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Thread: Paedophilia in Hollywood

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    Paedophilia in Hollywood

    When I investigated Jeffrey Epstein I saw that he was friends with some famous Hollywood actors and directors: Kevin Spacey, Chris Tucker, Leonardo DiCaprio, Bruce Willis and Woody Allen.
    In this thread I will write about paedophilia in the movie industry. This is not an attempt at a full story on this topic - there’s a lot more...

    Nobody can become a famous movie star without the help of powerful Hollywood moguls.
    All of these famous actors have provided favours to the powers that be. A lot of them have provided sexual favours to get in the game. When (adult) wannabees offer their body to get a nice role in a movie this is not legally wrong.
    The movie industry is closely watched by fans and journalists, so I fear that this kind of thing is even more rampant in other industries (like for example politrics).

    Here are Woody Allen, Soon-Yi and Jeffrey Epstein walking around in New York, 2014.

    Mia Farrow was married to Woody Allen and found out that Woody was sexually interested in her child Dylan (later named Malone). When Dylan was 4 years old: Woody was applying suntan lotion to her nude body and began rubbing his finger in the crack between her buttocks. Mia forbade Woody to ever be alone again with Dylan.
    In August 1992 Woody had been alone with the 7-year-old Dylan in the attic for some 15 minutes. Dylan later said that Woody had touched her “private part”. A French tutor for the family told the police that she found Dylan without underpants under her sundress. Another babysitter told police that 1 day earlier, she saw Woody with his head on Dylan’s lap in a sexual way. Mia took Dylan to the paediatrician that reported it to the police (the doctor found out that Dylan was still “intact”):
    Later Woody and Mia went through a public divorce, where the sexual relation between Woody and his stepdaughter Soon-Yi (that Mia had adopted earlier) got the most attention. This relationship started when she was (an estimated) 17 years old. Woody also took full frontal nude pictures of Soon-Yi with her legs spread out.
    When Mia found these pictures Woody confessed that their sexual relationship had been going on for about 6 months and that it was “probably good for Soon-Yi’s self-esteem”. Woody Allen later even married (the much younger) Soon-Yi - Woody also tried to seduce Daisy (another stepdaughter):

    The role of Mia Farrow in Rosemary´s baby, brings us to the famous director Roman Polanski.
    In February 1977 Polanski took the 13-year old Samantha Geimer to the house of his friend Jack Nicholson. He first gave Samantha champagne and then took some nude pictures of her. Later he raped her in the bedroom, during which he asked “her if she was on the pill and when her last period was”. After Anjelica Huston came in the house (the then girlfriend of Nicholson) Polanski stopped intercourse for a while to talk to Huston and then resumed the sexual abuse.
    It is out of the question that Huston didn’t know what was going and it’s very unlikely that this was the first time, so Jack Nicholson also knew.
    Mother Geimer was upset that her daughter had been raped, so she filed charges with the police. Polanski was arrested the next day. Polanski first denied everything, but later accepted a plea bargain of engaging in unlawful sexual intercourse with a minor (in other words he admitted having sex, with the consent of the girl).
    Polanski served a total of 42 days in a California jail, before he fled to France before his final sentencing:

    Hundreds of people signed a petition for Polanski, including famous people like: Woody Allen, Harrison Ford, Martin Scorsese, Jodie Foster, Whoopi Goldberg, Jeremy Irons, Salman Rushdie, Emma Thompson:
    Surprisingly even Geimer thinks that Polanski has served his time. Since 1977, Polanski has made numerous successful movies and even won an Academy Award for The Pianist (2003).

    Some of the most famous child stars of the 1980s were Haim and Feldman, while I didn´t recognise their names, their faces sure look familiar. See the picture of (from left to right) Jamison Newlander, Corey Haim and Corey Feldman in the Lost Boys (1987).

    After the death of Haim in 2010; in 2013 Feldman published a book Coreyography. In this book he details how both he and Haim were sexually abused when they were underage. To promote this book he repeatedly said that paedophilia is the biggest problem in Hollywood:
    Frustratingly enough Corey Feldman doesn’t name any of the paedophiles that sexually abused him or Haim when they were underage. I guess that for Hollywood insiders some (or all) of the names are easily deducted:
    In the reality show “The two Coreys” that ran in 2007, 2008: Haim confronted Feldman by yelling to him “When I was 14 I was raped, what did you do?” (by an acquaintance of Feldman); Haim answered “I was also 14-year old and was molested at the same time”.
    Feldman wrote about Haim being sexually abused:
    At some point during the filming [of Lucas], he explained an adult male convinced him that it was perfectly normal for older men and younger boys in the business to have sexual relations, that it was what all "guys do" (...)
    So they walked off to a secluded area between two trailers, during a lunch break for the cast and crew, and Haim, innocent and ambitious as he was, allowed himself to be sodomized. (...)
    [That man] walks around, one of the most successful people in the entertainment industry, still making money hand over fist.
    When Feldman was 15 he was abused by a man who was employed at the management company of his own father. The abuse by that man went on for years after that first incident.
    Feldman also detailed a night when he received oral sex from a man after he was fed a cocktail of drugs.
    He told about one of the abusers “It was basically me laying there pretending I was asleep and them going about their business” (playing that he was asleep while being sodomised).
    Alison Arngrim (from Little House on the Prairie) - that was sexually abused herself - has confirmed that "Everybody knew that the two Coreys were just being passed around" like sex toys.
    Another actor, Elijah Wood, has confirmed that parties were arranged where the “Hollywood elite” hand-picked boys for their sexual perversion. Wood told that he was protected by his mother that didn’t allow him to go to these parties:

    On March 10, 2010 (3/10/’10) Haim died, aged 38 - the official stories is pneumonia and an enlarged heart. There have also been statements that this was caused by drugs.
    In the hours leading up to Haim’s death, he suffered from a high fever and flu-like symptoms. Earlier he appeared disoriented and even collapsed to his knees.
    The drugs in his system included the antidepressants fluoxetine and olanzapine; the tranquilizers diazepam and meprobamate, which are found in Valium and other medications; the cough-suppressant dextromethorphan; and the antihistamine diphenhydramine:

    From the looks of it Haim was killed to prevent him from telling about the men that had sexually abused him as a child. Why would his enlarged heart be of interest, when he didn’t die of a heart attack? There are many toxics that can induce a pneumonia, with the following possible symptoms Nausea, Flu-like symptoms, Delirium or disorientation, Fever:

    The only name Feldman has mentioned is that of Martin Weiss, a manager of child actors, that was accused in 2011 for repeatedly raping Evan Henzi see below for more information (30 to 40 times over a 3 years period), staring when he was 11 years of age. Weiss pleaded no contest to two counts of child molestation in 2012 and was sentenced to a year in jail with 5 years probation, but only spent 6 months in prison.
    Feldman also wrote about Haim spending time with Martin Weiss, a well-known manager of child actors, while they were filming The Lost Boys. He has written
    That one day on set Haim, who was 15 during filming, was aroused and wanted to have sex. 'Marty’s gay? Why don’t you ask him?' wrote Feldman. 'The two walked, single file, into the adjoining room. ... I heard sounds, banging, thumping. I felt my stomach flip-flop. I felt sick
    Here’s Martin Weiss with a group of child actors.

    The 100 minutes documentary “An open secret” premiered on November 14, 2014 and exposes the systematic sexual abuse of child actors (only boys) in Hollywood (EDIT - has been completely removed from Youtube in November 2017):

    Some of the interviewed victims of child abuse in this documentary are: Todd Bridges, Evan Henzi, Joey Coleman, Michael Egan and Mark Ryan. The following child abusers are named: Martin (Marty) Weiss, Bob Villard, Brock Pierce, Chad Shackley, Michael Harra, Brian Peck, Bryan Singer, Gary Goddard, David Neuman, Garth Ancier and Marc Rector-Collins.
    Brian Peck served a total of 16 months in jail for sexual abuse of a 15-year-old boy and is still “working” with children:

    Some of the child victims gathered evidence against the perpetrators. This included making a tape of Weiss (MW) by Evan Henzi (EH). This is the best part in the whole documentary (1:03:10 – 1:06:35). Evan talks about the child abuse by Weiss (while taping it) and Weiss repeatedly confirms what he’s telling.
    EH: You asked me, “If I ever did anything with a guy before?” “Oh wait that was when you gave me my first blowjob, right?” “You did pull out your penis in the car (…) you asked me if I wanted to touch it” - MW: “That kinda sounds familiar”
    EH: “You would tell me like everyone did it” - MW: “Y’know, I’m sure I said that”
    Weiss, Villard and Rector-Collins were some of the paedophiles that were convicted on child abuse charges. Michael Egan filed charges against some of these paedophiles but later dropped them, which doesn’t help his credibility. Egan was admonished by a judge for lying in court:

    Anne Henry got suspicious when she saw promotional pictures of her son (promotional photos that could be gotten free of charge) being sold on the internet for hundreds of dollars. She set up BizParentz to help families navigate the pitfalls of Hollywood, and claims that a major child star filed charges against 50-year-old Peck:
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    Suspect - born in 1942/1943

    Because of the censorship of internet I needed much time to investigate this, and can bring you this exclusive story.
    According to the statements of Corey Feldman there weren’t just one or two paedophiles sexually abusing child actors, but a whole bunch of them. As far as I can tell Feldman in his book described some of the paedophiles so accurately that for any insider it would be easy to know who they are. I’m only looking for the ringleader…

    Corey Feldman has repeatedly stated that one man was responsible for the drug addiction and death of his best friend - Corey Haim.
    Some of the names that have been mentioned on the internet: Steven Spielberg (born 1946), Joel Schumacher (1939), Harvey Bernard (1924 – 2014), Richard Donner (1930), Rob Reiner (1947) and Tom Hanks (1956). None of these can be the “evil monster” that Feldman claims is responsible for the death of Haim, as becomes clear from their birth date.
    We are looking for a monster that first sexually abused Haim when he was 14 years old, filming Lucas in 1985, when this paedophile was 42-years-old. So I’m specifically looking for a suspect that was born in 1942, 1943. The monster has never come out as gay, has children of his own and hides behind a family-man facade. The star behind the family-man facade is an evil monster who has led an extraordinarily twisted double-life. This person uses intimidation and threats as a way to keep people quiet. And all these paedophiles were friends. This man was and is a Hollywood mogul, one of the most successful people in the entertainment industry (from 1985 to 2013):

    Just in November 2016 Carrie Fisher (born October 21, 1956) published a book in which she describes a 3 month sexual affair with Harrison Ford, starting May 1976 when they were filming Star Wars. Fisher was only 19 years and Harrison Ford 33/34. This isn’t paedophilia but it certainly was adultery (Ford was married at the time).
    Harrison Ford (born July 13, 1942) is the highest-grossing U.S. domestic box-office star. Ford is one of Hollywood's most private actors guarding much of his personal life. In 2003 Ford called for gun control in the USA. I never even knew that Ford was a Jew; his mother Dorothy (née Nidelman) was Jewish. Harrison Ford was active in the Boy Scouts of America, and achieved its second-highest rank (Life Scout). He worked at Napowan Adventure Base Scout camp as a counsellor for the Reptile Study merit badge. The Boy scouts are just about the best spot for a paedophile (Spielberg was also a Boy Scout):
    Ford has been married 3 times: Mary Marquardt (1964-1979), Melissa Mathison (1983-2004) and Calista Flockhart since 2010 (who is known for her role of Ally McBeal):
    Here’s a picture from left to right: Harrison Ford (Han Solo), Carrie Fisher (Princess Leia), Mark Hamill (Luke Skywalker).

