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Thread: Paedophilia in Hollywood

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    Fiona Barnett gone?

    I’ve looked for information on the whereabouts of Fiona Barnett (who has been reported “missing” several times)...
    Here’s part 1 of the documentary “Candy Girl” (already posted earlier in this thread):
    This is part 2 of “Candy Girl”:

    I found an interesting October 2015 story in 2 parts written by Barnett after her documentary – Candy Girl – was released. Fiona has repeatedly accused that she was (sexually) abused by an elite paedophile ring that also murdered victims. This ring included several high politicians and famous (Australian) actors, including the family of Nicole Kidman.

    Barnett describes being accused of murdering of the Nazi Peter Holowczak, who died in Sidney of a reported “suicide”, when Barnett was in Brisbane.
    Her therapist Nerida Saunders was stalked. The stalkers subsequently followed Fiona to her daughter’s primary school. Saunders reported this to the police.

    In May 2014, Barnett reported multiple crimes of child sex trafficking, abduction, rape and murder to the cops. Detective Terry Frost simply omitted many of the crimes involving perpetrators who have since died.

    60 Minutes discovered the identity of the man Fiona and her siblings called "Dr Mark" - Leonas Petrauskas. Fiona’s Nazi grandmother was Lithuanian and friends with Petrauskas, who was involved in the ritual abuse.
    One woman told Barnett, she was another victim of Petrauskas, who referred her for deep sleep treatment with Harry Bailey at the Chelmsford private hospital.
    The researchers of 60 Minutes found another perpetrator — a woman who assisted Petrauskas while he performed an abortion on Fiona. This woman had also murdered a young male surfer at a remote Kurnell beach:,8248

    On 24 December 2014, Fiona Barnett was forced to surrender her license to carry a gun or face possible criminal charges.
    Her next door neighbour threatened Barnett with the words "I should have killed that dog! I’m gonna kill that dog!" (he was referring to Barnett’s dog).
    At this instance, Fiona was helped by her friend and ex-police officer, Amanda Prosser, who intervened and made her neighbour leave her property. Prosser called the police:,8292

    When I searched for more information on Amanda Gabriel Prosser, the trail led back to a member of Amanda Gabriel; that is (or was?) Prosser...

    Here’s Prosser’s facebook page, where on 15 September 2014 a story on Anthony Kidman dying oversees was posted:
    The next post is 25 January 2016, with a link to a story in which Fiona Barnett isn’t even mentioned:

    The last posts by Amanda Gabriel with the keyword “Fiona” were made in November 2015:

    See quotes from her 2 posts on 2 and 8 November 2015.
    Our Friend Fiona Barnett is now in hiding after having her life threatened yesterday. As I was speaking on a live radio interview Fiona was making Police statements in Sydney. She was followed by two people she refers to as "thugs" and has retreated into hiding for her safety.

    She was run off the road while driving a few days earlier. For anyone who has been introduced to Fiona via her Child Abuse information and evidence - you will know she is extremely courageous.

    Fiona Barnett is safe at home. She was intimidated and harassed by "thugs" who were no doubt "employed" to frighten her. She had to actually run and hide and avoid two cars that were following and circling. I am sure in time Fiona will share the details.

    The other positive aspect is that Fiona has provided a Police statement to Sydney (NSW Australia) detectives. The information and evidence is relevant to her recent mainstream media press address - what transpired was that Police took notice and acted.

    Fiona now has a gag order in place - so she can no longer speak publicly about the information and evidence that has been included in her Police statement.

    This could explain that since November 2015 not much has been heard of Fiona Barnett, but I fear that something terrible has happened...
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    NXIVM sex cult – Roger Stone, Bronfman, Rothschild

    According to some “alternative media” the NXIVM sex cult scandal of Keith Raniere and actress Allison Mack, which is now at the centre of a criminal probe into child sex trafficking, is covered up, because of its connection to the Clintons:

    Keith Raniere and Allison Mack have both been arrested.

