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Thread: The Yankee Problem: An American Dilemma

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    The Yankee Problem: An American Dilemma

    July 12, 2016

    Granny Clampett, on the TV sitcom The Beverly Hillbillies, described the War Between the States as “when the Yankees invaded America” and, indeed, it was!

    Their invasion of America, however, goes back much farther than the conflict of 1861-1865. It began as soon as they dropped their anchor in Plymouth Bay. Since that time, they have meddled, cheated, and lied their way into every nook and cranny of American life.

    The Southern people warned others about the radical utopians of New England, and even went to war to get away from them, but to no avail. Now all Americans, not just Southerners, are subject to the whims of “those people” and their never ending mission to recreate, not only America, but the entire world in their bizarre, sanctimonious image.

    Dr. Clyde Wilson, in this first installment of The Wilson Files, takes the Yankee problem head-on. After decades of historical research and personal observation, he exposes and explains these pesky purveyors of mischief and mayhem!

    If you want to understand America, American History, and the upside-down dystopian nightmare in which we all live, you have to understand the problem.

    We do not have an economic problem, a race problem, a class problem, a gender problem, a toilet access problem, a drug problem, a gun problem, or any other ideological or social problem at the root of America’s dysfunctional anti-culture – we have a Yankee problem!

    This title is enrolled in Kindle MatchBook. FREE if print edition is purchased on Amazon.

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    Now if only we could get them to secede. They should have gone through with it under Jefferson.
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