    Ford plaid a cameo for the movie "E.T.: The Extra Terrestrial" (1982) but was cut out by director Steven Spielberg. Why would Spielberg cut one of the most famous names in the industry from this movie? Did something happen with one of the members of the cast? Maybe it’s not so strange that Harrison Ford came to the movie set for a cameo, when we learn that he was dating its screenwriter - Melissa Mathison – at the time. They married in 1983 and separated in 2001.
    Melissa Mathison, who was nominated for an Oscar for her screenplay for E.T., has died in 2015 at the age of 65, of “cancer”. Her estate is valued at $22 million, mostly what remains from the royalties she received after a lengthy legal battle with Harrison Ford. Their split is considered one of the costliest in Hollywood. What makes this suspicious, is that her will has gone missing:

    In his last film “Eyes wide shut” Stanley Kubrick made explicit references to the “secret” Masonic societies and their sick sexual appetites. Kubrick died of “heart attack” only 5 days after showing the final cut. After his death the movie was censured, so we’ll never know what hidden secrets they murdered him for:
    This movie was mostly about satanic orgy rituals. The main character Dr. Bill Harford (played by Tom Cruise in the movie) was named after Harrison Ford, because - according to Kubrick - Bill should be a "Harrison Ford-ish goy" and created the surname of Harford as an allusion to the actor:

    There is also an obvious connection between Harrison Ford and the known paedophile Roman Polanski. Ford played the leading role in Polanski's Frantic (1988). This connection appears to be even closer when we learn that it was Harrison Ford that in 2003 accepted the Oscar for Polanski’s "The Pianist" (2002) at the academy awards. Polanski couldn’t attend because he would have been arrested for his conviction for raping a 13-year-old-girl.
    For me even more ugly is Ford’s connection to the Clintons (that were very good friends with Jeffrey Epstein, that was running his own child sex ring, with promises of modelling careers). In 1998 Harrison Ford and his wife were invited at the White House for a party thrown by President Clinton for the British Prime Minister Tony Blair; see the photograph.

    Ford is vice-chair of Conservation International (CI) an American NGO to “protect” nature (NGOs in our world that’s upside down aren't the philanthropig organisations we are meant to believe). CI has links to companies with a poor environmental record like: BP, Cargill, Chevron, Monsanto and Royal Dutch Shell. Here’s Harrison Ford with Hillary Clinton when they were honoured by CI in 2013.

    For the movie “The Mosquito Coast” (1986) the role for the son of the main character played by Harrison Ford was offered to Corey Haim, but Haim declined and starred in (his breakthrough role) Lucas. Did Haim not want to be in the same movie as Harrison Ford? This role went to River Phoenix (August 23, 1970 – October 31, 1993) instead. Later River Phoenix played the young Indiana in "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade" (1989). Strangely Phoenix never in the whole movie acted in the same scene as Harrison Ford that played the adult Indiana.
    Here are Harrison Ford and River Phoenix in Peter Weir's Mosquito Coast.

    On the evening of October 30, 1993 (a human sacrifice day for Satanists), Phoenix went to The Viper Room in Hollywood (partly owned by Johnny Depp). He died early the following morning (on Halloween). According to the coroner Phoenix died of "an acute multiple drug intoxication" and had "lethal levels" of cocaine and heroin in his body. Three days after his death medical examiners announced that autopsy tests were inconclusive - but ruled out foul play (how could the coroner dismiss the possibility of murder?). The identity of his supplier was never known.
    In November, 1991 River Phoenix had told Details magazine that when his family was part of the Children of God (The Family - from 1973 till the end of the 1970s) cult he had sex with other children starting from the age of 4. Phoenix has told that he was completely celibate from 10-14 years of age:
    The coroner's report said Phoenix had traces of Valium, marijuana and ephedrine in his body, but no alcohol. Drugs were not found in the actor's stomach and there were no needle track marks on his body. "It looks like it was snorted" (how could he snort a lethal dose?): http://community.seattletimes.nwsour...3&slug=1731562
    The following story puts together some of the strange contradicting information on the death of River Phoenix.
    According to William Richert: Samantha Mathis (the girlfriend of Phoenix) said that John Frusciante approached their table, offered River a plastic blue cup and said “drink this, it’ll make you feel fabulous”; shortly before Phoenix collapsed.
    In 1994, Peter Bogdanovich gave an interview stating that Mathis had told him that River went outside and had a heated discussion with John Frusciante. When she saw him again he had a drink in his hand and fell sick shortly after.
    These testimonies contradict each other, but if one of them is correct River Phoenix was murdered by poisoning his drink:
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    Bryan Singer, Brock Pierce - Clinton

    It is interesting how the paedophilia in Hollywood, leads directly - by the trail of Brock Pierce - to the Clinton Foundation.

    Quote Originally Posted by Firestarter View Post
    The 100 minutes documentary “An open secret” premiered on November 14, 2014 and exposes the systematic sexual abuse of child actors (only boys) in Hollywood - EDIT "new" link to video:
    The documentary “An open secret” focuses on the child sex ring around Digital Entertainment Network (DEN) that bought an estate in Encino, LA (the M & C estate) in 1997 where the young boys were forced to go into the hot-tub nude, joined by (naked) adult men. The most important story is told by Michael (Mike) Egans III that broke into the estate of DEN with some of the other victims (possibly Alexander Burton and Mark Ryan) to copy evidence.
    The copied material proved that the sex ring was much larger than just the 3 (paedophiles) that fronted DEN: Marc Collins-Rector, Chad Shackley (in his mid-20s who had lived with Rector since dropping out of high school at 16) and Brock Pierce (a teenage actor who had appeared in Disney's The Mighty Ducks movies).

    I needed some time to investigate the accusations of Egan against Bryan Singer (famous for directing “The Usual suspects” and X-men movies), Garth Ancier (television executive), David Neuman (Disney executive) and Gary Goddard (producer) – who invested in DEN. My conclusion is that there is sound evidence that these gays were present at parties where child actors were nude in the hot-tub, and given alcohol and drugs. Based on the testimony of Egan (and further evidence) I conclude that probably Singer sodomised Egan (and others), but I haven’t looked into these other 3 (yet).
    In the documentary “An open secret” (starting 00:46:45) Egan tells that Bryan Singer and Gary Goddard were regulars at the nude pool parties. He tells how Singer was naked with him in the hot-tub and set him on the lap of Goddard. It is also revealed (starting 1:10:17) that Marc Rector threatened the young boys with a gun while saying “do you not understand the power I have?”; if you talk, we will first destroy career and we have eliminated kids of 14, 15 year old.

    The court awarded Egan and his fellow plaintiffs a $4.5 million default judgment, of which Egan only collected $25,000, while they reached a settlement with Pierce. Egan was the only one of the 3 plaintiffs that was a minor when the sexual abuse happened, so he should be entitled to the most money (of these 3). This doesn’t surprise me a bit - remember Paul Bonacci that got locked up in prison for perjury and got nothing of the million dollars he won from Larry King (stabbed in the back by his attorney John DeCamp)?
    Here’s the official court document of July 2000 by plaintiffs Egan (officially his mother Bonny Mound), Alexander Burton, Mark Ryan against Rector, Shackley and Pierce:
    Note that Hawaii is not mentioned in this document and it only focuses on the 3 defendants (Rector, Shackley and Pierce).
    During a news conference on April 21, 2014, Egan's sobbing mother called out several FBI officials by name: Joseph Brine, J. Stephen Tidwell, David Johnson and Robert Mueller III. They had refused to investigate the charges that her underage son had been molested.

    Quote Originally Posted by Firestarter View Post
    Weiss, Villard and Rector-Collins were some of the paedophiles that were convicted on child abuse charges. Michael Egan filed charges against some of these paedophiles but later dropped them, which doesn’t help his credibility. Egan was admonished by a judge for lying in court:
    After a New Jersey grand jury indicted Rector in 2000, he fled the country with Shackley and Pierce. The trio resurfaced in May 2002 in Marbella (Spain). In a separate court case (not civil) Collins-Rector was sentenced to prison. In this case Egans wasn’t even involved. After an international arrest warrant was issued Interpol raided their house and found guns, machetes and child pornography in. After fighting extradition for 2 years (during which Rector was in prison from May 2002 until October 2003) - Rector returned to the USA: spent a brief period in prison, made a deal and became a registered sex offender under weekly supervision. Here you can see the court ruling of October 6, 2004 that details the plea bargain for transporting minors across state lines for having sex with them; that concluded the immediate supervised release of Rector:
    In 2006, Rector was granted “emergency permission” to leave for London, where in October 2007 the British paper The Sun ran an article that reported "A millionaire paedophile from America is swanning around Britain in a chauffeur-driven limo and surrounding himself with young boys". In England he asked for permission for a union with an 18-year-old boy.

    Here’s the court document that was filed in June 2014 by (the attorneys of) Michael Egan against Bryan Singer:
    Michael Egans states that he considered Marc Rector, Chad Shackley and Brock Pierce as the ring leaders of the child sex ring. He describes the before mentioned incident where Singer placed him on the lap of Goddard. He also swears that he was sodomised by Singer - both in the Encino estate as in Bryan Singer’s home. Note that this doesn’t mention any activity in Hawaii.
    Egan isn’t the only young man that has accused Singer of paedophilia: 1) In 1997, a 14-year-old actor accused Singer of having him and other minors nude for hours for a shower scene in “Apt Pupil”, the lawsuit was dismissed for lack of evidence; 2) In May 2014, a British man accused Singer and producer Gary Goddard for sexually assaulting a minor in London for the premiere of “Superman Returns” (the charge against Singer – but not Goddard - was withdrawn):

    Openly gay 22-year-old Noah Galvin publicly accused Bryan Singer of molesting little boys:
    Yeah. Bryan Singer likes to invite little boys over to his pool and diddle them in the f—ing dark of night. I want nothing to do with that. I think there are enough boys in L.A. that are questionably homosexual who are willing to do things with the right person who can get them in the door. In New York there is a healthy gay community, and that doesn’t exist in L.A
    Galvin apologised a mere 9 hours after the interview came out:

    Following is a collection of photos of Singer with a bunch of young boys (for legal reasons, Singer prefers boys that have just turned 18).
    Here’s Singer with Frankie Donjae that for a while was his favourite in New York.

    The following toyboy (“assistant” to Singer) looks even younger than Donjae, on the right side of Singer are Ian McKellen and Gary Goddard.

    The attorneys of Egan told him that he couldn’t files charges against Bryan Singer, Gary Goddard, David Neuman and Garth Ancier in California, but only in Hawaii. They didn’t claim that these actions had happened in Hawaii, so this lawsuit didn’t stand a chance and it was dropped. I’ve read on the internet that Egan accused Singer (and Rector and Shackley) of sexually abusing him at the Paul Mitchell estate in Kailua, Hawaii, but I didn’t find the (original) source for this information.
    To add injury to insult these lying, corrupt attorneys even made a public apology that the allegations are totally untrue. Garth Ancier filed countersuits against Egan and claims he was falsely accused:

    In December 2015, Michael Egan was sentenced to two years in prison and a fine of $300,000 for a “conspiracy to commit securities and wire fraud”. Egan sought money from investors for various projects. Egan lied about his background and used the money for his personal expenses. Isn’t the whole idea of being an investor to take a chunk of it for yourself? If dishonesty is a reason for prison, than every lawyer, psychiatrist and second-hand car dealer should be locked up for life.
    In October 2014 Egan was admonished by Judge John Michael Seabright after Egan falsely claimed in court to not have received assistance with his legal papers. Of course Egan is not the only one that has lied in court. This can be rightfully used to discredit him, but maybe he had promised this to the law firm that had helped him (Irvine's Manly, Stewart & Finaldi). This is absolute evidence that Judge Seabright is a corrupt criminal as it is irrelevant to the case whether or not Egan had gotten some legal help.
    I can tell from personal experience that it’s very difficult to defend yourself in a court of law when you’re stabbed in the back by your own attorney:

    The only lawyer that has made a public statement in defence of Michael Egan, after he was charged with these fraud charges, is Vince Finaldi. He said that even if these fraud charges are real it would surely not mean he was not abused. To the contrary, it would corroborate his abuse”:

    Brock Pierce is mostly ignored in all the stories about the sexual abuse. At 17, Pierce was making $250,000 a year from DEN (it is apparently quit profitable to run a child prostitute ring).

    Brock Pierce’s bio says he is co-founder of GoCoin, ExpressCoin, and Robocoin Asia. He is described as "a prolific angel investor" who has raised more than $200 million on behalf of his companies and led more than 30 acquisitions during his career.
    Pierce is also an active supporter of non-profit and advocacy organizations and is a member of Clinton Global Initiative. So here’s another connection between the Clinton Foundation and a known paedophile:
    Here’s Pierce when he was an ambitious child actor himself.
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    David Icke - BBC

    Last December 21 my post about the suspicious connections of Harrison Ford to both Corey Haim and River Phoenix was removed from the forum. This was explained by a moderator as follows:
    I am going to have to edit your post about Harrison Ford because it is libelous. We have done a thorough review of the post and have to remove any thought that Harrison Ford has done anything wrong. Hoping you understand.
    PS: I have also deleted any reference to the other possible subjects and the related links to Harrison Ford. Posting like this without solid proof is dangerous for you and the Forum. A possible birth year is not enough.
    I didn’t do anything more than connect the dots between information that was already on the internet.
    This is all the more bizarre coming from the forum of David Icke, who made a name for himself with ridiculous “conspiracy theories” like we are ruled by shapeshifting reptilians from out-of-space. David Icke has specifically named the British Royal family as reptilians that need human blood to survive.
    This isn’t the first time something like this happened on the Icke forum so I did a little investigation.