    Maybe you’ve heard of Donald Trump’s unofficial advisor Roger Stone, who’s also connected to mass shooting magnet Sheriff Scott Israel, Roy Cohn, Paul Manafort and...
    Roger Stone was paid by NXIVM to do an audit.

    Roger Stone said it was evident that the NXIVM operation was bankrolled in large part by the Bronfman sisters, Sara and Clare Bronfman, heiresses to the multimillion-dollar Seagram's alcohol fortune.

    Raniere’s organization also hired Doug Rutnik, father of Democratic Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, as a lobbyist. When Rutnik resigned, he signed a nondisclosure agreement:

    Some women complained that Dr. Danielle Roberts burned brands on their lower abdomens during their initiations into a secret sorority within NXIVM.

    Raniere has earlier been accused of sex abuse involving girls as young as 12.
    The majority of funding for NXIVM, over $150 million, came from the trust funds of Sara and Clare Bronfman.

    The Bronfman family has very close ties to the Rothschild banking dynasty, with members of both families belonging to many of the same companies, including their joint financial firm, Bronfman & Rothschild.
    At Bronfman & Rothschild, Donald Trump’s, the Clinton's and Jeffrey Epstein’s friend, “Lady” Lynn Forester de Rothschild, is on the Board of Directors:

    See Lynn Forester, with Andrew stein, and their good friend Donald Trump.
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    In 1990, 1991 a 12-year-old girl, whose mother was a saleswoman for Raniere's Consumers' Buyline Inc., was sexually abused about 60 times over the course of several months by the then 29/30-year-old Keith Raniere (after he'd offered to tutor her in Algebra and Latin).
    In 1993, about two years after their relationship ended, she complained to the cops. The cops refused to investigate, because the 12-year-old girl refused to wear a wire to frame Raniere.

    In 1984, the then 24-year-old Raniere had a four-month sexual affair with the 15-year-old Gina Melita. He took her virginity in a dark room. During their relationship, he hounded the 135-pound girl to lose weight and urged her to keep their relationship a secret.

    Before Melita left Raniere's life, in 1984, she introduced him to her 15-year-old friend Gina Hutchinson.
    In December 1984, around the time of Gina's 16th birthday, her older sister Heidi discovered Gina was having sex with Raniere. Heidi was home from college and Raniere crawled through the window of her sister's bedroom.
    Gina died in 2002, aged 33, reportedly by shooting herself in her head.

    Raniere once organised a training session, where he told the students, including Toni Natalie, that mothers in some developing nations perform oral sex on their children to soothe them.
    Natalie claimed Raniere raped her when she refused to have sex with him, before she left in 1999:
    (archived here:

    Keith Raniere was arrested by Mexican federal police in a gated luxury community in Puerto Vallarta, end March, beginning April.
    Raniere was surrounded by adoring women, including actresses Nicki Clyne of Battlestar Galactica and Allison Mack of Smallville.

    The “slaves” were not only expected to please their master, but also to recruit more slaves.

    Chet Hardin witnessed a meeting between Nicki Clyne and Ally Mack and former Troy Mayor Harry Tutunjian about setting up a non-profit in Troy related to NXIVM. The actresses began hanging out with Hardin’s friends.
    Hardin knew about their donations to Hillary Clinton and close connections to Rensselaer County politicians.

    NXIVM have used the services of the following prominent political figures: Roger Stone (Republican dirty trickster and long-time Trump advisor); Steve Pigeon (ally of Gov. Andrew Cuomo); Alphonse D’Amato (former US Senator); and Jack Casey (former Rensselaer County Republican Party Chairman).

    According to Toni Natalie (who left NXIVM left in 1999), NXIVM is responsible for the death of Kristin Snyder, who took a 16-day NXIVM course in Alaska and then disappeared. Authorities ruled her death a “suicide “ (where have I heard that before?):

    Actress India Oxenberg joined the NXVIM cult. India's mother, Catherine Oxenberg, is the daughter of Princess Elizabeth of Yugoslavia; Catherine also starred in Dynasty.
    India Oxenberg's father, William Weitz Shaffer, pleaded guilty to smuggling $50 million worth of illegal drugs into the US from Thailand.

