco was picked up by Dr. Benjamin Payne, a financial adviser to the Rothschilds.
    Payne, introduced Vesco to Georges Karlweis, the managing director of Edmond de Rothschild's Geneva merchant bank Banque Privee. In 1965, Karlweis provided Vesco with a "loan" that enabled him to buy the New Jersey defence-aerospace firm, Captive Seal, merging it with International Controls Corp (ICC). Two years later, Karlweis would provide a similar start-up capital to George Soros…

    From the very beginning, in 1950, lOS was a front-operation for the Meyer Lansky organised crime syndicate, sponsored ostensibly by the New York City Dreyfus Fund.
    Through his Rothschild connection, Vesco was also introduced to Henry Buhl III, heir to the General Motors fortune, and a board member of the Swiss Investors Overseas Services (IOS). Soon lOS's subsidiary lIT was swimming in ICC stock, and Vesco became even wealthier.

    In April 1972, Vesco began to systematically loot IOS of its cash. Vesco was acting for the Rothschild, Lansky crime syndicate.
    IOS officials knew, how first Cornfeld and then Vesco, were laundering money.

    When IOS was finished, Drexel emerged to take its position.
    Drexel was backed by Baron Edmond de Rothschild, who helped orchestrate Max Fisher's takeover of United Fruit Company in 1975. Fisher in turn helped bankroll Cincinnati businessman Carl Lindner, who became one of Drexel's primary front men in a series of takeovers of a string of US companies.
    Lindner was joined by other Drexel clients, including Meshulim Riklis (of the Anti-Defamation League) who had helped Robert Vesco to take over lOS; Saul Steinberg (Jacob Rothschild’s business partner); Miami gangster Victor Posner; and hotel and media takeover specialist Laurence Tisch.

    Ironically in 1994 the Drug Policy Foundation (DPF), America's leading pro-drug lobby group, announced that it would receive $10.5 million over the next 3 years from George Soros:

    The 1001 Club was founded by Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands to raise funds for the eugenics WWF.
    The 1001 Club has included several members of Royal families (including Bernhard’s friend, Prince Philip, husband of Queen Elizabeth) and some controversial (other) dictators.
    Several members of the Rothschild and Rockefeller families got together in the 1001 Club.
    Also the following major players in Dope Inc. were part of the 1001 Club.

    Robert Vesco
    Vesco was a good friend of Prince Bernhard.
    In 1973, Vesco was accused of stealing $224 million from the IOS.
    He illegally contributed $200,000 to Richard Nixon’s campaign funds. He was also a friend of Richard’s nephew, Donald Nixon.

    Dr. Alfred Hartmann
    In 1976 became vice-chairman of the drug producing Hoffman-La Roche, and in 1978 its CEO.
    In 1983, was selected by Baron Elie de Rothschild as general manager of Rothschild Bank AG of Zurich. Resigned from Hoffman-La Roche, to work for various Rothschild organisations.
    Also vice-chairman of the NY-Inter Maritime Bank of Geneva, which was headed by his close ally Bruce Rappaport.
    Friend of former CIA director William Casey.
    Major shareholder in the Bank of New York.
    Chief financial officer for BCC Holding.
    Head of BCCI’s secretly controlled Swiss affiliate, Banque de Commerce et Placements (BCP).
    Also director of BNL that was accused of providing $3 billion in loans to Saddam Hussein for the Iraqi missile programs.

    Agha Hasan Abedi
    In 1972, founder and then chairman of BBCI.
    According to an NBC report, from 1984 to 1986 Abedi met (then CIA director) William Casey every couple of months in a Washington Hotel, where they discussed the Iran-Contra arrangement.
    BBCI was also used to fund the poppy growing Afghanistan Mujahedeen.

    Tibor Imgas Rosenbaum
    In 1958, set up the Swiss Banque du Credit International (BCI) with the help of Edmond de Rothschild. Laundered money for Meyer Lansky. Significant shareholder in Permindex.
    In the early 1960s, BCI bought a significant stake in Henry Luce’s Time Life.
    Financed Mossad operations.