    David Icke has been working for the British state network BBC since 1981 (starting on Newsnight). Icke even entered politrics for the Green party, but in March 1991 resigned. Later that year Icke announced that he was the “son of the Godhead”. The BBC made him more famous by letting him explain this in “Wogan” on April 29, 1991.
    Icke publicly became an opponent of the state media, but in reality never severed the connection with the BBC. In 2006 for example David Icke was again interviewed by Wogan:
    Here is David Icke (front right) with his BBC colleagues in 1983.

    The least they could do is try to hide his continuing affiliation with the BBC, but unashamedly earlier this year David Icke went on the BBC’s “This week” to be interviewed by Andrew Neil to tell that the British Royal family are lizards:

    In 2012 David Icke suddenly boasted that he had been exposing Jimmy Savile as a paedophile since 2011. This means that he has been covering this up with the rest of his journalist friends for some 30 years:
    When we find out that child actors are systematically sexually abused, we must realise that this is also rampant in the TV-circuit (for example Todd Bridges starred in a TV-show when he was sodomised).

    The following explains why Icke had my post about paedophilia in Hollywood removed.
    David Icke is linked to Zen Gardner that was in the Children of God cult (later renamed to “The family” about which River Phoenix complained.
    Quote Originally Posted by Firestarter View Post
    In November, 1991 River Phoenix had told Details magazine that when his family was part of the Children of God (The Family - from 1973 till the end of the 1970s) cult he had sex with other children starting from the age of 4. Phoenix has told that he was completely celibate from 10-14 years of age:
    Zen Gardner denied that he knew, but he was part of the “Children of God” cult for 27 years and became a leader in the ranks; so this is not possible:
    David Icke simply denied being involved with Zen Gardner. Here’s an interview that shows that David Icke was affiliated to this leader of this paedophile sex cult and shared (religious) views:

    Quote Originally Posted by Firestarter View Post
    The attorneys of Egan told him that he couldn’t files charges against Bryan Singer, Gary Goddard, David Neuman and Garth Ancier in California, but only in Hawaii. They didn’t claim that these actions had happened in Hawaii, so this lawsuit didn’t stand a chance and it was dropped. I’ve read on the internet that Egan accused Singer (and Rector and Shackley) of sexually abusing him at the Paul Mitchell estate in Kailua, Hawaii, but I didn’t find the (original) source for this information.
    I searched some more, and found the court document in which Michael (Mike) Egan describes that he was sexually abused by Bryan Singer at the Paul Mitchell estate in Hawaii. It includes a video of Egan and his attorney. In all fairness I have to say that Egan doesn’t look like he’s telling the truth this time.
    Egan tries to avoid telling what happened in Hawaii and the look in his eyes tells me that he wouldn’t pass a lie detector test:

    Quote Originally Posted by Firestarter View Post
    Just in November 2016 Carrie Fisher (born October 21, 1956) published a book in which she describes a 3 month sexual affair with Harrison Ford, starting May 1976 when they were filming Star Wars. Fisher was only 19 years and Harrison Ford 33/34. This isn’t paedophilia but it certainly was adultery (Ford was married at the time).
    It is apparently very dangerous to tell about the sexual misbehaviour of Harrison Ford. Just last November Fisher revealed their affair during the filming of the first episode of Star Wars. She is held in intensive care:
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    Nickelodeon, Victor Salva, Fernando Rivas

    In Edmonds, Washington, 19-year-old Jason James Murphy, an aspiring actor was working as a camp counsellor and began grooming a 5-year-old boy for sexual encounters.
    In December 1995, an employee of the Hazelwood Elementary School in Lynnwood, Washington, saw Murphy kissing this boy who was now 7. The teacher notified the police who took Murphy into custody on a child molestation charge. Murphy's family posted his bail and shortly after his arrest he was released
    In January 1996 Murphy abducted this boy, flew to New York City and checked into a hotel. A clerk at the hotel recognised Murphy and notified the authorities. FBI agents rescued the child and arrested Murphy. Eight months after that a federal jury found Murphy guilty of kidnapping and child molestation. He served 5 of his 7 year sentence behind bars.
    Four years after getting out of federal prison, Murphy moved to West Hollywood, California where he registered as a sex offender under his legal name, Jason James Murphy. He began working as a Hollywood production assistant for Nickelodeon under the name Jason Michael Handy.
    Murphy was sentenced to six years in prison in 2004 after pleading no contest to two felony counts, one of lewd acts on a child and one of distributing sexually explicit material by email, and to a misdemeanour charge related to child sexual exploitation
    Murphy volunteered at a Malibu church, where he worked with 6-year-olds. His job as a production assistant at one of the prominent children's television programs, Nickelodeon, gave him access to child actors on and off the set, and allowed him to exchange email addresses and phone numbers with them.
    Murphy, under the professional name Jason James, became a successful freelance child actor casting director. He worked on films such as "Bad News Bears", "The School of Rock" and "Cheaper by the Dozen 2" and "Super 8”.
    On May 2, 2012, a Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge dismissed the charges against Murphy because all the studio executives who used his services were aware of the casting director's true identity: http://jimfishertruecrime.blogspot.n...philes-in.html

    Ezel Channel met H.D. through his godson Joey. On September 8, 2002, Channel asked the 13-year-old H.D. to help him move some furniture at his house. While sitting on the couch, Channel showed H.D. his penis and asked H.D. to show him his; H. complied. Channel showed H.D. how to masturbate and asked H.D. to masturbate in front of him; H.D. complied. At some point Ezel Channel touched H.D.'s penis and asked him to touch his (penis).
    With Brian, another 13-year-old boy, Channel had a similar encounter, with Brian and Channel masturbating and Channel touching Brian’s penis. Brian then jumped up, grabbed a golf club and asked Channel to take him home (which he did).
    When Brandon was 13 years old: he visited Channel at Nickelodeon Studios multiple times. While driving his car Channel reached over to the passenger seat to touch Brandon's genitalia over his clothes. Brandon immediately told Channel to stop.
    From November 20, 2005 on, Channel had worked at Nickelodeon Studios for some 7 months. Channel was convicted for lewd conduct on a child. Channel was placed on probation and ordered to register as a sex offender. He was prohibited from being with minors unless in the presence of other adult:

    In 1989 Victor Salva directed his first film “Clownhouse”, but was jailed after molesting the 12-year-old star of the flick - Nathan Forrest Winters.
    Salva asked Nathan to stay behind for extra rehearsals. During these sessions, Salva forced his young star to give and receive oral sex. Salva kept the camera rolling to add to his burgeoning child porn collection. After Winters had told his parents Salva’s house was raided by the cops, who discovered the tapes and sentenced Salva to 3 years in jail and a lifetime on the sex offenders register.
    When Salva was released on parole in 1992, 15 months into his sentence, he laid low for a while. But then his fortunes changed when Caravan Pictures, a subsidiary of Disney, hired him to direct “Powder”. Salva had even greater success with the Jeepers Creepers franchise and still makes films with the focus on semi-naked youngsters that are terrorised:

    Fernando Rivas graduated from the prestigious Juilliard School of Music to build a successful career in the United States as a composer, creating music for “Sesame Street” and Disney.
    Behind the scenes Rivas manipulated photos in which children were depicted in violent and sexual positions. Rivas also photographed and videotaped a 4-year-old girl, naked and restrained (bound with black Velcro straps). The police arrested Rivas in April 2011 and found 2,300 images and 12 videos of child pornography in Rivas’ possession. Some of these images showed children having sex with adults.
    Rivas (61 years of age) was sentenced to 15 years in prison after pleading guilty to creating and sending child pornography:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Firestarter View Post
    Nobody can become a famous movie star without the help of powerful Hollywood moguls.
    All of these famous actors have provided favours to the powers that be. A lot of them have provided sexual favours to get in the game. When (adult) wannabees offer their body to get a nice role in a movie this is not legally wrong.
    This is called the “casting couch”:

    Arguably the most famous child star of the 20th century is Shirley Temple.
    In her memoir “Child Star” (1988), Shirley Temple describes that legendary producer Arthur Freed exposed himself to her in 1940/1941 when she was just 11. She didn’t get the role of Dorothy in the “Wizard of Oz”. This is an excerpt from the book:
    “I have something made for just you,” he continued, fumbling in his lap. “You’ll be my new star!” That phrase had last been used when I was three years old in Kid in Hollywood [one of Temple’s early shorts].
    Obviously, Freed did not believe in preliminaries. With his face gaped in a smile, he stood up abruptly and executed a bizarre flourish of clothing. Having thought of him as a producer rather than an exhibitor, I sat bolt upright . . . Not twelve years old, I still had little appreciation for masculine versatility and so dramatic was the leap between schoolgirl speculation and Freed’s bedazzling exposure that I reacted with nervous laughter.
    Disdain or terror he might have expected, but not the insult of humor.
    “Get out!” he shouted, unmindful of his disarray, imperiously pointing to the closed door. “Go on, get out!”” -

    The French actress Julie Delpy, began acting as a teenager, and in the 1990s tried to expose the casting couch culture: "In France, when I started talking about the fact that at 13, people would hit on me — which I think is pedophilia — people were like, 'Who do you think you are?' ”Delpy says.”It destroyed my career. It destroyed it. The press was against me, saying I was a bitch, basically, a horrible person to dare to accuse these directors of being bad for wanting to have sex with a 12-year-old. That was the time, you know: '80s France."
    Besides that Delpy told that she “once fought off the amorous advances of a leery casting director by smashing an ashtray over his head”:

    The most interesting of these stories is Ben Fellows that as a child actor needed protection against the male paedophiles in the acting business. He also tells that he was given drugs and alcohol when he was very young. He was offered for sex by his agent Sylvia Young.
    I just don’t know if Fellows is telling the truth. My problem with his story is that he has named foreign actors like Tom Cruise and Dolph Lundgren. While this is not impossible, I would expect that (if his story is true) he would name mostly British actors. Fellows also named a famous star on Dynasty that was also a big star on the BBC.
    What further hampers his credibility is that he doesn’t describe any incident in detail where he was sexually abused. He describes 2 incidents in detail where he wasn’t allowed to leave the room, was groped and his penis touched through his pants. He claims that Tom Cruise sexually abused an underage boy in another room (so he admits he didn’t see anything happening).
    According to the following Fellows is a liar:

    Fellows has told his story to the police, that didn’t do anything against the paedophile ring, while the reporter Jack Malvern of the Times newspaper of Rupert Murdoch in October 2012 interviewed him to NOT publish the story. Fellows claims that the BBC paedophile he named stopped the article from coming out, because this was the new star of SKY Television (of Murdoch).
    Fellows has testified that he was sexually abused by Member of Parliament Kenneth Clarke (at the time Chancellor of the Exchequer) when he was 14. According to the Daily Mail he was 19 at the time; if the Daily Mail is right (but how could they know?) this makes Fellows look very unreliable.
    Ben Fellows also named publicist Max Clifford who was arrested in 2012 and convicted in 2014 to 8 years in prison for sexually abusing a large amount of underage girls. If Fellows accused Clifford before this became public knowledge, this would make his story more credible:

    In the following video Bill Maloney interviews Ben Fellows on May 28, 2013, besides the already named mentioned perpetrators, he also names Peter Stringfellow and Andrew Lloyd Webber. Ben Fellows agrees to take a lie detector test on his accusations:
    Fellows also names Prince Charles and (then Prime Minister) David Cameron as part of the cover-up.

    Quote Originally Posted by Firestarter View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Firestarter View Post
    Just in November 2016 Carrie Fisher (born October 21, 1956) published a book in which she describes a 3 month sexual affair with Harrison Ford, starting May 1976 when they were filming Star Wars. Fisher was only 19 years and Harrison Ford 33/34. This isn’t paedophilia but it certainly was adultery (Ford was married at the time).
    It is apparently very dangerous to tell about the sexual misbehaviour of Harrison Ford. Just last November Fisher revealed their affair during the filming of the first episode of Star Wars. She is held in intensive care:
    Not only did Carrie Fisher die (official because of cardiac arrest), last December 27, but her mother – Debbie Reynolds – died a day later (December 28):
    Debbie Reynolds was an actress herself, most famous for starring in “Singing in the rain” in 1952 (with Gene Kelly). Here’s a photograph of Reynolds and Fisher in 2015.

