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Thread: Greetings from Holland

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    Even the state media acknowledge that what the US army did in Vietnam is bad. Not many people know about the dirty little secret that an important part of the production of Agent Orange was performed in the Kingdom of the Netherlands…

    A component of Agent Orange was produced by Philips-Duphar (a subsidiary of Philips) in the Netherlands.
    At the end of the Vietnam war the remaining toxic waste was dumped in the Volgermeerpolder just North of Amsterdam. After the scandal broke (or did it?) they simply let the dioxins stay in the ground which poisoned the ground water all around Broek in Waterland because cleaning up would be too expensive:

    These days the Volgermeerpolder is called a nature reserve…
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    We all “know” how terrible it was what the US army did in Vietnam. And we can also speak shame of the big US companies that made money from producing the highly toxic Agent Orange by companies like Monsanto and Dow Chemical.
    Regularly stories like the following are published in the Dutch (and British) media.

    Even in 2018, children are still the victim of the terrible effects of Agent Orange (nobody can be expected to clean this up of course)…
    See this severely affected infant by Agent Orange.

    Most people don’t even know about the involvement of the Kingdom of the Netherlands – specifically the Philips “electronics” company that’s so close to our Royal family.
    During WW II Philips was (also) collaborating very well with the German Nazis…

    In 1961 Philips acquired the US company Thompson Hayward that became very profitable after JFK was assassinated and President Lyndon B. Johnson increased the war effort against Vietnam (to as many as 500,000 US soldiers).

    Starting in 1961, Thompson Hayward was 1 of 7 (?) companies that supplied Agent Orange to the US army. American veterans settled their case against Thompson Hayward in 1984, after Philips had sold it in 1981.
    Several court case were also brought against Thompson Hayward for producing asbestos:

    In 1980, chauffeur Sierck Buwalda found some suspicious containers with a label “Philips Duphar” at the garbage disposal site Volgermeerpolder of the city Amsterdam. He shows it to his father, who agrees that this is highly suspicious and raises the alarm at the action group “Vereniging Behoud Waterland” (Waterland is where the Volgermeerpolder is located).
    After the first stories in the press appear about the toxic waste, Buwalda is swiftly fired for blowing the whistle.

    The chemical concerns (it wasn’t only Philips Duphar) that dumped their toxic waste defended themselves in the following court case that they didn’t know about the health hazards.
    The city council of Amsterdam also said that they couldn’t have known that dumping toxic waste could become a problem…
    In 1994, Philips-Duphar was acquitted from paying damages caused by their handling of highly toxic material before 1975 because they couldn’t have known.

    In 1963, there was an accident at Philips Duphar where large amounts of dioxin were released (that is created in the production of Agent Orange).
    Twelve years later 4 of the 6 people that cleaned up after the disaster had died.

    Thanks to the best media in the world, scandals aren’t any sort of threat to the powers that should not be, but offer great business opportunities.
    After the discovery of the toxic waste they waited another 20 years, and in 2003 started the “clean up”, which was nothing but simply covered up with clean ground brought in from elsewhere, and as somebody has to pay, it were the Dutch taxpayer that had to cough up 100 million Euros.
    In 2011, the Volgermeerpolder was relabelled as a nature reserve…

    In Rotterdam toxic waste was refused at the city dump (in Dutch):

    The Volgermeerpolder isn’t the only place where Amsterdam city officials made money by dumping toxic waste.
    According to dioxin expert Kees Olie at the Diemerzeedijk the concentrations of dioxin are 10 times higher than even at the Volgermeerpolder.

    Where at the Volgermeerpolder the toxic waste was simply dumped, at the Diemerzeedijk they had the even better plan to burn (at least 80,000 barrels of toxic waste), so that they dioxin could spread over a large area.
    Engineering firm Grontmij estimates that the total amount of contaminated soil on the Diemerzeedijk is 3.1 million cubic meters.

    Only when the wind was favourable, blowing away from densely populated areas like Diemen, the barrels could be burned. Otherwise inhabitants complained about the smell of the black clouds with dioxin, heavy metals and the carcinogenic benzopyrene.
    Sometimes barrels flew hundreds of meters into the air and ended up in the Amsterdam-Rhine Canal. The stuff that didn’t flowed into the IJsselmeer.

