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Thread: Merkel Denies Knowing her Spy Services were Spying on Allies

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    Merkel Denies Knowing her Spy Services were Spying on Allies

    Merkel denies knowledge of her spy services spying on allies.

    "The panel has for three years looked into revelations since 2013 by fugitive US intelligence leaker Edward Snowden that the NSA was conducting massive Internet and phone data sweeps, including in Germany.

    Of particular interest was the revelation that the NSA had long tapped Merkel's mobile phone, which strained Washington-Berlin ties at the time, leading Merkel to declare that spying between allies "just isn't on".

    But the scandal widened in March 2015 with reports that the BND had helped the NSA eavesdrop on EU targets including the French presidency and foreign ministry as well as the European Commission."

    Merkel Testifies:

    Although she admitted to technical and organizational mistakes, she parried suggestions that she knew or should have known about widespread American and German spying on allies at an early stage of the affair.

    Merkelís testimony was particularly anticipated not just because of her position as chancellor, but because of her high-profile statement in 2013: "Spying among friends - that simply isnít done." ...

    She said that she had complained to then US President Barack Obama about the US spying in 2013 ... "Weíre not in the Cold War any more," Merkel quoted herself as telling Obama. ...

    Merkel said that her assertion that "friends" should spy on one another was a statement of political belief and not an assertion that Germany didnít run surveillance on allies. When pressed why it took until March 2015 for the BND to discontinue using certain controversial selectors, the chancellor blamed "technical and organizational deficits."
    "You say that it canít be that friends spy on one another and yet the BND did precisely that over years," objected Andrť Hahn of the Left Party. "And that was just down to 'technical and organizational deficits?'"

    Merkel denied any deeper knowledge of German surveillance practices before 2015 and any responsibility for mistakes made by her subordinates."
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    German Intelligence Clears Russia Of Election Interference

    After a multi-month, politically charged investigation,
    German intelligence agencies could find no good evidence
    of Moscow-directed cyber-attacks
    or a disinformation campaign
    aimed at subverting the democratic process in Germany.

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    I do not believe her .
    Do something Danke

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