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Thread: Why Did 'Faithless Elector' Bill Greene Vote For Ron Paul?

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    Why Did 'Faithless Elector' Bill Greene Vote For Ron Paul?

    The Electoral College system has been in the news in this very unusual election season. In a season of shocks, one of the biggest ones was an electoral college vote for Ron Paul, cast by Texas elector Bill Greene. Why did he do it and what does it mean for the future of the Electoral College?

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    Thanks Bill Greene. You the best !!
    "Never Miss a Good Chance to Shut up"

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    One of the best Liberty Reports of course . . .

    RP : "the audacity to vote for me in the electoral college" LOL

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    If you could have a 20 minute conversation with Dr. Paul just for casting a vote, wouldn't you? LOL.

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    This guy!

    40 freaking years. 1988 first time then following Ron Paul back to the GOP. Getting active in the party, staying active in the party, being a delegate. 40 freaking years.

    Can you imagine? Think of all the people who were here in 2007. Look around now and see how many are still here. Now imagine moving ahead 30 years in the future, and still doing this. How many good candidates has he seen lose, get cheated, get discouraged. And he just kept doing the right things.

    Dude's my hero.
    * Enforce Border Security Ė America should be guarding her own borders and enforcing her own laws instead of policing the world and implementing UN mandates.

    * No Amnesty - The Obama Administrationís endorsement of so-called ďComprehensive Immigration Reform,Ē granting amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants, will only encourage more law-breaking.

    * Abolish the Welfare State Ė Taxpayers cannot continue to pay the high costs to sustain this powerful incentive for illegal immigration. As Milton Friedman famously said, you canít have open borders and a welfare state.

    * End Birthright Citizenship Ė As long as illegal immigrants know their children born here will be granted U.S. citizenship, weíll never be able to control our immigration problem.

    Reprinted from [Nov. 29, 2011]

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    How would the country go about removing political parties? And once the political parties are removed, what would keep them from forming again?
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    Quote Originally Posted by not.your.average.joe View Post
    How would the country go about removing political parties? And once the political parties are removed, what would keep them from forming again?
    That would violate freedom of association, the goal should be to have so many different parties that their power is diluted, the best way to accomplish that is to let one Rep or Senator hold multiple seats.
    For a detailed discussion of my idea see this thread:

    Why not give each Rep. multiple votes?

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