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    Lesley-Anne Down, Star Wars, Thandie Newton, Fiona Barnett

    Lesley-Anne Down (known for her role in the TV-series “North and south”) has told that “the casting couch is no myth”. She claimed that she got a lot of offers for good roles in return for sexual favours but “never succumbed to any of it”.
    The strange is that Lesley lived with the 8 year older scriptwriter, actor Bruce Robinson from the time she was 16 for about 10 years. She doesn’t say anything bad about Robinson, while this is paedophilia:
    Also interesting to note is that she had an affair for about 6 to 8 weeks with none other than Harrison Ford when they were filming “Hanover Street” in 1979. It’s hard to find blame on Harrison Ford here – he divorced in 1979. Lesley-Anne Down said about Harrison Ford “He was lovely and it lasted as long as the filming did”:
    Here’s a promotional picture of Harrison and Lesley.

    Apparently Harrison Ford likes the leather look. Maybe you remember that in “Indiana Jones” he even showed his skill with a whip.

    While some gay men prefer the feminine look, most gays choose the masculine look. Not many in the closet gays wear an earring. Here you can see Harrison Ford with earring and a masculine moustache.

    The self-proclaimed witch John Todd (Collins) is known for blowing the whistle on freemasonry. According to his story he killed an officer while stationed in Germany for the US army; instead of being locked up, he was discharged, sent back to the USA, where he became one of the highest Masons (the Council of 13).
    I will not write too much on John Todd, who said in the 1970s that all the male stars in (the first) Star Wars are gays, mostly coming from soap operas like “The Young and the Restless”:

    Harrison Ford is pictured with some pretty male actors in what could be too close for comfort for some men.
    Here he is with his accomplishes on Star Wars George Lucas and Steven Spielberg in 2008.

    Here’s Harrison Ford with Daniel Craig (best known for playing James Bond) in 2011.

    When Thandie Newton was 16 years old, she began a six-year relationship with the 39-year-old director John Duigan on the set of his film “Flirting” (shot in Australia in 1991). Newton later complained: "I was a very shy, very sweet girl. I wasn't in control of the situation. Would I have liked things to be different? Sure, but I can now value myself more for the way I got through it. I don't see myself as a victim"
    She also complains about (another) casting couch experience where a director asked her to sit with her legs wide so he could film her crotch. Newton learned some time later that this director showed this tape to some of his friends:
    Thandie Newton starred with Nicole Kidman in “Flirting” and next to Tom Cruise in “Mission Impossible II”

    Seeing Tom Cruise being named, made me think about Fiona Barnett that accused the father of Nicole Kidman – psychologist, biochemist Antony Kidman – for the (satanic) ritual abuse of children. Most of this happened in the British colony Australia. After Barnett accused Antony Kidman in 2014, he fled the country and died very suddenly in Singapore.
    Fiona Barnett also accused: Richard Nixon (US President), Dr. John Gittinger (psychiatrist of the CIA), Ted Turner (CNN), Pastor Billy Graham (US evilangelist), Gough Whitlam (former Australian Prime Minister), Bob Hawke (former Australian Prime Minister), Paul Keating (former Australian Prime Minister), Kim Beazley (Australian politician), Bob Carr (Former NSW Premier), Kim Beazley (Australian politician) and Richie Benaud (Australian cricket captain and sports commentator).
    She also describes that she was sexually abused at the Bohemian Grove in California, USA:

    Fiona Barnett has made some drawings (unfortunately some have been removed) to explain what happened. She also named the (Australian) actors Bruce Spence, John Bell and Jacki Weaver; playwright John Williamson and author Kathy Lette as participants in these crimes against humanity:

    What makes Barnett’s story convincing is the following documentary. She goes to a variety of places where these (satanic) rituals took place and describes some ceremonies in detail, including ritual torture, paedophilia, murder, cannibalism and necrophilia.
    She describes a ritual murder of a pregnant “breeder” (to breed children for these ritual sacrifices). The woman’s belly was cut open; then the baby inside was cut up to collect the blood in a chalice to drink. Then there was a (sexual) orgy.
    Here’s part 1 of the documentary “Candy Girl”:
    This is part 2 of “Candy Girl”:
    Even the former brother-in-law of Nicole Kidman – Angus Hawley - died very suddenly in July 2016 when he was in New York for a business meeting with multibillionaire Warren Buffett:
    Barnett also describes that Nicole Kidman was present at these rituals. Barnett is negative about Nicole Kidman, who was a victim of the same satanic cult. Here’s (from right to left) Nicole Kidman, father Antony, mother Janelle and younger sister Antonia (Australian TV-presenter).

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    Nattassja Kinski, Melanie Griffith, Bo Derek, Brooke Shields

    In 2010 Charlotte Lewis claimed that she had been raped in 1983 by the then 50-year-old Roman Polanski in Paris when she was only 16. I call “rape” in this situation exaggerated because she continued the affair (she wanted to be a movie star) until she was passed over to the next actor:
    Roman Polanski also had sex with the 15-year-old Nattassja Kinski in Paris:
    While I call this paedophilia according to the French law it wasn’t as the age of consent was 15.

    Don Johnson (22) started “dating” Melanie Griffith when she was only 14 years:
    Here’s the 14-year-old Melanie Griffith on the arm of Don Johnson.

    John Derek got Mary Cathleen Collins (later known as Bo Derek) in the sack in 1973 when she was only 16 years. They fled to Germany to escape statutory rape charges, returned to the USA - after Bo turned 18 - and got married in 1976:

    I remember watching “The blue lagoon”, which was almost soft porn. Brooke Shields was 15 at the time (according to Brooke Shields she only lost her virginity at 22 by the way).
    Before that Brooke Shields had already starred in the even more explicit “Pretty baby” when she was only 13. Brooke’s mother – Teri Shields – consented to all these sexual pictures:

    Here is Brooke Shields in “Pretty baby” when she was just 13-year-old (there are more explicit photos).

    Before “Pretty baby” Brooke Shields had been photographed by Gary Gross in 1975 when she was only 10 years old in what can only be described as child pornography. These pictures show everything what could be seen in a 10-year-old girl. Here’s a censored picture (I didn’t do the censoring).
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    Rob Lowe, Errol Flynn, Elvis, James Dean

    Once again a paedophile connected to the Democratic Party – one of the promising young actors of the 1980s: Rob Lowe.
    When Rob was on campaign for Michael Dukakis in 1988 in Atlanta, Georgia he invited 2 girls for sex and videotaped it. One of these girls was 16 (Lowe later denied that he knew her age). According to the law this wasn’t even paedophilia as the age of consent in Georgia was 16; but making a sex tape of a girl younger than 18 was a criminal offense.
    These girls were so proud of catching a movie star that they stole the tape (and some money) from him and told their friends about their wild night out. They even leaked the tape; Al Goldstein sold it for £25. This didn’t stop the father and mother of the 16-year-old girl to file charges against Rob Lowe. After the attorney for Lowe settled a civil suit with the father of Jan Parsons, the mother still wanted her share. Rob Lowe’s didn’t get a real sentence by agreeing to do 20 hours of “community service”.
    He was later invited to the White House by President Bill Clinton:

    Not only was Errol Flynn (best known for his role of Robin Hood) a paedophile; there’s even been made a movie starring Kevin Kline and Susan Sarandon in which his sexual affair with the 15-year-old girl Beverly Aadland (for 2 years) was highlighted
    At that time Flynn had already been accused – and found not guilty – of the statutory rape of 2 underage girls in 1942:

    The story of Elvis Presley puts me in a difficult position, because it’s not clear if he actually was a paedophile. Elvis Presley wasn’t only one of the top 3 musical acts in history (together with The Beatles and - the man that married his daughter Lisa Marie – Michael Jackson) but also one of the most successful movie stars in the 1950s and 1960s.
    Reuben Fine and Brent D. Taylor have stated that Elvis had close relationships with young girls that started when they were around 13 or 14 and ended in their late teens, but didn't have sex. Elvis met Priscilla Ann Beaulieu first in 1959 while he was stationed in Germany when she was 14 years old. In 1962 or 1963 (when she was 16/17), Priscilla effectively started living with Elvis in Graceland. Priscilla says in her autobiography that she and Elvis did not have sex until their wedding night. They married not when she turned 18, but when she was already 22 in 1967. They separated in 1972, and divorced on October 9, 1973:
    Looking at these stories it appears that The King didn’t actually engage in any real sexual activity with these underage girls. If Elvis Presley was attracted to girls he was a sick man, but if he didn’t have sex with them - he wasn’t a paedophile.

    The “legend” that made only 3 movies before his sudden death in a car crash (only 1 film was released at that time).
    After Elizabeth Taylor’s death Kevin Sessums revealed that Taylor had told him about James Dean that “When Jimmy was 11 and his mother passed away, he began to be molested by his minister, I think that haunted him the rest of his life. In fact, I know it did. We talked about it a lot. During ‘Giant’ we’d stay up nights and talk and talk, and that was one of the things he confessed to me”:

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    Jeffrey Epstein – BBC

    I started my research on the paedophilia in the film industry after I saw several Hollywood names connected to Jeffrey Epstein. Epstein ran a child sex ring that was connected to amongst others the Clintons and Donald Trump.
    I have found an affidavit by Virginia Roberts that was sexually abused in the child sex ring of Jeffrey Epstein starting when she was 15 years old (from 1999 to 2002). She testified that she had many sexual encounters with Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell and Alan Dershowitz. She also witnessed many sexual encounters with other underage girls and that they made child pornography. Roberts doesn’t name all that were involved with Epstein:

    Roberts describes 3 sexual encounters with Prince Andrew.
    There was a lot of legal discussion about Andy and his ex-wife (“Fergie”). Then the discussion turned to me. Maxwell said “guess how old she is.” Prince Andrew guessed 17. (…)
    38. After the picture, Epstein and Maxwell kissed me and said to “have fun.” They left Andy and me alone upstairs. We went to the bathroom and bedroom, which were just steps away from where the picture was taken. We engaged in sexual activities there. Afterwards, Andy left quickly with his security. (…)
    40. When I got back from my trip, Epstein paid me more than he had paid me to be with anyone else – approximately $15,000. That money was for what I had done and to keep my mouth shut about “working” with the Prince.
    41. The second time I had sex with Prince Andrew was in Epstein’s New York mansion in spring 2001. I was 17 at time. Epstein called me down to his office. When I got there, Epstein was there, along with Maxwell, Johanna Sjoberg, and Andy. I was very surprised to see him again. Epstein and Maxwell were making lewd jokes about “Randy Andy”.
    42. I had the impression that Andy had come there to see Epstein and to have sex me with. There was no other apparent purpose for Andy to be there.
    43. I was told to go upstairs with Andy and to go to the room I thought of as the “dungeon” (the massage room, but it is really scary looking). I had sex with Andy there. I was only paid $400 from Epstein for servicing Andy that time.
    44. The third time I had sex with Andy was in an orgy on Epstein’s private island in the U.S. Virgin Islands. I was around 18 at the time. Epstein, Andy, approximately eight other young girls, and I had sex together. The other girls all seemed and appeared to be under the age of 18 and didn’t really speak English. Epstein laughed about the fact they couldn’t really communicate, saying that they are the “easiest” girls to get along with. My assumption was that Jean Luc Brunel got the girls from Eastern Europe (as he procured many young foreign girls for Epstein). They were young and European looking and sounding.

    Roberts also described the involvement of Jean Luc Brunel in the child sex ring of Epstein and that she had sex with Brunel many times.
    47. I also had sexual intercourse with Jean Luc Brunel many times when I was 16 through 19 years old. He was another of Epstein’s powerful friends who had many contacts with young girls throughout the world. In fact, his only similarity with Epstein and the only link to their friendship appeared to be that Brunel could get dozens of underage girls and feed Epstein’s (and Maxwell’s) strong appetite for sex with minors.
    48. Brunel ran some kind of modeling agency and appeared to have an arrangement with the U.S. Government where he could get passports or other travel documents for young girls. He would then bring these young girls (girls ranging in age from 12 to 24) to the United States for sexual purposes and farm them out to his friends, including Epstein. (…)
    51. Jeffrey Epstein has told me that he has slept with over 1,000 of Brunel’s girls, and everything that I have seen confirms this claim.

