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Thread: Will New Hampshire follow in marijuana legalization?

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    Will New Hampshire follow in marijuana legalization?

    Will NH follow in marijuana legalization?

    By Max Sullivan
    Nov 20, 2016

    New Hampshire lawmakers say legalization of marijuana in Maine and Massachusetts should increase the chance of passing similar laws in the Granite State, while police officials say they'll continue to arrest people found in possession of pot until the law changes.

    "The bottom line is we have to enforce the law," said Portsmouth Police Chief David Mara.

    New Hampshire is now sandwiched between two states that have legalized marijuana, separated by just 18 miles of coastline and about 14 miles of highway on Interstate 95. Seacoast legislators said this week they believe that will increase pressure on the Legislature to at least decriminalize marijuana.

    "It's really kind of a game changer," said Democratic Hampton state Rep. Renny Cushing. "There's going to be a product that's legally purchased and available to people on our borders. With that same product, someone goes to New Hampshire, they could have someone put in jail for a year."

    Matt Simon, New England political director for the Marijuana Policy Project has lobbied for marijuana legalization in Concord for 10 years. Simon said the change in states bordering New Hampshire should lead to decriminalization in the next legislative session. He also said legalization should be around the corner for New Hampshire.

    "The state will finally start talking about legalization," Simon said.

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    Rep. Renny Cushing

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    N.H. Senate minority leader to propose marijuana legalization bill

    December 16, 2016

    The push for legal marijuana in New Hampshire just got a high-profile backer.

    N.H. Senate Minority Leader Jeff Woodburn, a Democrat from Dalton, said he plans to propose legislation with a firm date to legalize recreational marijuana use in the state.

    Woodburn said he believes New Hampshire residents are ready for legal pot, adding that recent legalization in neighboring Maine and Massachusetts should motivate lawmakers here to take action.

    Canada could also be poised to legalize the drug nationwide. Canada’s government is expected to draft legalization legislation next year.

    “I think they have forced us to look at our laws and regulations,” Woodburn said. “What we can’t control is what’s happening all around us. We can’t put our heads in the snow.”


    Woodburn coming out in favor of the issue gives legalization a high-profile boost in the New Hampshire Senate, the place where it has been stymied in past legislative sessions.


    Marijuana legalization narrowly passed the New Hampshire House of Representatives in 2014 but faced stiff opposition in the senate.

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    Very unlikely this term. Heck, no state has ever passed cannabis legalization though the legislature, not even the most liberal state in the nation - VT. NH was the first state to get legalization passed in a state legislative body, but then it was defeated. The good news is that NH has 25 cannabis reform legislative service requests. All of them good, and most of them will become bills. How many will pass? 6, 13, 22? That's anyone's guess. We expect cannabis decriminalization to finally pass in NH this term because we now have a Republican governor.
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