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Thread: New novel series touts freedom message, extols honest money

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    Post New novel series touts freedom message, extols honest money

    Inspired by Ron Paul and other libertarian voices, I've written and published "Paradox: Valley of the Sheeple," which features a flock of gregarious and humanlike sheep who prefer the fenced confines of a Western ranch to the freedom found by a runaway ram and his family when they flee and escape the groupthink of the herd. The novel's sequel, "Beyond Paradox: The Great Awakening," not only explores the risks, rewards and responsibilities of freedom, but also extols the virtues of honest money and exposes the vice of the Federal Reserve through the wisdom of a modern-day California gold miner.
    I hope you'll read these allegorical novels and mention them to other liberty-minded individuals and precious metal proponents. Maybe a fictional series can help broaden the discussion of libertarian issues such as freedom vs. security and fiat currency vs. sound money.
    Paradox and Beyond Paradox by Stuart Englert are available now in paperback or ebook at and other retail outlets, or you can message me to order signed copies. I hope you'll help me spread the word about the Paradox novel series, whose characters all represent someone or something in our world.

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    I received an email from Daniel McAdams today, allowing me to mail my novels to Ron Paul's Foundation for Rational Economics and Education (FREE). I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Dr. Paul considers reading and endorsing my books. I'm off to write an introductory letter.

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    Thanks Meritocrat. I was elated when I received a response, knowing how much correspondence and how many requests Dr. Paul must get. I dropped the books in the mail today.
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    Good luck, as my attempts to do the same have not yet changed the world.
    Out of every one hundred men they send us, ten should not even be here. Eighty will do nothing but serve as targets for the enemy. Nine are real fighters, and we are lucky to have them, upon them depends our success in battle. But one, ah the one, he is a real warrior, and he will bring the others back from battle alive.

    Duty is the most sublime word in the English language. Do your duty in all things. You can not do more than your duty. You should never wish to do less than your duty.

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    Thank you, Pericles. I doubt I'll ever come close to changing the world, though opening a few minds to the freedom message and sound money with my writing would be personally rewarding. Ron Paul certainly planted the seeds in my mind.

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    Quote Originally Posted by senglert View Post
    I hope you'll help me spread the word about the Paradox novel series, whose characters all represent someone or something in our world.
    Sounds like a good read... do you offer a hardback version?

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    Sorry, shakey1. No hardback available, only paperback and ebook. I'm hoping eventually someone figures out who all the characters represent; so far no one has.
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    Added to my wish list / save for later. Looks good, but need to find the time. :-)
    Once you go Paul, you see through them all.

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    Thumbs up, Thor, god of thunder.

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    I would love to have it via ebook. I will check this out and allot my weekend on it.

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    Thank you alivecream. Yes, both novels are available as ebooks at amazon. I would greatly appreciate your feedback and welcome a review on Amazon and/or on this forum

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    Tremendous! Terrific! I hope the book is good, and keep at it!

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    Thanks for the encouragement, Helmuth. I hope the book is good, too. ; ) I suppose others will have to render a verdict. I'm still formulating ideas and a conclusion for the threequel. I want the ending to be hopeful, but realistic, which is a tightrope to tread in a paradoxical world. I like your tagline—The rebel of the 21st Century will be old-fashioned. It offers intriguing inspiration.

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