    Jean Luc Brunel leads back to the movies…
    Brunel ran a “model agency” - MC2 - which included many underage girls and was founded in 2005 with $1 million from Epstein. Brunel reportedly recruited underage girls for the sex ring of Epstein. Both Brunel and his partner, Jeffrey Fuller, denied their involvement with Epstein - but Brunel did visit Epstein in jail repeatedly.
    Brunel specialised in “recruiting” young girls from South America, Europe, and East Europe. Brunel paid money to the parents to bring them to the USA. Brunel got US passports for girls as young as 12 — then passed the minors off to perverts like Epstein.
    Jean Luc Brunel claims he launched the careers of models such as: Sharon Stone, Christy Turlington, Jerry Hall, Milla Jovovich, Sessilee Lopez , Candace Swanepoel, Marina Lynchuk, Natalia Chabanenko, Elisa Sednaoui (Tel Aviv), Ginta Lapina (Latvia), and Liu Dan (China).
    Diane Sawyer investigated Jean Luc Brunel in 1988 for “60 Minutes”. The program interviewed nearly two dozen models who had been sexually assaulted by Brunel and/or his fellow agent, Claude Haddad. CBS spoke 5 models that had been drugged and raped by Brunel and/or his friends. Producer Craig Pyes said that “Hundreds of girls were not only harassed, but molested”:

    A former male model - Pedro Gaspar – died in New York in 2012 under suspicious circumstances (official cause of death: cocaine and alcohol). Who knows what Gaspar had seen as he had an apartment directly above the office of MC2 and also mingled with lots of models:

    Unfortunately River Phoenix never got the chance to tell the full story about the paedophile sex cult “The children of God” (later renamed to “The Family”) and his brother Joaquin hasn´t told much about it (maybe he was too young). This cult is not restricted to the USA but also operates in Europe.
    Natacha Tomey wrote a book about her experiences growing up in this sex cult. She was also sexually abused from the age of 4. She was made to believe that the world would end on December 31, 1999. Tomey has told that she “escaped” from the cult when she was 18:
    Actress Rose McGowan also spent some years of her childhood in “The children of God” in Italy. She confirms the sexual activity, but was never molested because her father protected her (he was the head of the chapter), before her family escaped:

    Garth Ancier was (at least financially) involved in the DEN paedophile sex ring. Ancier oversaw the launch of Fox television and also served as president of BBC Worldwide America.
    For many years the BBC has covered up the perversities of not only Jimmy Savile, but also of other paedophiles in high places (for example Prince Andrew). Lots of actors that have worked for the BBC also made a name for themselves in the movies. Because of censorship in Britain it is impossible to find out how widespread the sexual abuse of children in the quarters of the BBC really is.
    Prince Andrew leads directly to Crown Prince Charles and his good friend Jimmy Savile. Savile was such a good friend of the family that Charles put Savile on his short list to be the godfather of Prince Harry:
    When you look on the internet Savile is pictured with many celebrities. Savile was repeatedly photographed with the Royals. Here are some pictures of Jimmy Savile with Prince Charles, Queen Elizabeth and Princess Diana.

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    Eva Ionesco

    Quote Originally Posted by Firestarter View Post
    Before “Pretty baby” Brooke Shields had been photographed by Gary Gross in 1975 when she was only 10 years old in what can only be described as child pornography. These pictures show everything what could be seen in a 10-year-old girl.
    These pictures weren’t published in some second rate underground paper, but in the ”Sugar and spice” photo book for Playboy.

    The French actress Eva Ionesco appeared as the youngest Playboy nude pictorial (aged 11) in the October 1976 edition of the Italian Playboy. Apparently the pictures of Brooke Shields didn’t show enough to be considered full nudity.
    The mother of Eva – Irina Ionesco – photographed her nude daughter numerous times in erotic poses from 4 to 12 years of age.
    In 1977 Irina Ionesco lost custody over her daughter after some controversy over the child pornography of her daughter in Playboy; Eva was further raised in the home of Christian Louboutin. This didn’t stop Irina from selling more nude pictures of Eva. Eva Ionesco was also pictured naked in the November 1978 edition of the Spanish Penthouse and made the cover of (the German) Der Spiegel.
    Eva Ionesco sued her mother 3 times. Her mother was ordered to also hand over the negatives of the nude pictures (in 1998 the French police confiscated hundreds of photos of the nude Eva). Eva got awarded 10,000 euro from the court as compensation for being exploited by her mother:

    Also in 1976 Eva Ionesco appeared in Roman Polanksi’s “The Tenant”. But I haven’t found information that Polanski molested Eva, so maybe even for Polanski 11 was too young:
    Here are 3 censored pictures of the 11-year-old Eva Ionesco in the Italian Playboy.
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    Natalie Wood, Jonathan King, John Levendosky

    Natalie Wood co-starred with James Dean in “Rebel without a cause”. The 16-year-old Wood landed the role by having sex with the director of the movie - Nicholas Ray (44 at the time).
    During filming Dennis Hopper was the next to get young Natalie Wood in bed (I guess by now 17):
    There is also a rumour that Kirk Douglas brutally raped Natalie Wood (I doubt this one).
    Here are (from left to right) Natalie Wood, James Dean, Nicholas Ray on the set of “Rebel without a cause”.

    Natalie Wood drowned in 1981 under suspicious circumstances.
    Christopher Walken and husband and wife Robert Wagner and Natalie Wood were having a party on the yacht Splendour that included drinking (too much) alcohol. The official story is that Natalie Wood wanted to take the dinghy for a boat ride and fell in the water and then drowned.
    This doesn’t make sense at all because she wasn’t dressed for a boat ride and she could have climbed back in the yacht easily after falling in the water (even with a little too much to drink).
    According to the statements of the captain of Splendour, Dennis Davern, in his book “Goodbye Natalie, Goodbye Splendour”: Natalie was killed by Robert Wagner (her husband). According to Davern the Wagners had a quarrel in which Robert told his wife Natalie to get off the boat. Then he refused to search for her:

    Jonathan King, that famously discovered Genesis, was sentenced to 7 years in prison in 2001 for molesting 5 boys aged 14-16; he was released in 2005.
    King became famous in the 1980s for BBC’s Entertainment USA show. King has not only denied his own guilt, but also claimed that Jimmy Savile was innocent because he never appeared in court:

    I really don’t know what kind of actor John Levendosky was, obviously not very famous.
    Levendosky was an assistant scoutmaster that took 3 young boys (11, 12, 13 years) on a camp-out. He ordered the boys to play strip poker and sleep naked.
    Levendosky bound the boys to trees and then with his pocket knife cut the letter “T” in their chest. He admitted that this aroused him, but to me this looks more like torture than sexual. One of the parents noticed the carved “T” and notified the police:
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    Quote Originally Posted by PRB View Post

    Hey, PRB! Glad to see you back!

    Do you know the only person lower in rep than you is 56kTarget? (

    I hope that is not what's kept you away. Is it? Or, did you just get another account?
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    ...I believe that when the government is capable of doing a thing, it will.
    Quote Originally Posted by Influenza View Post
    which one of yall fuckers wrote the "ron paul" racist news letters
    Quote Originally Posted by Dforkus View Post
    Zippy's posts are a great contribution.

    Disrupt, Deny, Deflate. Read the RPF trolls' playbook here (post #3):

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    Even if you don't have Woody Allen's money, you should be able to get the ladies dressed the way he dresses.

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    ...I believe that when the government is capable of doing a thing, it will.
    Quote Originally Posted by Influenza View Post
    which one of yall fuckers wrote the "ron paul" racist news letters
    Quote Originally Posted by Dforkus View Post
    Zippy's posts are a great contribution.

    Disrupt, Deny, Deflate. Read the RPF trolls' playbook here (post #3):

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    Dead BBC reporters

    This isn’t quite paedophilia, but it’s about famous actress and member of the CFR, Angelina Jolie, telling how she was initiated into a secret society in a sick S & M ritual (this video could quickly be removed):

    Jodie Foster told in an interview this month that a producer was a little too interested in her body when she was only 14 (starting at 5:30):
    He had me come to the appointment and was talking to me, and asked me to take my jacket off and turn around so he could see my body.
    You know, I was 14 and kinda chubby with pimples and whatever. But yeah…my agent went to his office and punched him in the face.
    I won’t do a full story on the notorious paedophile Jimmy Savile, because this is already widely known. Furthermore Savile was not very close to the movie industry (but more to the British Royal family and music industry)...

    Crimewatch host Jill Dando was told that DJs, celebrities and other staff of BBC were involved in sexual abuse. She passed a file to senior management in the mid-1990s, which included sexual abuse by “surprisingly big names”.
    She was disgusted that images of children and information on how to join this paedophile ring was freely available.
    Of course, nothing was done...

    In 1998, Jill Dando joined a campaign to help children spot paedophiles.
    Dando was also looking into the death of her friend, Chelsea vice-chairman Matthew Harding, who was killed in a mysterious helicopter crash in 1996.
    On 26 April 1999, aged 37, Jill Dando was shot dead with a single muffled bullet to the skull on the doorstep of her home in west London, moments after stepping out of her car.
    Part-time stuntman Barry George was jailed for the killing in 2001, but his conviction was overturned in August 2008 following the emergence of fresh evidence. The crime is still “unsolved”.

    Only after he died, in 2012, some of Jimmy Savile’s crimes were exposed. Dando’s fellow BBC presenter Sally Jones said that Savile had tried to kiss and grope her in a lift in the late 1980s. DJ Liz Kershaw and former Countryfile presenter Miriam O’Reilly have also claimed they suffered sexual harassment at the BBC in the 1980s.

    Starting in 2011, investigative reporter Liz MacKean who exposed Jimmy Savile and the culture of paedophile protection at the BBC.
    MacKean quit in 2013, after executives shelved her investigative work into the paedophile ring surrounding Jimmy Savile. The BBC spent the next few years destroying her reputation.
    On 18 August 2017, Liz MacKean was found dead (aged 52). According to the BBC she died of “complications from a stroke”:

    Liz MacKean told Panorama after she was told by the editor of Newsnight, Peter Rippon, that her investigation wouldn’t be broadcast by the BBC:
    I was very unhappy the story didn’t run because I felt we’d spoken to people who collectively deserved to be heard. And they weren’t heard.
    I thought that that was a failure… I felt we had a responsibility towards them. We got them to talk to us, but above all, we did believe them. And so then, for their stories not to be heard, I felt very bad about that. I felt, very much, that I’d let them down.
    See the following video, with BBC producer Meirion Jones, Liz MacKean, and George Entwistle (a BBC-executive involved in the cover-up).

    It’s apparently quite dangerous to work for the BBC.
    In August 2014, former BBC DJ, Mike Smith, died of “heart surgery complications”.
    BBC comic Rik Mayall, also died of a heart-related “incident”, despite his wife declaring on the day of his death: “At least we know it’s not his heart as he’s just had a check-up and been given the all-clear”. Earlier Rik Mayall had been nearly killed in a quad-bike accident.

    BBC-presenter Peaches Geldof tweeted the names of child-abusers connected to Ian Watkins. She was found dead of a “heroin-overdose”.
    BBC children’s presenter Mark Speight was implicated in the death of his girlfriend Natasha Collins in 2008. He subsequently disappeared and was found hanging. Mark Speight had worked with convicted paedophile Rolf Harris. Mark Speight was a spokesman for Childline, which supposedly protects abused children.
    BBC DJ Kevin Greening reportedly killed himself in a “gay bondage session that went wrong”.

    According to the following story, also the deaths of Kristian Digby, Kevin Greening, and Paula Yates are suspicious:
    Do NOT ever read my posts.
    Google and Yahoo wouldn’t block them without a very good reason:

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    There's no question a lot of Hollywood talent scouts and higher ups are pedophiles. LA's got the largest concentration of greedy children play-acting as adults and narcissistic parents, so its only logical pedophiles would lurk there. I'm also certain of conspiracies to coverup the facts, because pedos probably flock together - who else can they trust? Pederasty's a dangerous crime, so naturally pedos would conceal it. Be certain it happens on a daily basis.