    Henk Griffioen ran the garbage dump. It wasn’t only Philips-Duphar, but also Philips, Royal Dutch Shell, KLM, Ford, NSDM and Akzo-Ketjen that dumped their toxic waste here.
    The Diemerzeedijk even became known internationally for dumping toxic waste, corporations sent trucks from Spain, Italy, Finland, and even East European countries like Poland and Czechoslovakia. German giant corporations like Bayerand BASF dumped their waste here and Griffioen remembers large trailers from a military airport near Frankfurt with loads of green barrels; he thinks they were labelled “NATO”.

    Griffioen says that after he refused to dump any more toxic waste on his property, they city took his license and took over the garbage dump, who continued the practice of dumping and burning highly toxic material.

    In the mid-1970s, ice destroyed a large part of the coast at the fire pit: a piece of 40 by 100 meters disappeared into the IJsselmeer. Nobody stopped the poison from leaking into the water.
    Griffioen complained with a letter to the city council, which did nothing for almost 15 years. It was not until 1989 that Rijkswaterstaat put an emergency dam to prevent further toxic waste flowing into the water.

    Next to the Amsterdam Diemerzeedijk is the internationally protected bird area IJmeer and since then a new part of the city of Amsterdam (IJburg) was built next to the Diemerzeedijk (in Dutch):
    (archived here:
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    Ny lov: 12 års fængsel for at mene det forkerte om Rusland

    Danish Bill Proposes 12 Years In Prison For "Pro-Russia" Views
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    Quote Originally Posted by goldenequity View Post
    Danish Bill Proposes 12 Years In Prison For "Pro-Russia" Views
    The Kingdom of Denmark is even smaller than the Netherlands. Recently the Danske Bank was in the news for money laundering of $200 billion.

    What does this have to do with this thread on Holland?

    I'm working on something involving Nieuw Amsterdam and Native Americans...
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    lots of options to maybe comment on similar anti-russ politics in Netherlands?
    or shiit... just ignore it. whatever.

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    Quote Originally Posted by goldenequity View Post
    lots of options to maybe comment on similar anti-russ politics in Netherlands?
    I can read lots of anti-Putin and anti-Erdogan stories in the Dutch media...
    This doesn't mean that Putin isn't a good little puppet of the Order of the Garter though.

    Maybe you'll enjoy the following (relevant?) piece of (old) news...

    Vladimir's daughter, Maria Putin, was living in a $2 million luxury riverside penthouse in Voorschoten (near The Hague), the Netherlands with her partner Jorrit Faassen. The Kremlin refused point blank to discuss whether Maria (a.k.a. Masha) was living in the Netherlands.

    In July 2014, the MH17 crash was blamed on Russia, which resulted in an anti-Russia hysteria.
    Maria was catapulted into media attention when it was announced on the radio that she is living in The Hague (NOT the capital of the Netherlands).
    The mayor of Hilversum, Pieter Broertjes, called for Maria Putin to be deported from the country and later apologized.

    Maria was threatened on Twitter and web forums that called on people to protest outside her luxury penthouse.
    As the police provided additional security, it was reported that Maria Putin fled from the Netherlands:
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    JFK, New Guinea, Freeport - copper and gold

    There was once a US president that made the stupid move to give orders to the Kingdom of the Netherlands!

    In the 1950s, Dutch journalist Willem Oltmans, to the disgust of the Dutch royal family, befriended Indonesian President Sukarno. He interviewed Sukarno in Rome in 1956.
    Oltmans claims that he prevented a Dutch war against Indonesia over New Guinea by sending a memo to US president Kennedy.

    Willem Oltmans also claimed that the Dutch government had derailed his career. The court agreed with him and awarded him 8 million guilders (about $4 million) in 2000:

    Under pressure of the Kennedy administration, on 1 October 1962 the Netherlands agreed to hand New Guinea (now part of Papua) over to Indonesia.
    Two days before John F. Kennedy was assassinated (22 November 1963), he had accepted an invitation from President Sukarno to visit Indonesia the following spring. Kennedy apparently intended to keep supporting Indonesia against post-colonial oppression.

