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Thread: A Rabbit Hole on This Horrible Election

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    A Rabbit Hole on This Horrible Election

    Listen, I don’t like Trump either, and I wouldn’t support him. But I am so over the self-righteousness of those who hate him, namely Hillary supporters. The anti-trump hysteria is 100% media influenced and so outrageously hypocritical, I don’t even know where to begin. How high and mighty can you possibly get supporting a woman who starves children to death by the hundreds of thousands to serve her criminal friends in the arms industry?

    See, the military industrial complex desperately wants Hillary to get elected for various reasons, and they’ve done EVERYTHING in their power, spending millions of dollars, to make us hate and fear Donald Trump. Her supporters should be aware of this and also understand that they’ll be voting for a someone who, under very troubling circumstances, reduced the sentence of a man who beat up and raped a 12-year-old girl and was recorded laughing about it on two separate occasions.

    Some of us knew about this long before it was brought up in any debates. The mainstream media scrambled to deny it, and too many people accept what they hear on CNN at face value, when these organizations constantly lie, cover up and censor the truth. Whether it’s right wing FOX or left wing MSNBC, these are the WORST sources of information. They all work for the same institutions, with the same agenda, and they never have to back their claims about key issues with evidence you can access and examine “because national security”.

    So please allow me and some other activists to share the details and evidence with you because the story is ABSOLUTELY TRUE and her actions are indefensible. Not to mention she voted for every war and sanctions that starved 576,000 children to death in Iraq. She actually PREVENTED AID from being sent by churches in the US. There was no tactical reason for this. She just let them die, and guess what…. SO DID BERNIE (sorry guys). We’re talking about little babies, toddlers, preschoolers… You should check out some of the pictures of their little bones poking through their skin, then ask yourself who you’re supporting, way up there on your horse. What if those were your kids?

    Hillary (or Killary if you want) is all the way in bed with the top 1%, the most destructive criminal corporations, and the most barbaric foreign dictators. She received $20 million from the Saudis, who not only finance terrorism, but routinely stone women to death, punish rape victims with HUNDREDS of lashes, and execute homosexuals. She’s also taken money from animals involved in drug trafficking and child prostitution. She attacked women who accused her husband of rape and sexual misconduct, her husband who flew dozens of times on a plane for underage prostitutes, which belonged to convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

    Social and moral contradictions aside, few people in politics are more corrupt or have more blood on their hands than Hillary Clinton. It is BAT $#@! CRAZY to me that so many can be tricked into spending so much of their time and energy on hate for her opponent, because he said mean and gross things like he always has. It’s amazing to me that to this day, so many talented and intelligent people can be manipulated by fear propaganda and the “lesser of two evils” myth. WE ARE SMARTER THAN THIS.

    Look, it takes an hour and a half to learn what kind of a monster Hillary is, and thankfully all of the evidence is compiled in this video by journalist, human rights activist and author Ry Dawson:
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=neHquwC584I (part 1 of 11)
    Dawson has been the target of vicious attacks in the past, like anyone who speaks the truth about our empire. But all you have to do is hear him out to know that he is genuine and his information is extremely important and well researched. He has appeared on Russia Today, Press TV, CNN, MSNBC, The Daily Show, and Al Jazeera.

    I am here to tell you as a friend with your best interests at heart that this woman is nothing short of demonic, and you should understand who you’re supporting. Just review the evidence and decide for yourself. It’s an hour and a half to help you make an informed decision.
    I don’t believe anyone in their right mind could stomach voting for her if even 5% of what’s presented in this video is true, and all of it is verifiable. I also strongly recommend watching Dawson’s breakdown of the debates where he deconstructs every lie from both candidates, and dirty tactics used by the moderators. It’s very enlightening (be sure to watch for captions in the lengthy debate clips):
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TO8B03m1O84 (1st debate)
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TaCi7VcAqE0 (2nd debate)

    Going over this carefully could change your views on politics forever (something we should always be open to), or at the very least, force you to ask a very important question; how is it possible that this person is even allowed to run for president, or that these are the options being presented to us? We are talking about a truly sick monster here.
    None of these puppets are who they appear to be. They have very expensive script writers, publicists and coaches working in teams using the most sophisticated psychological tactics. They’re slime bags and we shouldn’t vote for ANY OF THEM.


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    Stock markets have gone up. Trump has decommissioned his Foundation. I have an eggnog headache.

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    I agree that the visceral reaction to Trump by what to my eyes have seemed otherwise rational, intelligent, and decent people, makes no good sense.

    The fact is that we were going to get either the Donald or DragSatan. There was no other possibility in a nation as hamstrung in blind stupidity as is America this day. So the question boiled down to which was less undesirable and Trump won that issue. Rather than wasting one's time with howling and whining, work as best you can within the context of current reality. I, for one, am willing to give him latitude for a time. Would I have preferred Ron Paul? You bet. But that was NEVER going to happen. The Donald is about the best for which we could have hoped, which is a very sad and tragic statement.

    My main concerns with Trump do not lie along the lines of his intentions, for I have no basis to believe he hates America or Americans - though I cannot entirely rule out the possibility that he is a mole planted in the midst of the American political reality to carry out Theire plans. But if he is, there is nothing I can personally do about it, so I see no reason to waste my time kvetching about it.

    The concerns I hold revolve around the tyranny of good intentions. Will he turn into a tyrant, or will he curb himself? We do not yet know. Thus far, however, he has done nothing that is as egregious as that done by his last 3-4 predecessors. Therefore, I'd say that up until today we have felt no strong surges against liberty; something we almost certainly would not have been able to say, had DragSatan won the election. Rather than complaining about the way Trump wipes his bottom, we should be glad for the reprieve, however fleeting it may prove, and make what efforts we can to help steer things in even better directions.

    I will repeat unto thy nausea that it took us 229 years to come to this sorry pass, and it came mostly in dribs and drabs. Short of the Reset occurring, Liberty will be restored in like fashion, most likely. The Bowel Movement needs to get a grip on itself, and some sense of patience and sticky diligence. The "left" may be ignorant ill-adepts, but they work their agenda with faith and patience those of the Bowel Movement seem to lack. That is the guarantee of failure that give the lefties something to think about when in mid-coitus they need something to supercharge the copulation. Few things will get one so hard as the scent of victory in the air, knowing you're on the winning team. The men and women of the Bowel Movement are not on the winning team. That's a REALLY big hint.
    Through lives and lives shalt thou pay, O' king.

    "It’s just interesting to note how constant government oppression can kill people’s fighting spirit." - Withur We

    Pray for reset.

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