    Quote Originally Posted by Firestarter View Post
    There is also a rumour that Kirk Douglas brutally raped Natalie Wood (I doubt this one)
    Natalie Wood's double alleged she was raped by an "actor-producer" as a child, and her mother covered it up for the sake of Natalie's fame. When Natalie was offered to star in The Devil's Disciple, beside her best friend Laurence Olivier, she turned down the part for unknown reasons - Kirk Douglas was acting in and producing The Devil's Disciple. There's also an unsolved, pregnant actress' disappearance from the late fifties, and she'd left an unfinished note in her purse addressed to Kirk. Hollywood fixers are the gardeners of men; they're paid to keep the property clean, unless that property's worth more dead than alive - then it gets a pruning.

    This one's more about the industry in general, but he's not the only black celebrity to speak out. When Kanye snapped in Sacramento, he was ranting about the entire (celebrity) industry. Obviously something happened that he snapped his leash, but all of it was personal experience the best he could articulate, while taking speed, off script, and under pressure.

    But sometimes, we be playing the politics too much and forget who we are just to win. $#@! winning. $#@! looking cool. $#@! looking cool. $#@! being cool. $#@! all that, bruh! I’ve been sitting here to give y’all my truth even at the risk of my own life. Even at the risk of my own success, my own career. I’ve been sitting here to give y’all the truth. Jay Z, call me, bruh. You still ain’t calling me. Jay Z, call me. Aye, bruh, I know you got killers. Please don’t send them at my head. Just call me. Talk to me like a man. I’m not trying to be the man. I just am a man, the same as anybody here. I ain’t above, below none of y’all. We all equal. We all equal. This is the vibes, bro. This is the future. This is the way of thinking to make America great again. Ha! You didn’t like that! Guess what? Y’all need the vibes. I was hurt. Feelings matter, bro. The way motherfuckers put money up so high, popularity, radio spins. Feelings matter, bro. Feelings matter, bro.

    It’s a new world, Hillary Clinton, it’s a new world. Feelings matter. Because guess what? Everybody in middle America felt a way and they showed you how they felt. Feelings matter, bro. It’s a new world. It’s a new world, Barack. It’s a new world, Jay Z. Hey, don’t send killers at my head, bro. This ain’t the Malcolm X movie. We growing from that moment. Let ‘Ye be ‘Ye. And wait a second. Do y’all agree with that? Let ‘Ye be ‘Ye. Wait a second. I ain’t hear enough screams on that. Let ‘Ye be ‘Ye.

    People I'm not saying this out of my own well-being because it wouldn’t be smart out of my own well-being to say things like this. Radio, I done talked to you a bunch of motherfucking times. Y’all motherfuckers is behind the times. Because guess what, the Saint Pablo tour is the most relevant $#@! happening. The Saint Pablo tour is more relevant than radio and if y’all keep following old models, your ass is going to be Hillary Clinton. You might not like it, but they gotta hear it. I ain’t here to massage you with a fake truth, telling you that Hillary gon’ win over and over and over and then you wake up [and] you still can’t believe it! You know why? Because you was lied to by Google. You was lied to by Mark Zuckerberg.

    Mark Zuckerberg, you wanna call me now? Do I got the vision, Mark Zuckerberg? Was you wrong? When I said I was $53 million in debt and you didn’t call me, was you wrong? You ate dinner, you asked my friend Anthony Schiller to have dinner with me. I told you about Donda. You said you would help and you didn’t. Then you went to look for aliens. Me and Kid Cudi are aliens right here, bro. The vibes is back. [Talking to DJ] Take it all the way back to the beginning. Shia LaBeouf, Kid Cudi feels a way. Give him a call.

    Q-Tip, I love you, bro. Don’t tell me how to be me, though. I love you. The Tribe album is dope. I love you. Don’t tell me how to be me, though. I’ve been me. I am me. There’s a Richard Pryor interview that you can watch about people coming into power and not changing everything and just becoming a part of the power. That’s happened with musicians because they’re scared. I’m not scared. I’m here to change things. I am here to change things. And things won't change until people admit their own falsehoods. I got the visions, bro. That’s what I’ve been blessed with. My vision. I’m not always going to say things the perfect way, the right way. But I’m going to say how I feel. Right now, press get ready to write your passive-aggressive, LeBron James, racist comments. Season 4, racist comments. Get ready to have a field day, press. Get ready, get ready. Because the show’s over.

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    It remains a mystery to me that sometimes I try very hard to find information without success, and at other times I find interesting information without really trying.
    I’ve found a huge number of victims of sexual abuse in the movie industry, it´s almost as if the movies specifically look for victims of child abuse.

    Quote Originally Posted by Raginfridus View Post
    Natalie Wood's double alleged she was raped by an "actor-producer" as a child, and her mother covered it up for the sake of Natalie's fame. When Natalie was offered to star in The Devil's Disciple, beside her best friend Laurence Olivier, she turned down the part for unknown reasons - Kirk Douglas was acting in and producing The Devil's Disciple. There's also an unsolved, pregnant actress' disappearance from the late fifties, and she'd left an unfinished note in her purse addressed to Kirk. Hollywood fixers are the gardeners of men; they're paid to keep the property clean, unless that property's worth more dead than alive - then it gets a pruning.
    Suzanne Finstad conducted 400 interviews for a biography on Natalie Wood (born Natasha Gurdin in San Francisco in 1938).
    Even before she had an affair with Nicholas Ray, at 15, she had a “serious friendship” with the 38-year-old Frank Sinatra.
    I haven´t found a second source to confirm that Sinatra was a paedophile. Sinatra wasn´t only one of the most famous singers of the 20th century, but also a successful actor and Knight of Malta...

    At 16, Wood was raped by an unnamed prominent, married actor-producer and then forced (by her mother) to not reveal the incident. It has been rumoured that this was Kirk Douglas.
    Bizarrely Finstad claims that Wood ended the first of her 2 marriages to Robert Wagner when she found him in bed with another man:

    Before Oprah Winfrey became world famous (and filthy rich) as a talk show host she had already been an actress.
    Oprah Winfrey was sexually abused from the ages 9 to 14 in Milwaukee.
    Oprah was 9 years old when she was first sexually abused; she was raped by her 19-year-old cousin. Within the next few years, she would face more abuse from a family friend and an uncle.
    Oprah kept this a secret for many years.

    At 14 years, Oprah found out she was pregnant. Around this time her mother sent her to a detention home. She went to live with her father instead.
    She was able to hide her pregnancy from her parents for 7 months. She went into early labour on the same day she told her father about the pregnancy. She delivered a boy, who died within 2 weeks.
    Oprah´s father told her that this would give her a second chance:
    See the interview.

    Oprah has said that the real change came about when she was 16 and first read Maya Angelou's autobiography. It completely transformed her outlook.
    Writer/actress Maya Angelou was a victim of childhood rape herself:
    Angelou’s sometimes-absentee mother, Vivian Baxter, had a steel will and several careers of her own. She was an inadvertent player in an early, formative trauma in Angelou’s life. When Angelou was 8 and briefly living with Baxter in St. Louis, her mother’s boyfriend raped Angelou. The man was arrested, convicted and released; soon after, he was found beaten to death. Believing she had caused the killing because she had told of the rape, Angelou refused to speak for several years; only her beloved older brother, Bailey, could coax her to talk.

    Queen Latifah (born Dana Elaine Owens) was a successful rapper before she starred in many movies. In 2009, Queen Latifah first told that she had been the victim of sexual abuse for a short period of time when she was a child by a teenager charged with her care.
    She never told anybody until she was 22 (when her brother died):

    In 2014, actress Rosie Perez published a memoir in which she wrote about being the victim of childhood sexual abuse:
    In her memoir, Perez also writes for the first time that her half-brother sexually assaulted her twice during her childhood while she visited her mother's house. When she told her mother, Perez writes that she was smacked and punished for lying.
    Nobody was prosecuted in the case, Perez said in an interview. She said she hopes her siblings are getting help to break the cycle of abuse, she said, because they were all victims.

    In 2010, actor Gabriel Byrne revealed that he had been sexually abused between the age of 8 and 11 by 2 Christian Brothers in Ireland while he was training to be a priest.
    This experience made Gabriel Byrne an outspoken critic of the Catholic Church:
    Unfortunately, I experienced some sexual abuse. It was a known and admitted fact of life amongst us that there was this particular man, and you didn't want to be left in the dressing room with him.
    It took many years to come to terms with it and to forgive those incidents that I felt had deeply hurt me.
    It didn't go on over a prolonged period but it happened at a very, very vulnerable moment.

    In 2002, Derek Luke talked about his role as “Antwone Fisher” and revealed that he had been molested when he was a child:
    I was molested. I try not to emphasize on me because I feel Antwone had a harder life. I think sometimes people feel it may be selfish as an actor to use what you drew on to subtract from the real story. My whole thing was I felt free when I read the script. I felt like maybe I get to hide behind the script and tell my story. I was molested, and I have my own personal fight.
    Do NOT ever read my posts.
    Google and Yahoo wouldn’t block them without a very good reason:

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    I think its true psychologically, and very heartbreaking, that abused children make malleable personalities, which lends itself to acting. They're programmed to think and do as victims do, and so they accept abuses from every angle. When they snap back, they land in the tabloids, and the media and public sneer. Honestly, they go through a lot of $#@!: a lot of hazing, constant paparazzi, and blackmail. No wonder many of them quit or become stupid.

    James Maynard Keenan talks to Joe Rogan a little (he's even-keeled and careful), about how fake and insane LA life is, and why he decided long ago to move off grid to AZ. The reason victims don't come forward is that Cali law is written for the studios and media conglomerates. Corey Feldman talks about how the law's an impediment in one of his interviews.
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    I’ve found a few lists with victims of abuse, but I don’t link to those overviews as most of them don’t focus on paedophilia, or are unreliable (for example Roseanne Barr...).

    A lot of people know Charlie Chaplin, born Charles Spencer Chaplin in England (1889-1977), as the biggest star of the silent movie era, but not many people know that he was also a paedophile.
    Chaplin (29 years) met 16-year-old actress Mildred Harris at a party in 1918. Chaplin swiftly seduced the girl. Mildred lied to him that she was pregnant and they got married. Pretty soon, Mrs. Chaplin was indeed pregnant. A boy was born on 7 July 1919 but died 3 days later. In April 1920, Mildred Chaplin began divorce proceedings, citing “cruelty”.
    At 35, during filming “The Gold Rush” Chaplin began an affair with the 15-year-old actress Lita Grey (born Lillita McMurray), who he had known since she was 8. After Lita told Chaplin that she was pregnant, they married in secret in Mexico on 26 November 1924 when she was only 16. On 5 May 1925 Charles Chaplin Jr. was born. Lita filed for divorce in 1927, claiming that Chaplin had pulled a gun on her and tried to make her have an abortion. Lita described Chaplin as “a human sex machine” who could make love 6 times a night without fatigue. Lita was awarded $625,000, with a $200,000 trust fund for their sons — at the time the largest divorce settlement in American history.

    Chaplin married another 2 young women; Paulette Goddard who was 22 when they met in 1932 and 18-year-old Oona O’Neill in 1943 (when Chaplin was 54), with whom he had another 8 children.
    Chaplin claimed that he had made love with more than 2,000 women; it seems probable that a lot of them were young:

    The actor Stephen Collins exposed himself to 3 teenage girls in 1973, 1982 and 1994.
    According to Collins, he twice exposed himself to a pre-teen girl in 1973, when he was 25 years old. He also had another inappropriate encounter with this girl in his home: "When the girl and I were watching TV alone, I moved her hand in such a way that caused her to touch me inappropriately.