    In 1936, on Mount Carstensz in Netherlands New Guinea, the Dutch Jacques Dozy (working for NNGPM) discovered a location with high concentrations of copper and gold. In 1939, he reported about the Ertsberg (Ore Mountain in Dutch).
    In 1960, an expedition financed by Freeport Sulphur, led by Forbes Wilson and President of Freeport McMoRan Copper and Gold-George Mealey, confirmed the huge amount of copper at the Ertsberg. At that time Freeport Sulphur’s directors included Godfrey Rockefeller. Freeport has been named a Rockefeller company.
    From 1995 to 2001, Rockefeller’s favourite agent Henry Kissinger was on Freeport’s board of directors.

    In 1967, Sukarno was forced out of power in Indonesia (he remained under house arrest until his death in 1970) and was replaced by General Suharto.
    After Suharto had been installed as president of Indonesia, the Ertsberg mine was the first project that attracted foreign investors. Its first ore shipment was in December 1972. In 1981, it was expanded with Ertsberg East.
    In 1988, Freeport identified reserves valued at $40 billion, at Grasberg (Grass Mountain in Dutch) only 1.9 miles from the Ertsberg mine.

    These days the Grasberg mine is the largest gold mine and the second largest copper mine in the world, with a controversial reputation.
    Freeport-McMoRan owned 90.64% of PT Freeport Indonesia (PT-FI), the rest owned by Rothschild’s Rio Tinto, which exploits the Ertsberg and Grasberg mines.

    Freeport and Rio Tinto have been heavily criticised over the environmental damages caused by the Grasberg mine.
    The mine pollutes the Aikwa riverside and Arafura Sea. Some 230 square kilometres (89 sq mi) will be covered by toxic sediments. Fish have nearly disappeared from the now-turbid waters of the Aikwa River which have become unsuitable for aquatic life.
    In 2004, Indonesian Environment Ministry's field found levels of sediments from 7,500 to 37,500 milligrams per litre, while the maximum permitted is 400 milligrams per litre.
    In 2005, it was reported that since 1997 Freeport has been violating Indonesian environmental laws.

    How did they “fix” a minor “technicality” like destroying the environment?
    Between 1998 and 2004, Freeport gave military and police officers nearly $20 million (one individual received up to $150,000). How much did politicians and lawyers get?
    In July 2011, copper miners went on strike in protest of their low wages of some $1.50 an hour:
    (archived here:

    Freeport-McMoRan Mining Company hired attorney Munarman, spokesman and former military commander for the FPI. Munarman was videotaped at a ceremony where young men swear allegiance to ISIS and its leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.
    During the mass protests against the governor, FPI leader Habib Rizieq Shihab called for “hanging” Ahok. Joining Rizieq at the protests were the FPI’s spokesman and militia chief, Munarman, as well as Trump’s Indonesian associate Fadli Zon.

    See Rizieq with Fadli Zon (on the right).

    Mining colossus Freeport McMoRan, is controlled by Trump’s buddy Carl Icahn:

    Corporations active in Netherland’s New Guinea in 1961, include:
    The Netherlandsche Nieuw-Guinee Petroleum Maatschappij N.V. (NNGPM), a joint venture of Royal Dutch Shell (40%), the Standard Vacuum Company (40%) and the Far Pacific Investment Company (20%, a Chevron subsidiary);
    The Zuid-Pacific Koper Maatschappij, a joint venture of the Freeport Sulphur Company and the Oost Borneo Maatschappij N.V.;
    A joint venture of United States Steel, W. Mueller and Co., the Netherlandsche Handel-Maatschappij and the Oost-Borneo Maatschappij N.V.:
    (archived here:

    The Nederlandsche Handel-Maatschappij (NHM) was founded in 1824 by King Willem I to loot the East Indies (Indonesia).
    In 1865, the NHM merged with the Twentsche Bank into the Algemene Bank Nederland (ABN). After further mergers this bank is still active under the name ABN AMRO (my former employer).
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    Last Friday, October 19, my gas for heating and cooking was shut down, "because" I wasn’t home.

    On 11 October, my landlord since 2016, Draijer, sent me a letter that on October 19 from 8:00-12:00 a.m. unspecified "work" had to be done by Liander and Heijmans, for which I must be home.