    In 2017, both Christina Oxenberg and Shaffer told they fear for the well-being of their daughter, India Oxenberg, while she is in NXIVM.
    Christina Oxenberg said:
    And I feel like she's easy prey, I think she's in danger. My heart is broken. I want my daughter back and I won't stop until I get her.
    Former NXIVM member Sarah Edmondson, told about how women were branded and that she had to hand over naked photos and other compromising material to her “master” - Lauren Salzman – to keep her obedient.
    According to Frank Parlato, former PR writer for NXIVM:
    India's being tortured and being held there with blackmail. She’s a victim.

    See Donald Trump with Christina Oxenberg (sister of Catherine).
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    Rose McGowan

    Rose McGowan as an actress is maybe best known for starring in the TV-series Charmed for years.

    These days she is probably best known as one of the women that accused film producer Harvey Weinstein of sexual assault. Weinstein claims that the sex was consensual.
    McGowan claims that after she was assaulted by Weinstein in 1997, she got $100,000 to settle her accusations of rape.

    McGowan claims that last year, through her lawyer, she was offered $1 million hush money, to sign a nondisclosure agreement.
    McGowan tells that she thought about this:
    I figured I could probably have gotten him up to three. But I was like — ew, gross, you’re disgusting, I don’t want your money, that would make me feel disgusting.

    In January, Rose McGowan published her memoirs “Brave” in which she refers to Weinstein as “the Monster” (for legal reasons she didn’t use his name)…
    McGowan claims to have told A-list actor Ben Affleck about the sexual assault.

    Quote Originally Posted by Firestarter
    Actress Rose McGowan also spent some years of her childhood in “The children of God” in Italy. She confirms the sexual activity, but was never molested because her father protected her (he was the head of the chapter), before her family escaped:
    McGowan writes in her book that as a child she was physically abused by the leaders of The Children of God, and that:
    I saw an 11-year-old girl being forced to sit next to a naked man, with his floppy d**k on his leg. They made her sit between his legs so he could ‘massage’ her back.

    At 15, McGowan appeared as an extra in the film Class of 1999; one of the "very famous" men involved in the film called her up to his hotel room and sexually assaulted her:
    It all happened so fast. He promptly pulled down my shirt and fondled my breasts. Of course, it was me who felt dirty and ashamed…
    It didn’t occur to me to say anything. For years I thought of the incident as a sexual experience versus sexual assault. Later, when I became an adult, I realized that it actually was assault.
    McGowan soon realised that Hollywood:
    that town is really built on sickness. Very early on I looked at the power structure, the figureheads, the silence, the closed ranks. Nobody tells. It operates like a cult.

    (archived here:
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    Quote Originally Posted by Firestarter View Post
    This could explain that since November 2015 not much has been heard of Fiona Barnett, but I fear that something terrible has happened...
    Last month a video was uploaded by Sgt report, featuring Fiona Barnett:

    I’m not sure, but my impression is that the Fiona Barnett in this video is younger, has less wrinkles and has a different nose...
    The voice is very similar, but the Fiona in the video has almost no facial expression.
    What’s up with that cap? That could be to hide how she looks!

    Judge for yourself...
    The first picture is Fiona in October 2015 (so almost 3 years ago).
    The second is (a blow up of) a screenprint from the posted video...

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    Actress Tatum O’Neal recently posted on Instagram about the repeated sexually abuse she suffered as a child star by older men.

    O’Neal is the youngest person to win an Oscar aged 10 playing opposite her father Ryan O’Neal in 1973’s “Paper Moon”.

    She said both her mother, the late actress Joanna Moore, and her father struggled with addiction: “When your parents are off getting drunk or high, they are not watching what happens to their children”.