    Collins (67 years) admitted that his behaviour was "inexcusable", and "I deeply regret the mistakes I've made and any pain I have caused these three women.
    I admit to, apologize for and take responsibility for what I did.
    Collins has never faced criminal charges and insists he’s no paedophile.
    After finding this out, his ex Rosie O'Donnell, who had been sexually abused herself, wrote an angry message about Stephen Collins:

    Clara Bow was the movie screen's first sex symbol in the 1920s. Clara said that that at age 16 she was raped by her father.
    After Clara announced that she wanted to become an actress, her mother Sarah threatened to kill her with a knife:

    Marilyn Monroe (born Norma Jean Mortensen on 1 June 1926) spent most of her childhood in foster families. Her mother, Gladys Baker, placed her daughter with foster parents until Norma was seven. In 1933, her mother bought a house and took Marilyn to live with her, but shortly after Gladys had the first of a series of mental crises. Gladys's best friend, Grace, was appointed Norma's guardian.
    After a time in other foster homes, Norma returned to live with Grace and her husband "Doc", who was sexually attracted to Norma. So Norma was moved out to Grace’s great-aunt Olive in California, where she was sexually assaulted by Olive's son.
    In 1942, 16-year-old Norma went to live with Grace and her husband again. Grace offered Norma a choice between marrying 21-year-old James Dougherty, or (back) the orphanage. On 19 June 1942, 3 weeks after her sixteenth birthday, Norma Jean Baker married Jimmy Dougherty.
    In June 1945, Norma Jean was pictured in Yank magazine. She was renamed Marilyn Monroe, but becoming a famous star was surprisingly difficult:

    By age 14, Rita Hayworth (born Margarita “Rita” Carmen Cansino) was performing with her father Eduardo Cansino in nightclubs. Rita’s father presented her as his wife. Rita had been the victim of regular rape and abuse at the hands of her father since she was a child.
    Rita Hayworth married 5 times, one of her husbands was Orson Welles, who told that Rita had been the victim of child sexual abuse. Rita apparently had mental problems:

    At age 15, Louise Brooks left Kansas for New York. Louise was expected to “entertain” her benefactors, to get film roles and gifts in return. A hotel employee described her room as a “bordello” and the hotel management kicked her out.
    When she was 9, Louise had been molested by the 45-year-old man Mr Feathers:
    I've often wondered what effect Mr Feathers had on my life. He must have had a great deal to do with forming my attitude to sexual pleasure. For me, nice, soft, easy men were never enough- there had to be an element of domination.
    When Brooks told her mother, her mother blamed her for leading him on:

    During the late 1950s and early 1960s, Sandra Dee (born Alexandra Zuck in 1942) was the teen ideal.
    In 1950, her mother Mary married Eugene Douvan, who was 40 years her senior. While they were dating, he began fondling little Alexandra. She went with them on their honeymoon to Atlantic City, where they got in bed together with Alexandra sleeping in the middle. Her stepfather pretty soon was having sex with Alexandra. By the time she was 11, Alexandra knew it wasn't right.
    Her mother simply ignored what was going on. In 1956 her stepfather died, which left Alexandra devastated:

    In March 2006, Teri Hatcher first told that she had been molested for 3 years by her uncle, Richard Stone, starting when she was 5. Hatcher said she felt "shame" for getting in the car of her uncle, because she knew what would happen "Feeling the shame like you are at fault, it's something you did".
    Hatcher only decided to tell about the abuse, after she saw a video message from the family of Sarah Van Cleemput, who committed suicide at 14 years of age after being abused by the same paedophile. After she went to police, he pleaded guilty to 4 counts of child molestation in Sarah's case and was sentenced to 14 years in prison:

    As a child, Angela Shelton was molested by her father:
    He would lay out on this table, and me and my sister would have to use lotion, and he would show us how to do it and move our hands up and down. And I shouldn't know how to do that to my father, you know?
    Aside from being molested, he also beat the blank out of us. You know, we were bare butt, belts, the whole nine yards.
    Angela lived with her father from the time her parents divorced when she was 3.
    Her stepmother assisted her father in the abuse, and her stepsister Lisa was only 5 when her father would use physical objects like crayons to abuse her, instead of actual intercourse.

    For 5 years, the abuse went on, until one day in 1981 her stepbrother Stephen told his real father what Angela’s father was doing, who called Social Services. Angela's mother, JoAnn, was shocked. Angela's father was never criminally charged, because they didn’t press charges.
    Stephen had also been abused by Angela's father, and for 3 years Stephen also molested Angela and his own sister Lisa. Stephen later apologised to Angela, but according to Angela he isn’t to blame, because they were all victims:

    Eve Ensler is best known for her controversial play “The Vagina Monologues”, but she has also starred in a couple of movies.
    Ensler was sexually abused by her father for years, starting when she was 5:

    In 2009, actor, director, writer and producer Tyler Perry for the first time revealed details about the sexual, physical and mental abuse he suffered as a child.
    Tyler says he was 5 or 6 when he was molested for the first time. While building a birdhouse with an adult male neighbour, the man put his hands in Tyler’s pants. Tyler says: “And I felt my body betraying me, because I felt an erection at that age”.
    Tyler later endured sexual molestation at the hands of a male nurse and a man he knew from church:
    [The man from church] used God and the Bible against me to justify a lot of the things that were going on. It was so horrible. And that was my first sexual experience, with this man performing oral sex on me as a boy.
    When Tyler was only 10, he was also molested by the mother of a friend. Tyler was over at his friend’s house, when she came in the room wearing lingerie and after locking her son in the bathroom:
    I’m 10. And she says, ‘You want to go home?’ She lights a cigarette. She takes the key. She said, ‘Here’s the key.’ I come over to get it, and she puts it inside of herself and she tells me to get it. So I—I get the key, but I feel my body betraying me again because I felt an erection.
    She pulled me on top of her.
    Perry also suffered brutal physical and mental abuse at the hands of his father Emmitt Perry Sr. The random, violent beatings continued until Tyler was 19:

    By the time Tom Arnold was 4, his mother would often take off during the day and left Tom with the guy across the street.
    The babysitter called it ”a game” (including penetration) and at the end he gave Arnold a candy bar. Tom “knew it was strange at age 4. He would obviously touch me and do things to me and I knew that it hurt… I do remember having bleeding and my dad was concerned about that”.
    Tom felt ashamed that he took the candy, as he wasn’t allowed candy at his own house.

    According to Tom, the abuse lasted until he was 7. By then, the man was 22, and because he resisted more, he threatened Tom’s father:
    One day he had a gun and he pulled it out and came out to the front porch. My dad was getting out of his car, he [had just gotten] home from work. And [the man] said ‘I could shoot your dad between the eyes from here.’ And he could! It was like, across the street and so that was a warning to me.
    Ironically the ploy backfired, because Tom (7) felt the need to protect his father. So he got a hold of the gun of his dad, and the next day walked over to the house of his abuser with the gun, and shouted for him. Tom said that the abuse stopped after that (I’m not sure immediately) and that his parents divorced as his mother was having an affair.
    With the help of a private investigator, Arnold later found his abuser and confronted him at his office. Arnold felt pure joy as he did:

    Tom Arnold first spoke out about being sexually abused at the beginning of the 1990s. His then wife, Roseanne Barr, invented the story that she too had been sexually abused as a child.
    She later blamed the people around her that they didn’t stop her from telling this story. She almost admitted that she made this story up:
    (archived here:

    In reading these stories, I conclude that for the following reasons child victims don’t speak out:
    1) They don’t know that it’s wrong, especially when they’re young when the abuse happens. Some of them don’t even blame the abuser until later when they understand what happened.
    2) They don’t know who to turn to. This is especially problematic when their own parents are the abuser or push them into sex with powerful studio executives, directors or actors to further their career. Some of these children even get blamed for the abuse after they report what has happened.
    3) They feel ashamed about what’s happened, blaming themselves.
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    Do NOT ever read my posts.
    Google and Yahoo wouldn’t block them without a very good reason:

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    Roman Polanski: Robin M., Renate Langer

    Since August this year, 2 other women, besides Samantha Geimer and Charlotte Lewis, have publicly accused the famous movie director Roman Polanski of sexually abusing them when they were underage in the 1970s.

    First some more information about the Samantha Geimer case...
    In his autobiography, Roman, Polanski speaks openly about having sex with 15-year-old girls as a grown man. In 1979, Polanski said:
    Judges want to $#@! young girls. Juries want to $#@! young girls — everyone wants to $#@! young girls!
    In 1979, Polanski pleaded guilty to statutorily raping then-13-year-old Samantha Geimer (née Samantha Gailey).
    Polanski first gave her Champaign and then part of a Quaalude and urged her to go into the Jacuzzi and take off her underwear. He took a few pictures, before taking off his clothes and joining her.
    According to Polanski:
    We weren’t saying much now, and I could sense a certain erotic tension between us. (...)
    We dried ourselves and each other. She said she was feeling better. Then, very gently, I began to kiss and caress her. After this had gone on for some time, I led her over to the couch. There was no doubt about her experience and lack of inhibition. She spread herself and I entered her. She wasn’t unresponsive.
    During the trial, Judge Laurence J. Rittenband played a dubious role...
    Three days before Polanski would be sentenced, Rittenband invited Polanksi’s attorney Douglas Dalton and district attorney Robert Gunson to an off-the-record meeting in his chambers. Rittenband told the lawyers that he wanted to send Polanski to state prison on probation for a mental evaluation for a maximum of 90 days, and then would be released on time served. He asked Gunson and Dalton to present this plan to him as their own idea, which he would approve.
    Polanski went to state prison for his mental evaluation, and left after 42 days.
    Two days before Polanski’s official sentencing hearing, Rittenband called another private meeting with the lawyers. He said he would sentence Polanski a minimum of 48 days additionally, and then Polanski had to leave the country permanently (Polanski was born in Paris and didn’t have a US green card). He added the warning that he might sentence Polanski to 50 years in prison. Dalton reported this to Roman Polanski, who immediately took the plane to London, and then flew to Paris.
    Polanski has never returned to the USA, still lives in France, and has continued to make successful movies.

    In September of 2009, Polanski travelled to Switzerland to accept a lifetime achievement award at the Zurich film festival. He was detained at immigration, and placed into custody to await possible extradition to the US. After spending a little more than 2 months in Swiss jail, he made a $4.5 million bail and was placed under house arrest in his Swiss chalet. 138 prominent celebrities, including Martin Scorsese, David Lynch and Harrison Ford, signed a petition against his arrest. Whoopi Goldberg explained that Polanski had only pleaded guilty to “statutory rape”, not “rape-rape”.
    Switzerland ruled against extradition after and Polanski remained free.

    As an adult, Samantha Geimer wrote that she “personally” wanted that Polanski be allowed to come back to the USA without fear of being locked up for what he did to her, because:
    the publicity surrounding [the trial] was so traumatic that what he did to me seemed to pale in comparison. (...)
    If he could resolve his problems, I'd be happy. I hope that would mean I'd never have to talk about this again. Sometimes I feel like we both got a life sentence.
    In June 2017, Geimer requested that the state drop the charges against Polanski and the case resolved in his absence, which the Los Angeles judge denied:

    I don’t understand why Polanski can’t be tried in absentia, or how sentencing him could benefit him, but I’m no lawyer...

    In August of this year, because being outraged over the request by Geimer, Robin M. decided to speak out publicly about being sexually abused herself by Roman Polanski in 1973, when she was only 16. Robin explained that she only told one friend, and had not reported it to the authorities out of fear over the reaction of her father:
    The reason that I kept it to myself is because I didn’t want my father to do something that might cause him to go to prison for the rest of his life.
    Strangely, Robin claimed that she stepped forward with her story to support Samantha Geimer, while this is certainly not supporting Geimer’s request to drop the charges. Robin said:
    This infuriated me. I am speaking out now so that Samantha and the world will know that she is not the only minor Roman Polanski victimized.
    Robin declared that she’s willing to testify in court against Polanski in the Geimer case, but she can’t press charges herself, because of the statue of limitations in the USA:

    The former German model and actress Renate Langer has issued an official statement accusing Roman Polanski of raping her twice when she was only 15 years old in 1972. The report was filed to the Swiss police. Langer said that she had approached the Swiss police because she believed the statute of limitations would allow her complaint to be investigated. Switzerland has no statue of limitations on child sex-abuse cases, but the law limits prosecution in cases that happened many years ago. The police are determining whether she can pursue a criminal complaint.
    Langer claims that she was first abused by Polanski in February 1972 in a bedroom of his home in Gstaad, Switzerland, despite her protests.
    The director called her about a month later to apologise and offer her a role in his film “Che?”, which she accepted because he promised to treat her “professionally. Polanski raped her the second time in Rome after her work on the film was finished. Langer tried to defend herself by throwing a perfume bottle and a bottle of wine at him.