    It is strange that this letter was not sent by Liander, but by Draijer. It is as if Draijer is the one that gave the order for this work. Liander is responsible for maintenance of the energy net in the Netherlands.
    It is downright rude that I was informed only a week in advance and it wasn’t explained what kind of work "had to" be done.

    In 2010, I was informed by 3 letters of Liander 3 times that I had to stay at home, because my gas and electricity meters were replaced.
    The first 2 times Liander (then) decided to cancel the work, because one of my neighbours was not at home. It is therefore strange that they have now closed my gas after only one attempt.

    When I came home in the evening of 19 October, the gas line entering my apartment was broken. Apparently they had installed new meters on the floor above me.
    Because the (new) gas pipes are outside my apartment, they could have done this without shutting down my gas. This is confirmed by the fact that in the other apartment on my floor, they have done similar work but the pipe that enters that apartment is still the same old gas pipe.

    When I came home in the evening, there was a note from Liander that my gas was shut off with 2 telephone numbers. When I tried these this morning, on the one that was answered, I was told coolly that I would be called back at an unspecified later time. I (also) gave them my email address.

    On the basis of art. 41 of the Dutch law for the Intelligence and Security Services, the secret police without restrictions can assume false identities, under the guise of “protecting national security”.
    When I came home in the evening there was also a note from my "father". This is probably the one who, in 2015, when I suffered severe famine because my bank account had been unlawfully blocked by Rabobank, the same day I visited my doctor for help, contacted my doctor to convince him that this unlawful act is reason to file a complaint against me at the Mentrum (which specialises in torturing innocent people under the guise of mental health care).

    My father could not possibly have known who my personal doctor was in 2015, let alone could he have known about my visit.
    It is also impossible to explain how, as he wrote in his letter, Liander could have contacted him this time.

    On 19 October, Draijer sent me an e-mail, which I read later, that my gas and electricity will be cut off if I am not home by 11 a.m.
    I have never given Draijer my e-mail address...

    My rental home with a “low” (social) rent, does not fit into the activities of Draijer, which specialises in "mediating in the purchase and sale of real estate and carrying out appraisals" .
    There are 13 houses on the internet of Draijer in a radius of 15 km to Amsterdam (my address is not included, which is strange since 1 apartment is empty)...
    There are 10 sold houses: 239,000 to 2.5 million Euros (average 916,000 Euro).
    And 3 rental properties: 1500, 1300 and 190 Euro rent per month.
    These are for the most part "expensive" houses: 8 out of 10 expensive owner-occupied houses and 2 out of 3 expensive rented houses (my monthly rent is less than 400 Euro).

    In one of those strange “coincidences”, Draijer on his website boasts, that Draijer is a long-term business associate of the Dutch government and assisted the Brenninkmeijer family in setting up the C&A clothing chain (in Dutch):

    The Brenninkmeijer family is one of the richest billionaires in the Netherlands and is the owner of C&A. The Brenninkmeijers have also had a close relationship with our Royal family for many years.
    As Ombudsman Alex Brenninkmeijer was involved in the cover up of my complaint against the Amsterdam “deken” of the Bar Association for attorneys (Orde van advocaten), "because" the Association refused to handle my complaint properly.

    The Ombudsman has the duty to investigate complaints, if they are not timely or properly handled...
    A complaint against a “deken” must be forwarded directly to the “Raad van Discipline”, which must judge the complaint.
    My complaints against “deken” Kemper and attorney (currently professor) Stefan Sagel, which I filed in 2012, have still not been assessed by the “Raad van Discipline”...
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    The crooked lawyer Eberhard van der Laan is better known as the Mayor of Amsterdam and is now burning in hell…

    In 2006, the 22-year-old Bilal L. was sentenced to 3 years in prison because he was trying to recruit fellow prisoners for the Jihad in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Bilal was in jail for death threats against Israel’s favourite Dutch politician Geert Wilders.
    Bilal was part of the Hofstad group that was involved in the murder of Pim Fortuyn’s good friend, Theo van Gogh.
    Because of his criminal record, Bilal couldn’t work as a social worker for the city of Amsterdam, but then Mayor Eberhard van der Laan stepped in to personally request that Bilal, who had recruited Muslims for the Jihad, would get a special dispensation so he could work as a social worker for Dynamo in March 2013. Never mind those silly laws…
    He later continued his social work for Streetcornerwork.