    Peter Munk
    Born in Hungary, later one of the wealthiest men in Canada and a skiing partner of Prince Charles.
    In 1983, together with the Iranian arms dealer Adnan Khashoggi, founded Barrick Gold (the world’s largest gold-mining corporation) of which Munk became the CEO. Nat Rothschild sits on the advisory board of Barrick and is also a business partner with Munk in other projects.
    Khashoggi has close ties to the British royal family and was helped in the earlier stages of his career by the Bin Laden family.
    Barrick once purchased the rights to a gold mine in Nevada — containing $10 billion in gold — for only $10,000.
    In 1967, Munk was accused of insider trading:
    (long version:
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    Default LaRouche – Robert Mueller (again)

    Quote Originally Posted by Firestarter
    Two politicians, that are considered adversaries of the Reagan/Bush crime syndicate, were also involved.
    Lyndon LaRouche was employed by WerBell since 1977. Mitch WerBell had a long-time relationship with John Singlaub. In 1976, WerBell was indicted on drug smuggling charges.
    I was putting together another post, but “need” to post first on Lyndon LaRouche as I now think that Dale Scott probably did this to slander his name...

    Herbert Quinde breaks down the media campaign against Lyndon LaRouche and the NCLC.
    The campaign was orchestrated by New York financier John Train.

    Michael Hudson described meetings involving Train and 25 other journalists to Herbert Quinde in 1984, to:
    coordinate national magazine stuff about you guys and [work] with federal law enforcement to deny you funding and tax exemption
    Sol Sanders, former editor of Business Week and founder of the Committee for a Free World, told that 2 defamatory broadcasts against LaRouche by NBC-TV in January and March 1984 were planned at a meeting he attended at John Train's residence.
    The participants, according to Sanders, included Pat Lynch (producer of NBC-TV), Dennis King, and about 25 other journalists.

    Ellen Hume wrote a derogatory article concerning LaRouche in the 23 March 1986 Wall Street Journal.
    Hume stated that she had attended a meeting at John Train's concerning LaRouche; sources for her article were Patricia Lynch and law enforcement.

    Mira Boland, Washington Fact-Finding Director of the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith (ADL), testified that she attended a meeting concerning Lyndon LaRouche at John Train's residence in 1984. Boland testified that Roy Godson and Patricia Lynch were present at this meeting. They discussed LaRouche's lawsuit against NBC.

    Richard Morris testified that the most vocal opponents of LaRouche were Kenneth DeGraffenreid, Walter Raymond, and Roy Godson.

    Dennis King, a Train meeting participant and a crucial resource to the government's investigation, received funding for his activities against LaRouche from the Smith-Richardson Foundation,

    By 1985, Roy Godson and Terry Slease (the attorney for Richard Mellon Scaife that was also in the Train salon meetings), were tasked by Oliver North to raise funds from private citizens for use in the Contra and public diplomacy efforts.
    In May 1986, NSC and State Department operatives Lewis, Howard, and Tucker were being interviewed under NSC auspices because they had "good information" on LaRouche. Around the same time, North met Arthur Arundel and Lt. Col. Olmstead, both of whom were extremely active in publicity operations against LaRouche.

    The ADL played a central role in the prosecution of LaRouche and was represented at the Train meetings.
    Carl Gershman, a former staff member of the ADL, became the President of Reagan’s National Endowment for Democracy (NED).
    John Rees, who was present in the Train meetings and Irwin Suall of the ADL, testified against LaRouche in May 1986.

    Ronald Radosh, the co-author of the 1984 New Republic piece with Dennis King, travelled to Central America under the auspices of the Puebla Institute.
    Russ Bellant is the author of articles appearing in November 1988, and asserted that the Puebla Institute was a front for CIA and NSC propaganda run under Oliver North.

    In 1982, President of Mexico Lopez Portillo had talked to LaRouche in an effort to get rid of the debt dictatorship by the World Bank and IMF, which had sent a "shock wave" through Washington.
    Leo Cherne told that he chaired a task force at PFIAB on Third World debt that had been established through William Casey in reaction to Mexico's repudiation of its debt in 1982.

    Eugene Methvin, who authored the Reader's Digest article against LaRouche in August 1986, is a Co-Chairman of the Nathan Hale Institute and at the time a commissioner on President Reagan's Commission on Organized Crime.
    Methvin called for private organizations together with the Government to combat subversive threats, including derogatory materials in the media. He cited the ADL as "the prototype attack group" for such operations.
    Methvin has campaigned for an end to legal restrictions on government counteraction activities against “subversive threats”, pointing to the FBI's former COINTELPRO program as "a model of sophisticated, effective counter-terrorist law enforcement":
    (archived here:

    COINTELPRO employed journalists to conduct defamation campaigns against targets.
    For more on COINTELPRO:

    See a small sample of slander articles by the Train salon.