    Langer said she never reported the rapes to the police or told her friends or family because she didn’t want to upset her parents. Only years later, she told her boyfriend about it.
    She decided to take action now because she had read about how Robin M. came forward in August and because her parents are no longer alive, as her father died past summer and her mother 2 years ago:
    Do NOT ever read my posts.
    Google and Yahoo wouldn’t block them without a very good reason:

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    Sick people. SMDH.
    My website:

    "No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of another.” ~ Charles Dickens

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    Robert Downey Jr. Blows the Whistle on Elite Hollywood Pedophile Ring

    Actor names powerful elites connected to global pedophilia network
    By: Jay Greenberg

    Robert Downy Jr. has named major Hollywood elites connected to a global pedophile ring Movie star Robert Downey Jr. has made a shocking revelation and lifted the lid on a major Hollywood pedophile ring that connects powerful Elites "all over the globe".The Iron Man star has gone on the record to expose a huge network of pedophilia, prostitution, and human trafficking that involves a whole host of, what he calls, "sick f*cks".Not only has he named some well known Hollywood celebrities, but he's also ousted one of the most powerful people in America, who he says is a "Rosetta Stone of every perversion from Hwood all over the globe" and provides depraved services for "Arabs, Wall Street, DC, Royals, and Hollywood elites".Mr. Downey is one of a long line of stars to come forward to expose pedophilia in politics and the entertainment industry, but up to know, he's been the most forth coming with names and details.In a statement, he said one of his reasons is that he wants to "right some wrongs", adding: "I have no issue with ANYTHING people voluntarily do in their private life as long as it is consenting - (kids and animals cannot consent!), and NOT hurting another mentally or physically."Robert Downey Jr. stunning exposé states: I am a FORMER personal "friend" of a woman named Diana Jenkins. Doubt you know her, but she's the Rosetta Stone of every scandal and perversion from Hwood all over the globe. She's an Uber-wealthy divorcee whose hubby ran UK's Barclay's bank - and she ran the Arab investors for the bank! She's been running a high-class call girl/party-girl ring for Arabs, Wall Street, DC, Royals, and Hollywood elites. She's also a MAJOR philanthropist, arts supporter, political donor, and social hostess to EVERYONE. Her best Hwood pals include Sean Penn, Clive Davis[Whitney Houston's mentor], Ari Emanuel, George Clooney, Cindy Crawford, and her "little pet" named Hayden [Hayden "Leslie P" Panettiere]. Diana is the connector of wealthy Arabs and Asians and Athletes with Hwood actresses/models. She also is a sick and twisted b*tch. When Hayden and her own Mommy went on the outs, Diana Jenkins took that place in her life, by Hayden's choice.Leslie P. is not just a poor victim in this train wreck. Trust me. She's at LEAST 50% responsible (if not more) for encouraging, enabling, and at times even participating in her hubby's twisted $#@!ing life. Leslie's kinks cross the line into depravity, illegality, and inhuman sickness. As in Ryan ONeal, John Phillips, Tish Cyrus, and Dan Schnieder territory. (Far worse than Pimpa Joe Simpson!)She's not just had chances to stop it or walk away with the kids, but she elected to not protect her kids - and give in to the hedonistic sickness in her bedroom (all for her own greed). You think Dina Lohan is bad?It's easy to argue that Hayden is forever a victim which drives her own insane life choices - and I'm not a psychologist - but she has taken it further into becoming a willing perpetrator of it (and saying she loves it). Not just the physical and mental violence she enjoys, but her insatiable appetite for the most bizarre $#@! she can indulge in to "top" herself. She was offered help by some who genuinely cared for her and worried for her. She mocked them and tore off on her own streak. Now? She craves it and considers nothing taboo. NOTHING! Just ask Mario Lopez.

    Diana Jenkins is fairly unheard of, yet, she's one of the most powerful people in America. According to Jezebel, Robert Downey Jr. has also made allegations about the sexual perversions of actor turned Nickelodeon producer Dan Schneider and implications that Diana Jenkins' coffee table book Room 23 is actually a catalog of clients and call girls.He went on to follow up on his statement on a positive note by declaring that there are also good people in Hollywood and even gave a list of name of those who are "no saints" but are NOT pedophiles, saying: There are some AWESOME and GOOD people in Hollywood. Sadly, you don't get ink for being good. (That's twisted, yes I know).But consider Hwood as a microcosm of the world: Recall the Your Turn about the gross/sick teacher pedos? You knew TONS of them right? But imagine trying to list the GOOD and moral teachers? Would take forever.On the news, each day, all we hear are BAD THINGS and bad people. It's what sells and intrigues. We ALL love Blinds and gossip because we're human. Flawed, but human. Sometimes you just need to realize that Hwood is no more $#@!ed up than the rest of the world - we just get more coverage - in a 24/7 scandal cycle.So yes, a few awesome Hwood people I know personally: (They have flaws and are not perfect, but they are GREAT people who are the opposite of the other sick $#@!s)avid Kelley John Hughes (was the best) Natasha Gregson Wagner Bryan Lourd Neil Patrick Harris Jon Hamm Guy Ritchie Tommy Lee Jones Susanna Hoffs Kevin Kline & Phoebe Cates Drew Barrymore Steve Martin Rachel McAdams Bob Kosberg Sofia Coppola Zoe Cassavetes Moon Zappa Brad Pitt John Favreau Amber Heard Jerry Bruckheimer Molly Ringwald Tom Hanks Rob Reiner Susan Downey Will Staeger Miranda Cosgrove Seth Macfarlane Richard Lovett Johnny Depp Akiva Goldsman Alan Horn Elton John Kate Beckinsale Ron Meyer and yes...even Mel Gibson (faults and all.) And about 2,000 other people whose names you'd never recognize. They're not angels, and not perfect - neither am I. But they are REAL people who know what it means to be a real friend. :-)Who is Diana Jenkins?One of the major players in Robert Downey Jr. exposé was a woman named Daina Jenkins.Sanela Diana Jenkins is a Bosnian-born former refugee who was married to a top banker and former head of Barclays bank in the UK, Roger Allan Jenkins.According to Mr. Jenkins' Wikipedia page: In 2008 he played a key role in a £7.3 billion investment in Barclays made by the ruling families of Abu Dhabi and Qatar, and by the Qatari sovereign wealth fund. Since 2011 he has been a member of the Management Committee and Investment Committee of the Brazilian investment bank BTG Pactual.Estimates suggested that in 2005 Jenkins made somewhere between £40 million and £75 million, making him reputedly the highest paid banker in the City of London.Diana Jenkins has since divorced Roger Allen Jenkins and relocated to California where she has established herself as one of the most powerful and influential people in America, yet, has somehow remained in the shadows.She is a major investor and project stakeholder in the Clinton Foundation, and in March 2010, she raised more than $1 million for Bill and Hillary Clinton’s "charitable" organization.Ms. Jenkins was also named in the Congressional Pay-to-Play Clinton Foundation inquiry letter.It has also been alleged that she is connected to global human trafficking networks, and if what Mr. Downey is saying is correct, she may be one of the biggest players in the largest trafficking and pedophilia rings in the United States, if not the world.Robert Downey Jr. coming forward in this way has been an extremely brave move and a sign that the veil is slowly being lifted.In recent times, other celebrities such as Corey Haim, Corey Feldman, Brad Pitt, and Elija Wood, to name just a few, have spoken up to warn the public about the abuse that is being suffered at the hands of wealthy, powerful Elites.
    Read more at:
    © Neon Nettle
    My website:

    "No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of another.” ~ Charles Dickens

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    Who are Neon Nettle, did he seriously come out with this?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Raginfridus View Post
    Who are Neon Nettle, did he seriously come out with this?
    Looks legit.
    My website:

    "No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of another.” ~ Charles Dickens

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    They're also saying Vegas was a blood sacrifice by the illuminati...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Raginfridus View Post
    They're also saying Vegas was a blood sacrifice by the illuminati...
    In the article you referenced, they wrote it with quotes that he supposedly said. If he didn't say those things, he would sue the hell out of them, wouldn't you think?
    My website:

    "No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of another.” ~ Charles Dickens

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    Quote Originally Posted by donnay View Post

    Robert Downey Jr. Did NOT “Blow Whistle On Hollywood Pedophile Ring,” Despite Claim

    Robert Downery Jr. did not “blow the whistle” on a supposed “elite Hollywood pedophile ring,” despite an outrageous report. Gossip Cop can expose what’s going on with this misleading story.

    The website Neon Nettle, which mixes real news and fake, is falsely blaring in a headline, “Robert Downey Jr. Blows the Whistle on Elite Hollywood Pedophile Ring.” The accompanying article begins, “Movie star Robert Downey Jr. has made a shocking revelation and lifted the lid on a major Hollywood pedophile ring that connects powerful Elites ‘all over the globe.’ The Iron Man star has gone on the record to expose a huge network of pedophilia, prostitution, and human trafficking that involves a whole host of, what he calls, ‘sick f*cks.'”

    This is a complete lie. Downey has not “gone on the record” about anything related to pedophilia. If he had, media across the world would be covering it. But the only outlet making these assertions is this dubious site, which wrongly alleges, “Not only has he named some well known Hollywood celebrities, but he’s also ousted one of the most powerful people in America.” That’s also a lie Downey has not “ousted” anyone.

    “Mr. Downey is one of a long line of stars to come forward to expose pedophilia in politics and the entertainment industry, but up to know, he’s been the most forth coming with names and details,” claims the website, further contending, “In a statement, he said one of his reasons is that he wants to ‘right some wrongs.'” These are more lies. The actor did not release any kind of statement.

    The quotes to which the site refers are five-year-old comments from a blind-item gossip blog. At the time, unfounded rumors swirled on similar blogs that Downey could be behind the unsubstantiated posts, which were about alleged Hollywood sex scandals. It was never confirmed that the actor actually made any such comments, and no reputable press attributed the anonymous remarks to him. Now several years later, this outlet is not only using those old comments to unequivocally declare they were said by Downey, but is also further misrepresenting things by making readers think he only just this week made such claims.

    “Robert Downey Jr. coming forward in this way has been an extremely brave move and a sign that the veil is slowly being lifted,” adds the outlet. In actuality, the veil is being lifted on Neon Nettle, which has a disturbing history of publishing fake news linking celebrities to pedophilia. Earlier this month, for example, the site outright lied by falsely claiming Katy Perry said “sick pedophiles control the music industry.” Like Downey, she has said absolutely nothing about pedophilia in Hollywood. These stars are being wrongly and unfairly connected to a serious topic by a website looking for hits.
    Quote Originally Posted by Swordsmyth View Post
    The quality seems to have dropped significantly since I came here, I guess you get what you pay for.
    "There is always a tweet. That has become accepted fact in the Trump presidency: For every pronouncement the President makes, there is at least one tweet from his past that directly contradicts his current view." -CNN

    I am Zippy and I approve of this post. But you don't have to.

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    Quote Originally Posted by donnay View Post
    In the article you referenced, they wrote it with quotes that he supposedly said. If he didn't say those things, he would sue the hell out of them, wouldn't you think?
    I don't know. We'll see I guess...

    Is RD the source on illuminati $#@!? How do we know he isn't... one of them?

    @Zippyjuan who are gossipcop? Who gave them authority to police the web?

    This is why its always good to surface from the web, get drunk, get laid, get high... whatever else there is out there, because media is brain rot and crazier $#@! than we know is happening right now.

    Last edited by Raginfridus; 10-13-2017 at 08:02 PM.

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    Quote Originally Posted by donnay View Post
    In the article you referenced, they wrote it with quotes that he supposedly said. If he didn't say those things, he would sue the hell out of them, wouldn't you think?

    Robert Downey Jr. denies he is anonymous commenter spreading Hollywood dirt in blind items

    Robert Downey Jr.’s camp is denying widespread speculation that he is the anonymous commenter who has been spreading dark Hollywood rumors on the blind item website Crazy Days and Nights.

    Over the past month an anonymous commenter who goes by the name "Himmmm” has been dropping bombshells about bad behavior in Hollywood, detailing alleged starlet call-girl rings, pedophilia and rape.

    Several clues provided by the anonymous poster as to his identity, particularly that they had almost let addiction ruin their Hollywood career, led other commenters and websites to speculate that Himmmm was Downey Jr., who had publicly battled addictions for years.

    But this week, Alan Nierob, a rep for Downey Jr., is trying to put those rumors to rest.

    “Of course he isn't,” Nierob told when we asked whether his client was Himmmm.

    Nierob added that it will be up to the actor’s legal team to decide whether to press charges against the sites who are hosting the commenters who allege Downey Jr. is the anonymous commenter.
    Quote Originally Posted by Swordsmyth View Post
    The quality seems to have dropped significantly since I came here, I guess you get what you pay for.
    "There is always a tweet. That has become accepted fact in the Trump presidency: For every pronouncement the President makes, there is at least one tweet from his past that directly contradicts his current view." -CNN

    I am Zippy and I approve of this post. But you don't have to.

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