    In 2014, Het Parool newspaper wrote that Bilal:
    tried to seduce youths into visiting a training camp for Jihadists in Pakistan or Afghanistan. Now he tries to keep youngsters on the straight and narrow in Amsterdam. The municipality helped deradicalise Bilal after his prison sentence. But according to those in the know, he doesn’t hold high hopes for the Amsterdam approach to extremists youths.
    His sister (18) chose to go on jihad in Syria earlier this year, even though the municipality had her in its scope for being a potential ‘traveller’.
    The director chose to employ him deliberately. ‘Bilal is a good youth worker. He gives guys the idea that they can participate again.’
    Bilal’s brother also travelled to Syria.
    When Bilal travelled to Jordan with a colleague to “help” Syrian refugees, he was repeatedly hugged by men in long beards. His colleague found it inappropriate that he spoke to the Syrians on how Shiite Muslims and Iran should be fought. The colleague told about this after they returned to Amsterdam.

    In 2015, when the “Je suis Charlie” hysteria was staged, one of Bilal’s clients, Abderrazak A. O. threw a firebomb at a house in Amsterdam, probably because it had a Charlie Hebdo poster in the window. Abderrazak was sentenced to 3 ½ years in prison.
    Abderrazak had earlier travelled to Turkey to join the Jihad, and it was Bilal that helped him to return to the Netherlands without punishment.

    Bilal stopped working for Streetcornerwork in April 2015. It is not known what he has been doing since:
    (archived here:

    In 2015, Mayor Eberhard van der Laan visited the victims of the fire and brought presents with him.
    Van der Laan and his delegation advised them to NOT speak to the press about what had happened (in Dutch):

    Quote Originally Posted by Firestarter
    Last Friday, October 19, my gas for heating and cooking was shut down, "because" I wasn’t home.
    On 22 October, they called my phone and left an SMS message with the request to call back. I could not receive the call as I had "forgotten" my phone at home (that's why I had left them my e-mail address).
    On 23 October, I called to make an appointment for the next day.

    The 2 men from Heijmans, who had been hired to do the work, showed that there was a gas leak near my cooker and this was the reason my gas had been cut off. They refused to turn the nut to “fix” the leak, which would have cost them some 10 seconds of their valuable time.

    I called with my landlord Draijer, who had his plumber call me back, who came later that day.
    After tightening the nut at my cooker, he noticed another gas leak at my gas heater. He refused to tighten the nut concerned, which would have cost him some 10 seconds.
    On 29 October, another man came to tighten the nut at my gas heater.
    Since then, I have full gas in my apartment again…

    I still find it outrageous that I was only informed about unspecified activities only a week in advance by my landlord.
    I am not surprised that these Dutch plumbers refused to tighten the nuts (which wasn’t the job they were hired for).
    This explains that Liander had shut down my gas but not how those 2 nuts had been loosened in my gas supply….

    I also think it is outrageous that the semi-government (“nuts bedrijf” in Dutch) company charges me € 31.40 per month for using the energy “network".
    After a quick calculation I conclude that, even without companies, 5.7 million homes pay € 2.15 billion per year to Alliander. For that amount, Alliander could pay 40,000 employees an annual salary of 50,000 Euros and still have 148 million Euros per year for other "costs"...
    It’s one of those great mysteries how according to official figures Alliander had a turnover of (only) 1.7 billion Euros and more than 1700 employees in 2017!
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    Collaboration with Nazis covered up

    On 30 June 1940, Princess Juliana founded the "London Committee of the Dutch Red Cross Society", which was dissolved on 17 April 1946. The London Committee was an independent subsidiary of the Dutch Red Cross. One of his tasks was the Evacuation of "refugees" to more permanent places in other countries.
    The Red Cross helped Nazis to escape to South America by providing them with travel papers.
    The relationship between the Red Cross and the Dutch royals has been intimate for many years: Juliana succeeded her father Prince Hendrik as chairman of the Dutch Red Cross after his death in 1934.

    On 12 February 1941, the Jewish Council (Joodse Raad) is formed, chaired by Abraham Asscher and David Cohen, that cooperates well with the Nazi policies, including deportation of Dutch Jews.
    According to the Dutch history falsifiers, starting at 7 November 1941 all around 145,000 Dutch Jews must live in the ghetto of Amsterdam.
    From June 1942, the Dutch Jews are put in trains by police and transported in trains of the NS to Auschwitz. Where many died.

