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Thread: Washington's Meddling in Foreign Elections

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    Washington's Meddling in Foreign Elections

    Washington's Meddling in Foreign Elections
    jacob g. hornberger :

    [L]et’s review some of the US government’s history of meddling with elections in others countries.

    1. In 1953, the CIA secretly fomented a violent coup in Iran, which succeeded in ousting Mossadegh from power and making the Shah of Iran the supreme unelected dictator of the country. To fortify the Shah’s dictatorial hold on power, the CIA helped organize and train the his domestic police force, the Savak … Part of the CIA’s training involved teaching Savak agents the art of torture. For the next 26 years, the Iranian people suffered under one of the most brutal and tyrannical dictatorships in the world

    2. In 1951, the Guatemalan people democratically elected a man named Jacobo Arbenz … In 1954 … the CIA fomented a violent military coup that succeeded in removing Arbenz from power and replacing him with one of the most brutal unelected military dictators in Latin American history … Carlos Castillo Armas. … The CIA’s destruction of Guatemala’s democratic system threw the nation into a 30-year civil war that ended up killing millions of Guatemalan people, especially many of the poor.

    3. In 1960 a man named Patrice Lamumba was elected Congo’s first prime minister after independence from Belgium. … The CIA orchestrated the assassination of Lamumba, which ended up taking place on January 17, 1961 …

    4. In 1970 a man named Salvador Allende received a plurality of votes in the presidential election in Chile. Pursuant to the Chilean constitution, the election was thrown into the national congress. ... The CIA attempted to bribe members of the congress to vote against Allende. It also orchestrated the kidnapping of the head of Chile’s armed forces, Gen Rene Schneider … The kidnapping attempt on Schneider left him dead. The CIA then fomented a coup that took place on 9/11 1973 that violently ousted Allende from power and left him dead. Replacing him was army Gen. Augusto Pinochet, one of the most brutal unelected military dictators in history. By the time Pinochet’s 17-year reign of military terror came to an end in 1990, he and his CIA-supported goons had incarcerated, raped, tortured, or killed tens of thousands of innocent people … with the full support of the CIA, Pentagon, Nixon, and his “national security” team.

    Of course, there are also the more recent support of regime-change operations that ousted democratically elected presidents … such as in Ukraine and Egypt. … And then there is the long list of countries where unelected dictators were targeted for regime change … and … replaced with a brutal unelected pro-US dictator. …

    Known CIA Coups:

    Washington organized "color revolutions" and attempted "color revolutions":
    "Let it not be said that we did nothing." - Dr. Ron Paul. "Stand up for what you believe in, even if you are standing alone." - Sophie Magdalena Scholl
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    Washington Latest Election Meddling/Regime Change Color Revolution: Confirmed US Interference in Thailand's Upcoming elections

    Washington is attempting to rush elections in Thailand in hopes of returning their proxy [convicted criminal and fugitive] Thaksin Shinawatra and his Pheu Thai Party (PTP) to power. ...

    the United States government through the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) is funding media organisations like Prachatai which promote daily protests and demands for immediate elections. ...

    Supposed rights advocates like Fortify Rights (page 20, .pdf), iLaw, Thai Lawyers for Human Rights (TLHR), Cross Cultural Foundation, Thai Netizen Network and Isaan Record are also all funded by the US government via NED and have not only contributed toward attempts to manufacture dissent, but have also led small protests in the streets themselves ...

    US-funded TLHR has repeatedly led anti-government protests demanding elections while concurrently representing fellow protesters in court cases, calling into question the supposed impartiality his organisation claims to represent. Protesting alongside Nampa are members of Thaksin Shinawatra’s own street front, the United Front for Democracy Against Dictatorship (UDD) also known as red shirts. ... The UDD red shirts have committed serial acts of violence and terrorism including gunning down two shopkeepers while committing widespread arson and looting in 2009, the use of some 300 heavily armed militants during protests in 2010 which led to nearly 100 deaths and also ended in widespread arson and looting, bombings including that of a Bangkok hospital and a terrorist campaign aimed at anti-Shinawatra protesters in 2014 that left nearly 30 dead.With the reemergence of Shinawatra’s red shirts on the streets, observers have warned that violence is imminent. ...

    Yet despite this, efforts by the Thai government to arrest leaders and prevent another round of instability and violence have been decried by the US government and its European partners as well as US-funded fronts like Prachatai, TLHR, Fortify Rights and their partners in corporate foundation funded fronts .. representing concerted foreign meddling in Thailand’s internal political affairs are setting the conditions for another attempt at violently subverting Thailand’s stability and political order.

    This reflects a similar pattern seen elsewhere around the globe where the US pressures nations into holding elections Washington is confident its proxies can win. Should those elections fail to place Washington’s proxies into power, or be delayed, the US then organises increasingly disruptive street protests, then violence, before more directly involving itself in “regime change.” ...

    That an entire opposition movement exists in Thailand solely because of the money and directives of the United States and their proxy Thaksin Shinawatra, is an example of the blatant and extensive political interference Washington is engaged in around the globe ... the US is creating entire opposition movements, from media platforms to street fronts to lawyers designated to defend members of the movement ...

    For nations like Thailand facing extensive US meddling, one possible recourse might be to take pages from Washington’s own rhetoric and punitive measures aimed at Russia, and apply them to US efforts aimed at Bangkok. Vigorous laws targeting US-funded fronts in Thailand posing as nongovernmental organisations modeled after laws the US itself has created and used against Russian media could be one example of this. ...

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    "Let it not be said that we did nothing." - Dr. Ron Paul. "Stand up for what you believe in, even if you are standing alone." - Sophie Magdalena Scholl
    "War is the health of the State." - Randolph Bourne "Freedom is the answer. ... Now, what's the question?" - Ernie Hancock.

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