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Thread: Tennessee Republicans introduce medical marijuana bill

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    Tennessee Republicans introduce medical marijuana bill

    Tennessee Republican Lawmakers Push Medical Marijuana

    DECEMBER 14TH, 2016

    Tennessee will be the 29th state in the U.S. to enact a comprehensive medical marijuana program if a pair of Republican state lawmakers get their way.

    Rep. Jeremy Faison and Sen. Steve Dickerson announced on Wednesday that they intend to file medical cannabis bills in the new legislative session that begins early next month.

    If passed, the legislation would allow patients with cancer, HIV/AIDS, PTSD, intractable pain or a number of other conditions to legally use and possess cannabis after getting a doctor’s recommendation to do so.

    The state would license fifty organizations to grow and distribute marijuana to legal patients through storefront dispensaries. Patient certification would cost $35 or less.

    The bill details were first reported by The Tennesseean.


    Medical marijuana enjoys broad voter support in the state, as it does nationally. A Vanderbilt University poll released last week found that 75 percent of registered Tennessee voters support legalizing cannabis for either medical or personal use (33 percent supported full legalization, with another 42 percent saying marijuana should only be legalized for medical purposes).

    Tennessee has become somewhat of an unexpected hotbed for marijuana reform in recent months. Local officials in Memphis and Nashville, the two largest cities in the state, enacted local ordinances to decriminalize possession of small amounts of marijuana this year.

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    TN is probably one of the toughest states to get this passed, but we got CBD passed last year, so maybe.
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    Awesome! I went door do door campaining for Steve Dickerson when he first got elected. His a solid Ron/Rand Paul type liberty guy.
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    Let's hope they can grow their own..

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