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Thread: Rand Paul Reminds MSNBC That James Clapper Is a Liar and Canít Be Trusted About Russia Hacking

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    Default Rand Paul Reminds MSNBC That James Clapper Is a Liar and Canít Be Trusted About Russia Hacking

    Rand Paul Reminds MSNBC That James Clapper Is a Liar and Canít Be Trusted About Russia Hacking
    Trump derangement syndrome is causing MSNBC to tout John McCain and Lindsey Graham as the only sane Republicans. Gulp.

    Robby Soave
    Jan. 5, 2017

    We were always at war with Eastasia. MSNBC, a seemingly neoconservative news outlet, is enraged that Congressional Republicans won't acceptóon blind faithóthe intelligence community's view that Russia was the source of the Podesta email hack.

    MSNBC commentator Joy Reid was particularly incensed that any Republican would dare question the honor of Director of National Security James Clapper, a man who lied about the NSA committing the most massive Fourth Amendment violation in history. Clapper told the Senate Armed Services Committee today that Russia had engaged in an unprecedented level of interference in the U.S. presidential election, for whatever his opinion is worth (not much, I hope).


    But there was nary a mention of Clapper's past dishonesty during Reid's show on Thursday night. Filling in for the usual 8:00 p.m. anchor, Chris Hayes, Reid asked Republican Rep. Mo Brooks, a member of the House Armed Services and Foreign Affairs committees, whether he considered himself, "a Julian Assange Republican like Sean Hannity, or a John McCain Republican like DNI Clapper and others who say Russia was behind the hacking?"


    Chris Matthews, to his credit, was much more reasonable, and invited Sen. Rand Paul onto his show to discuss the hacking from a less partisan point of view. Paul said that he didn't think the leaked information about Clinton mattered much in his home state of Kentucky. He also reminded viewers that Clapper misled the American people about whether the NSA was spying on them. (Paul has previously said that if Edward Snowden goes to jail, he should share a cell with Clapper.)

    It seems like the libertarian-friendly Paul is offering one of the only principled, independent perspectives in politics these days. Everyone else asks whether a given development would help or undermine Trump, and then adjusts their opinions accordingly.

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    Thank goodness someone has the brains and balls to point out the elephant in the room. All of this coverage that treats Clapper like an honorable, honest man just makes me sick.

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    Again Rand runs principled interference for the new administration.

    I'm waiting for the administration's acknowledgement.
    The bigger government gets, the smaller I wish it was.

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    If enough of them go on TV and adamantly claim that Putin ordered the hack, it must be true...
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    Rand is looking super healthy. Almost no bags under his eyes anymore. Almost makes me think he had a nip tuck but it doesn't really look like it. That campaign was probably a giant pain in the you-know-what.

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    Matthews is a full blown fan of Rand.

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    This is a fine example of Rand helping to Make America Great Again.

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