    I’ve found a long article that puts “special” cover-up artist Robert Swan Mueller III in the spotlight — who “is about as corrupt as they come, bending and twisting the law every which way necessary to serve the goals of those who provide him assignments”.
    My main problem with the article is that it paints Donald Trump as some sort of “hero”...
    I tried to find something similar, without the praises for Trump, but couldn’t find it. So here it goes.

    In 1978, Dope, Inc.: Britain's Opium War Against America was published, by EIR and LaRouche.

    In April 1982, Lyndon and Helga LaRouche travelled to India where they met with PM Indira Gandhi, along with scientists, parliamentarians, industrialists, and economists. LaRouche proclaimed the British system of Malthusian eugenics, primitive “sustainable development” and debt slavery. They condemned the policies of the World Bank and IMF as genocidal.
    In May 1982, LaRouche met Mexican President Jose Lopez Portillo, and followed that meeting with a document “Operation Juarez”; a plan to reorganise the bankrupt world financial system.
    LaRouche proposed that the countries of Latin America (Ibero-America) unilaterally declare a restructuring of their debts and the establishment of a new, just monetary order. Including forming an International Development Bank among these nations to coordinate investments and trade expansion among the member countries.

    In August, Lopez Portillo tried and failed to bring Argentina and Brazil in “Operation Juarez”.
    In September 1982, Lopez Portillo (like LaRouche’s proposal) adopted credit controls on Mexico’s currency, nationalising the Mexican banking system, and announced a moratorium on Mexican debt.
    Wall Street, the City of London, and intelligence agencies now targeted LaRouche and Lopez Portillo. Nonetheless, in October of 1982, in a speech at the UN, Lopez Portillo called for a new financial system essentially along the lines LaRouche specified.

    On 10 May 1982, Henry Kissinger held a speech at the Royal Institute for International Affairs where he declared himself to be a “British” agent of influence.
    On 19 August 1982, Henry Kissinger sent a letter to FBI Director William Webster, demanding that LaRouche be investigated for “harassing” Kissinger.

    On 27 August 1982, a Top Secret letter was sent from the British government to the FBI. That letter itself remains classified to this day.
    The response by the FBI illustrates what was in the letter. On 24 September 1982, under the heading “Re: Lyndon LaRouche and the Executive Intelligence Review” FBI counterintelligence chief James Nolan responded as follows:
    We would like to reiterate our conclusion that, while many of the harassment activities of the NCLC and the themes promoted by NCLC publications, such as EIR, are often propitious to Soviet disinformation and propaganda interests, there is no direct evidence that the Soviets are directing or funding LaRouche or his organization.
    On 12 January 1983, the President’s Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board - David Abshire, Leo Cherne, and Edward Bennett Williams - demanded that an FBI investigation, under Executive Order 12333 be opened on LaRouche based on the “harassment” of Henry Kissinger and possible foreign funding.
    Numerous counterintelligence investigations were launched, under Executive Order 12333 - infiltration, and counterintelligence “neutralization” tactics - farmed out to private entities with names, like Project Democracy, the National Endowment for Democracy, Freedom House, and the League for Industrial Democracy. These covert operations were used to create a criminal case against LaRouche. Many of these operations remain classified to this day.

    John Train’s investment company partner, Thomas J. Devine, had partnered with George H.W. Bush in the Zapata Oil company in Texas.
    The Train salons were attended by amongst others Roy Godson (connected to British intelligence and at the time consultant to the NSC); John Rees (of the FBI); Mira Lansky Boland (of the ADL); Richard Mellon Scaife; Pat Lynch (NBC); Dennis King (employed by the League for Industrial Democracy); Chip Berlet;
    representatives of Freedom House (a CIA proprietary associated with PFIAB’s Leo Cherne); and reporters for Reader’s Digest, Business Week, the Wall Street Journal, and the New Republic.

    NBC repeatedly claimed that LaRouche’s whole War on Drugs consisted of insinuating that the Queen herself was on the street corner dealing heroin.
    NBC’s Patricia Lynch even claimed that LaRouche had ordered the assassination of President Jimmy Carter by remote controlled bomb.