    I’ve recently found a story that proves that the official story that all Jews were persecuted by the German oppressor is bogus.
    Calmer “Carel” Roos Sr. was a Jewish doctor, married to a non-Jewish woman. He continued his practice at the Weteringschans throughout World War II; obviously some Jews are more equal than others. He also helped the Nazis in treating Jews that were detained at the “Hollandsche Schouwburg” before they transported to the concentration camps.

    Dr. Roos´ son Julius, born in 1941, continued the practice of his father. He had famous artists and politicians under his patients, including Hans van Mierlo (former leader of the D66 party and minister) and Harry Mulisch. He was also a member of the “Herenclub” (Gentlemen club) together with Van Mierlo, Mulisch and Marcel van Dam (in Dutch):

    The Dutch government in exile, headed by Queen Wilhelmina, continued to issue new laws, even though according to the Dutch constitution that´s only allowed with the approval of Dutch parliament, seated in The Hague.

    One of the “new” laws issued from London is the extraordinary “Besluit Buitengewoon Strafrecht” (BBS) that declared that no government official is punishable (art. 8 section 2).
    According to the BBS it is up to “Us” (read Queen Wilhelmina) to determine which power is (not) hostile (Art. 25 section 1).
    In other words: the BBS decided that the courts could punish one war criminal at will, while the other won’t be held accountable.

    Jan Donner was counsellor (Raadsheer) at the Dutch Supreme Court (Hoge Raad) from 1933 to 1944, including time when he was effectively involved in enforcing the Nazi laws (1940-1944)
    In 1946, none other than Jan Donner was selected as Chairman of the Central Purification Board for industry (Centrale Zuiveringsraad voor het bedrijfsleven).
    Of the 32,000 files on economic collaboration, only 700 came were prosecuted before the criminal court, the rest was simply closed. The high officials and leading industrialists received no punishment, but he small shop owners that had sold groceries to the German Nazis, and construction workers, who helped to build bunkers were severely punished.
    The directors of Royal Dutch Shell, Philips and the NS were not prosecuted (Prince Bernhard and Frits Philips were friends). The press even alleged that Philips had saved people's lives by declaring that their employees were irreplaceable.

    Werkspoor of Damme also collaborated with the Nazis. From 1940 on Werkspoor supplied millions of guilders worth of transport carts, 60 minesweepers and 12 destroyers to Germany.
    Damme Sr. was an acquaintance of Prince Bernhard and Director of the Dutch Central Bank (DNB). The police investigation was first led by J.B.A.M. van Gool, who was locked up in pre-trial detention for 7 months because he tried to investigate high-ranking Dutch people.
    Van Gool was replaced by Gerrit Jan van de Waal, who interrogated Damme Sr. and did house searches at Damme Jr.
    Several ministers defended the noble Damme Sr. Minister Huysmans wrote a letter to complain to his colleague of Justice Van Maarseveen. Minister Drees wrote a letter on 18 August 1947, in which he characterised his friend Damme Sr. with: “was completely pro-Dutch, and participated in all kinds of activity during the occupation in preparation for the future”.
    Van de Waal complained to the press that the investigation into Damme was thwarted, after which in 1949 he got a ban on speaking from Minister of Justice Wijers. After his retirement at Werkspoor, Damme Jr. was appointed Dutch consul at the Canary Islands.

    The metal industry and shipyards like Gusto and De Schelde had collaborated with the support of Secretary-General H.M. Hirschfeld.
    CEO of the Rotterdam Droogdok Maatschappij, D.C. Endert Jr., was interrogated by the “Purification Board” in 1947, in which he stated that it was “only right” to collaborate with the Germans.
    Hirschfeld and Endert were not prosecuted.
    Den Hollander was director of the State-owned “Staatsbedrijf der Artillerie-Inrichtingen” that sold ammunition to the Nazis. Jan Donner boasted that he “had purified Den Hollander, all by himself, in 3 weeks”.
    In Dutch: (archived here:

    Jan Donner later became president of the Dutch Supreme Court.
    In the 1970s, Jan Donner’s son, André Donner, led the commission that covered up the millions of kickbacks received by Prince Bernhard from several arms manufacturers, including Lockheed and Northrop, which was labelled as the “Lockheed affair”.

