As a member of the State Executive committee of the LP Texas I get contact about voting on the various issues before the board. It may be of interest to see how "lobbying" for various positions looks to someone on the receiving end of those efforts.....

First, I represent a district, and those opinions of those in my district carry more weight than the views of those who can't vote for or against me. If not made clear when contacting me, I will ferret out whether or not you are one of my constituents. If you represent a group of people or organization and are contacting me on their behalf, please tell me who "we" are.

Otherwise I assume you are referring to the imperial "we" to make yourself seem more important that anyone who contacts me as an individual. It is dangerous to assume I will vote one way or another far in advance of the vote. I reserve that decision for what a consensus of my constituents think. However, if asked, I will state the criteria I will use to evaluate if the for or against position is the stronger one. At that point, you may draw your own conclusions as to how I will vote.

I have a facebook page for the district and party email for those wanting to make their views know to be. Trying to back channel to get to me bypassing the other constituents gives me a negative view of the person trying to do that. I try not to let that impact my decision on how to vote, but attempts to intimidate or apply pressure with phone calls, or FACEBOOK CONTACTS, OR NON PARTY EMAIL, DO MORE HARM TO YOUR CAUSE THAN GOOD.

Finally, I appreciate a communication that is focused solely on why your position is the correct one. I'm not interested in your opinions on other members of the committee, and which "side" you are on or think others are. Stay on issue please.