    In her 2004 autobiography “A Paper Life”, O’Neal wrote she was molested by a family acquaintance aged 6 and by her father’s drug dealer when she was 12.
    She has added that she was once assaulted by a friend of her father’s and on another occasion her mother’s boyfriend tried to rape her:

    Here’s Tatum O’Neal’s Instagram post:
    M O O D!! I am a woman and i have been sexually assaulted more than once !! It was not my fault when i was 5, 6 12 , 13 , 15. - All by older men who i thought were safe ! I rarely have known safety and was always blamed for for the assaults and,my loudness , and curiosity. It’s taken in me almost 55 years to know how to advocate for myself

    But I learn fast and here I go!! To see the president of US.Mock a woman, let alone a sexual assault victim. We’ve sunk to a depth of depravity that I never thought the president of the United States could ever sink to you. With uproarious laughter for someone who was assaulted at 15 years old. Whether it was 35 years ago to a 75-year-old man at 15 I remember everything !!

    But we , victims the victim of sexual Assault,or violence,must NOT put down our armor.It’s time to fight for one another and each other in this dark time ! America We can do better - we will be better!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Firestarter View Post
    Brock Pierce is mostly ignored in all the stories about the sexual abuse. At 17, Pierce was making $250,000 a year from DEN (it is apparently quit profitable to run a child prostitute ring).

    Brock Pierce’s bio says he is co-founder of GoCoin, ExpressCoin, and Robocoin Asia. He is described as "a prolific angel investor" who has raised more than $200 million on behalf of his companies and led more than 30 acquisitions during his career.
    Pierce is also an active supporter of non-profit and advocacy organizations and is a member of Clinton Global Initiative. So here’s another connection between the Clinton Foundation and a known paedophile:
    Steve Bannon that has a history in the investment bank Goldman Sachs, George Soros, and was the campaign manager and chief strategist for Donald Trump's succesfull bid for US president.

    In 2006 Bannon became a member of the board of directors for the company of Brock Pierce – Internet Gaming Entertainment (IGE). Bannon convinced Goldman Sachs to invest $60 million in IGE. One of the brands of IGE was World of Warcraft.
    In 2007 World of Warcraft was accused of “substantially impairing players’ enjoyment”. IGE took his hands off World of Warcraft and renamed itself Affinity Media. At the same time Bannon took over as CEO for Pierce (that stayed on the board of directors as vice chairman).
    In 2012 Bannon quit Affinity Media to join Breitbart: ... Gizmodo%29
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    In January 2018, former Disney child star Bella Thorne revealed on Instagram that she had been sexually abused when she was 6 to 14 years of age:
    I was sexually abused and physically growing up from the day I can remember till I was 14, when I finally had the courage to lock my door at night and sit by it.
    More recently, Thorne published a book and in an interview said:
    Getting molested — for f*cking — from when you’re six to your 14, seems like way harder circumstances. You’re being physically abused all the time. Seems like a much more difficult situation than f*cking having paparazzi following you since you were 12. I was still being molested when paparazzi were still f*cking following me.

    Starting at 24:28 in the following video.

    What is missing in Bella Thorne´s story is more information, like for example who molested her.
    I would normally wouldn´t pay attention to the following story, dated 3 July 2012, about 14-year-old Bella Thorne “sleeping with producer”:
    She also knows that men find her attractive and she also knows that she loves being on television and in movies and is afraid it will all go away so to get the role that has made her famous she has been having sex with the producer. It is not an everyday thing. All the same it is illegal. The problem is no one is talking. The parents know, but like I said, they want the checks.
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    I hope all pedophiles get hit by a truck and they get obliterated.
    "Perhaps one of the most important accomplishments of my administration is minding my own business."

    Calvin Coolidge

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    Disney, Westmoreland, Michael Laney

    On 13 December 2018, Stoney Westmoreland, 48, who played Henry “Ham” Mack in the Disney sitcom “Andy Mack” was arrested in Utah after he contacted a 13-year-old boy on the LGBT dating app Grindr.
    In reality the profile for the boy was operated by a cop in Salt Lake City.

    Westmoreland sent pornographic pictures of himself to the boy, asked him for nude photos in return and have sex with him.
    When he was in a ride-sharing service, on his way to meet the boy, allegedly planning to take him back to his hotel room for some intimate moments, the Salt Lake City Police Department and FBI Child Exploitation Task Force arrested Westmoreland.