    See Bernhard with Lockheed executive Robert E. Gross, 1956.

    In 1997, then Queen Beatrix selected Piet Hein Donner (André Donner’s son) for the “Raad van State” for life (comparable to Elizabeth’s Privy Council). According to the Dutch constitution it’s prohibited for any member of the “Raad van State” to become minister, so in July 2002 Beatrix selected him as Minister of Justice. During the time Donner was minister, I was tortured for 6 months in a psychiatric hospital because I’m very “dangerous”.
    After serving as minister for several cabinets led by Beatrix, Piet Hein Donner even served as Vice-President of the “Raad van State” from 1 February 2012 to 1 November 2018.
    Do NOT ever read my posts.
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    We NEED to import massive amounts of migrants because of the lower fertility rates there are "too" many pensioned people compared to "working" people...
    Because of computer technology man is obsolete so most of these uneducated migrants can't get a "real" job. In the Netherlands unemployed people are forced to do things like "arrange traffic"; showing that they're worth less than a traffic sign.

    Another great benefit of the migrants is that they keep the illusion of house shortage going, and the prices of houses high. In the Netherlands, we even have "rent subsidy" because people can´t afford the unrealistically high rents.
    Expats are lured to the Netherlands with a 2 year tax exemption, which inflates rents and keeps wages down even more...
    Who profits from this strategy?!?

    In November 2017, it was first reported that Prince Bernhard Jr., cousin of King Willem-Alexander, owns 102 houses in Amsterdam, which are rented. Later that month it was reported that Bernhard Jr even owned 590 “addresses”; 349 of which in Amsterdam. These addresses are houses, apartments shopping centres and office buildings.
    This earned him the nickname “pandjesprins”...

    If I understand correctly a large part of this real estate is owned through Pinnacle BV that is owned by Bernhard Jr. and his business partners. I haven’t found out how much of it is personally owned by Bernhard Jr or who his business partners are.
    Pinnacle has illegally demanded that the people who rent have to pay “sleutelgeld”, as an additional fee. Minister Ollongren confirmed that such practices are illegal in the Netherlands (in Dutch):

    Last year, the city of Amsterdam fined Pinnacle BV for continuing to illegally rent houses to groups of people, even after it was warned several times.
    Bernhard Jr. simply claimed that he didn’t know because others handled the affairs, but he was personally sent a letter to inform him on 19 June 2017…
    In May 2018, Pinnacle was first granted permission to rent their addresses to larger groups.

    Bernhard Jr also owns the circuit in Zandvoort and recently bought the Mediapark in Hilversum, where much state propaganda for Dutch TV is produced.
    Sure… independent media.

    A member of parliament (Tweede Kamer) Wybren van Haga, who owns dozens of addresses, was likewise fined for illegally renting one of his houses to 6 persons (in Dutch): (archived here:

    The following article shows that in 2018 Pinnacle sold a single office building for 21.5 million Euros to La Française Real Estate Managers. And then renting property in the same building.
    In 2017, Pinnacle sold property to a French investor for almost 96 million Euro (in Dutch):

    Of course we can’t expect our wonderful media to estimate the worth of these 590 “addresses” and the circuit in Zandvoort and Mediapark. I think it’s safe to estimate the net worth of the 590 addresses at more than 400 million Euros...
    In 2009, Forbes magazine estimated Queen Beatrix’s (mother of now King Willem-Alexander) wealth at a low $200 million.

    Just 10 years earlier, in 1999, Forbes estimated Queen Beatrix’s worth at £25 billion.
    Noting that that a reliable calculation had been made impossible by the Dutch secrecy:

    In 2003, the grandfather of Willem-Alexander and Bernhard Jr., husband of former Queen Juliana Prince Bernhard, phoned Christopher Forbes, who is married to his German niece, and demanded to stop printing exaggerations of his family fortune.
    Forbes told him to call editor Luisa Kroll, who personally arranged that the official wealth of the Dutch family was brought further down from $2.5 billion in 2002 to $250 million in 2003:
    (archived here:
    Do NOT ever read my posts.
    Google and Yahoo wouldn’t block them without a very good reason:

  15. #42

    Dutch railroad – crimes against humanity

    Every single day Dutch articles are published that taxes are so high because the Kingdom of the Netherlands is such a wonderful “care state” (verzorgingSStaat).