    Following LaRouche’s 1984 Presidential campaign and a public claim by Kissinger that LaRouche would be “dealt with” after the election, William Weld opened a criminal investigation of LaRouche’s Presidential campaign committees, claiming that the campaign had engaged in credit card fraud.
    In 1982, Robert Mueller joined the staff of U.S. Attorney William Weld in Boston, Massachusetts. Mueller and Weld concentrated on “corruption cases”, taking down the administration of popular Boston Mayor Kevin White in an investigation widely criticised for “Gestapo tactics”. In 1986, Mueller succeeded William Weld as acting U.S. Attorney, after Weld was chosen to head the Bush Justice Department’s Criminal Division.
    Mueller chose John J.E. Markham II to head the LaRouche “investigation”. Markham had been a member of the Process Church of the Final Judgment, a satanic cult affiliated with Charles Manson.

    Mueller employed some 400 law enforcement agents and privately owned armoured personnel to raid 2 office buildings in Leesburg, Virginia where EIR and other companies associated with LaRouche were located.
    In 1992, one of the raid’s principals, Donald Moore, told an FBI informant that a plan was in circulation to provoke LaRouche’s security guards into a shooting incident at Ibykus Farm, where LaRouche stayed, and killing LaRouche. FBI case agent Richard Egan corroborated Moore’s account.
    The plan to kill LaRouche was only aborted when his associates sent a telegram to President Reagan for “help”.

    The subsequent trial in Boston, in which LaRouche was indicted for obstruction of justice, fell apart when FOIA documents showed secret covert operations being run against LaRouche - notably a document from Ollie North’s safe indicating extreme White House interest in players in the LaRouche case. Federal Judge Robert Keeton ordered a search of Vice-President Bush’s office.
    Judge Keeton ruled a mistrial due to juror hardship. Jurors later told that they would have voted not guilty.
    The Justice Department quickly opened a new massive LaRouche case before Judge Albert V. Bryan Jr. in Alexandria, Virginia. This time based on loan fraud and preventing the IRS from assessing taxes. LaRouche was the sole defendant charged in both of the two counts, and all defendants were convicted.

    A national security informant infiltrated in the LaRouche security operation. He told LaRouche that he could use his contacts to stop the investigation. The notes made on this meeting were written down in their notebooks.
    During the trial, John Markham used this for “evidence” that the defendants had conspired to obstruct justice.
    Prosecution witnesses underwent “deprogramming” to prepare for testimony, and were granted numerous benefits never disclosed to the defence.
    Markham and Mueller employed the ADL for witness interviews and used Dennis King as a consultant.

    Former U.S. Attorney General Ramsey Clark represented LaRouche on appeal. Clark said that the LaRouche case represented:
    a broader range of deliberate cunning and systemic misconduct over a longer period of time using the power of the federal government than any other prosecution by the U.S. government in my time or to my knowledge.
    In 1989, George H.W. Bush selected Robert Mueller to Main Justice to lead the case against Panamanian President Manuel Noriega.
    To get the evidence together, Mueller bribed Latin America’s most notorious drug gangs with “get out of jail” free cards, if they would say that Noriega dealt drugs (and leave the Bush drugs syndicate unmentioned). According to reporter Glenn Garvin, Mueller plea bargained down a potential 1,435 years in prison for the drug traffickers, to 81 years. These deals included a $1.25 million bribe to members of the Cali Cartel and a deal with self-proclaimed Hitler worshiper Carlos Lehder Rivas, leader of the Medellin Cartel.

    Mueller then ascended to head the Justice Department’s Criminal Division. Here he successfully covered up the drug, weapons, and terrorism activities of the notorious BCCI and BNL banks:
    (archived here:

    To finish the story on Robert Mueller (I hope that this is the last on him)...
    Robert Mueller was a classmate of John Kerry (they played sports together).
    John Kerry is a member of Skull & Bones, just like George W. Bush (Republican candidate for the 2004 Presidential election against Kerry), and Trump’s associates Stephen Schwarzman (CEO of Jacob Rothschild’s Blackstone) and Steve Mnuchin.

    In a March 2007 interview with Blitzer, regarding Sens. John Kerry and John Edwards -- who'd lost the presidential race less than three years prior -- Trump said, "That was a shame that that race was lost." He added this about Kerry: "I'm so upset that he blew it."
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