    Disney channel released a statement that they had fired Westmoreland immediately upon hearing of his arrest.

    Stoney Westmoreland has previously acted in the “Godzilla” movie and on TV episodes of “Scandal and “Breaking Bad:

    In June, Michael Laney, 73, former vice president of Walt Disney Pictures and Television and Senior Vice-President of Warner Bros. Feature Animation, was sentenced to 6 years and 9 months for the sexual abuse of a 7 year-old girl.

    Laney repeatedly abused the girl starting in 2009, when she was about 7 years old, and the molestation continued for about 2 years. The girl had first reported the abuse in 2017 in Washington.

    Another victim claimed that Laney had sexually abused her in 2007 when she lived in Portland, but the court decided that there isn’t sufficient evidence to support her claims beyond a reasonable doubt.

    Michael Laney was also president of the “Children’s Wonderland, Inc.” that operated 14 day-care centers in California, Connecticut and Colorado:
    (archived here:
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    The Jeffrey Epstein story gets stranger and stranger...
    Babi Christina Engelhardt was once a personal assistant to Jeffrey Epstein. She has also partied with Saudi arms dealer Adnan Khashoggi.

    What makes this so strange is that when she was a sixteen-year-old model, Christina Engelhardt gave 41-year-old Woody Allen her phone number in Elaine’s restaurant in New York City.
    Allen soon called her to invite her to his Fifth Avenue penthouse. Within weeks, they'd become physically intimate.
    Engelhardt didn’t tell him his age but she did tell she was still in high school living with her family, while she pursued her modelling career.

    Engelhardt said that her sexual relationship with Allen continued for 8 years and included regular threesomes with other women, including Mia Farrow.

    Actress Stacey Nelkin had an affair with the 42-year-old Woody Allen, when she was a 17-year-old student at Stuyvesant High School (1977). Nelkin actually spoke in Allen’s defence after he was (again) accused of molesting Mia Farrow’s daughter Dylan:

    Quote Originally Posted by Firestarter View Post
    Here are Woody Allen, Soon-Yi and Jeffrey Epstein walking around in New York, 2014.

    Mia Farrow was married to Woody Allen and found out that Woody was sexually interested in her child Dylan (later named Malone). When Dylan was 4 years old: Woody was applying suntan lotion to her nude body and began rubbing his finger in the crack between her buttocks. Mia forbade Woody to ever be alone again with Dylan.
    In August 1992 Woody had been alone with the 7-year-old Dylan in the attic for some 15 minutes. Dylan later said that Woody had touched her “private part”. A French tutor for the family told the police that she found Dylan without underpants under her sundress. Another babysitter told police that 1 day earlier, she saw Woody with his head on Dylan’s lap in a sexual way. Mia took Dylan to the paediatrician that reported it to the police (the doctor found out that Dylan was still “intact”):
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    Demi Moore recently released her biography “Inside Out” and gave an interview with Diane Sawyer on “Good Morning America”. Moore is the ex-wife of Ashton Kutcher, the good friend of the brother-in-law of Ivanka Trump, Joshua Kushner.

    She made some shocking allegations in her book, including that she was severely addicted to drugs and alcohol.
    The most relevant within the context of this thread, is that Demi Moore is another famous actress, who claims she was sexually abused when she was a girl.

    Demi Moore describes that her late mother was an alcoholic, who would bring her pretty young daughter to bars to attract men.
    She was raped when she was 15 by a man; in the book, Moore writes:
    It was rape. And a devastating betrayal, revealed by the man’s cruel question: how does it feel to be whored by your mother for $500?

    See the interview with Demi Moore (starting at 4:00 is the section, where she tells about the rape).

    The following video seems to confirm the drugs and alcohol problems. In 1982, The 19-year-old Demi Moore repeatedly kisses the 15-year-old Philip Tanzini (her General Hospital co-star) on the mouth at his birthday party.
    Demi looks severely drunk and/or stoned and under some form of severe mind control. Also note that “Somewhere over the rainbow” from the Wizzard of Oz is played, which has been reported as THE anthem for mind control slaves.
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