    From 2004 to 2011, the municipality of Tilburg forced more than 800 welfare recipients to remove paint from old trains destined for the rail museum, or they would lose their benefits.
    Even though they knew that the paint contained chromium 6 that causes cancer.

    After a committee decided that the the state-owned rail company NS (NederlandSe Spoorwegen), Railway Museum, and the municipality of Tilburg are responsible for their health damage, Erik de Ridder (for the Tilburg local council) and NS chairman, former minister Roger van Boxtel (a.k.a. Rogier) announced they will give a whopping €7,000 to every worker exposed to chromium 6 and on top of that €5,000 to €40,000 for people who have fallen ill.

    The total pay is restricted to a maximum of €10 million.
    Over the last years it was repeatedly denied that their health problems were caused by their forced labour.

    The victims’ lawyer Yme Drost said that this offer is a “noble gesture”.
    These ungrateful bastards even complain, because they think that a human life is worth more than €7,000.

    The arrangement still has to be accepted by the Tilburg council:

    In November 2018, the NS agreed to pay compensation to survivors and relatives of only the Jews transported by their trains to the Nazi concentration camps during the second world war.
    From July 1942 to September 1944, the NS was paid €2.5m (£2.2; $2.8m) in today’s money for delivering 102,000 Jews, prisoners of war and labourers to Germany and Poland. In 2005, NS’s chief executive Aad Veenman apologised for their service to the Nazis. Reportedly only 5,000 Jews survived.

    The predecessor of Arcadis (de Nederlandsche Heidemaatschappij) and Philips profited from slave labour during the occupation by the German Nazis.

    In 2014, under pressure from US politicians, the French railways operator SNCF agreed to pay £40 million in compensation for moving some 76,000 Jews to concentrion camps during WW II of which reportedly only about 3,000 survived:

    In 1944, Queen in exile Wilhelmina complimented the employees of the NS for doing their patriotic duty.
    Even after the war, Minister for transport Steef van Schaik said that tranporting the Jews to the concentration camps was demanded by the Dutch government in exile because it was good for the Dutch economy.

    On 17 September 1944, the Dutch government in London, in support of the starvation in the coming winter (hongerwinter), called to stop the trains through Radio Oranje (in Dutch): (archived here:

    Am I mistaken that the Jews didn´t look terribly stressed out for being transported to the concentration camps?
    Last edited by Firestarter; 02-09-2019 at 11:11 AM.
    Do NOT ever read my posts.
    Google and Yahoo wouldn’t block them without a very good reason:

  16. #43
    The new Vice-President of the Raad van State, Thom de Graaf, is a former minister and was a prominent member of the D66 party.
    Roger van Boxtel was (also) of D66.

    In 2017, more than 200 people filed charges against leader of D66 Alexander Pechtold. They complained that Pechtold had received the gift to live for free at an appartment in Scheveningen from former Canadian Ambassador in Bosnia Serge Marcoux.
    Pechtold should have registered this “gift”.

    The Procureur-Generaal at the Supreme Court (Hoge Raad) decided that this isn’t suspicious and closed the case.
    The District Attorney (Openbaar Ministerie), I’m not sure if this is even authorised to prosecute members of the Tweede Kamer, also closed the case.

    Pechtold resigned on 9 October 2018 (in Dutch):

    In January 2016, Wassila Hachchi, another politician of D66, got adverse publicity after she resigned to join the presidential campaign of none other than Hillary Clinton.
    Because they made a deal that she was working “as a volunteer” the Dutch taxpayer continued to pay her 6,800 Euros per month in non-active allowance:

    In October 2018, shortly after Alexander Pechtold resigned, Hachchi announced that she rejoined D66. She has the right on non-active allowance until April 2019....

    Not many people know that the Dutch government is one of the BIGGEST donors of the Clinton Foundation.
    The Postcodeloterij alone has donated 27.7 million Euros since 2005 (one of only 3 that donated more than $25 million until the first half of 2015):
    Do NOT ever read my posts.
    Google and Yahoo wouldn’t block them without a very good reason:

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