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Thread: Question Regarding Our Elector's Meeting on Monday.

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    Question Question Regarding Our Elector's Meeting on Monday.

    Has anyone witnessed the process by which our state electors will cast their votes? S.D. Codified Laws 12-24-4 states:
    "Time and place of performance of constitutional duties by electors. The electors of President and vice president shall, at twelve noon on the day which is or may be directed by the Congress of the United States, meet at the seat of government of this state and then and there perform the duties enjoined upon them by the Constitution and laws of the United States."
    "Seat of Government" under Article 20 sec. 2 provides that the citizens of the state decided where that would (and that is Pierre) but the SDCL does not say where in Pierre they will meet at noon on Monday. I know they basically sign a document, count the votes and mail them to congress, where by it's certified. I want to know how they meet and if its the same every 4 years.

    This is my source for the Question:
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    very good question.

    what I want to know is... Who counts the votes?

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