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Thread: Predictions for 2017

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    Default Predictions for 2017

    -When we hit the debt ceiling in March, republicans will re-suspend it and use the bogus excuse that the money is already spent (hey, it worked for Obama).

    -When we hit the debt ceiling republicans will re-suspend it while calling for a "constitutional amendment for a balanced budget".

    -Democrats will have a change of heart and be opposed to big deficits.

    -Republicans will pass a 10 year budget that cuts trillions. Well not exactly. It'll be trillions less than they were planning to spend originally. And all the "cuts" will be in years 8, 9, and 10. The first few years will be big spending increases.

    -When the economy crashes conservative voices will blame Obama, despite the fact that none of them saw the crash anywhere on the horizon.

    -When the economy crashes democrats will blame Trump and capitalism.

    -As the economy goes downhill, conservative voices will abandon Trump, they'll say we should've elected a true conservative.

    -After 8 years Zippy will suddenly find problems in the economy.
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