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Thread: Whiskey Rebellion Event - 22 Oct 2016 - Afton, Virginia

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    Whiskey Rebellion Event - 22 Oct 2016 - Afton, Virginia

    Saturday, October 22 at 12 PM - 7 PM

    Silverback Distillery
    9374 Rockfish Valley Highway, Afton, Virginia 22920

    For those that are FB-enabled:

    Join us for our first ever release of Blackback Honey Rye Whiskey and celebrate the Whiskey Rebellion!
    -Food from The SpiceSea Gourmet
    -Live music from The Folly (2-5)
    -262 Cigars
    -Specialty cocktails including The Smoked Old Fashioned
    -Whiskey Rebellion T-shirts for sale to benefit small business freedom in Virginia
    Proceeds of shirt sales go to fund Restoring Economic Fundamentals PAC:


    In response to repeatedly bearing witness to the influence of the beer and wine lobby and its devastating impact on legislation that precludes the potential for the parity that is critical for distillers, like Silverback, in the Commonwealth of Virginia, Denver Riggleman has created the bipartisan political action committee, Restoring Economic Fundamentals (REF). After seeing the bank roll of the beer, wine, restaurant lobbyists chart a narrow path of legislation that cripples the ability for other small businesses to flourish and themselves become economic powers that anchor and support the communities that surround them. REF is the vehicle with which we aim to reach out to citizens and send a powerful message to legislators that voting on principle must be paramount and supersede the ruling influence of high dollar donors with exclusionary interests.

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    Kind of funny . You have a govt taxed distillery , or in those days the competition celebrating the people that did not want to pay the tax.
    Do something Danke

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    Quote Originally Posted by oyarde View Post
    Kind of funny . You have a govt taxed distillery , or in those days the competition celebrating the people that did not want to pay the tax.
    Is this significantly different than taxed individuals celebrating the people that didn't want to pay the tax in the Tea Party?

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    Forgive my shameful ignorance, but I must ask: what prompted governmental taxation and regulation of distillation? My first thought would be that it was to get in on the ground floor of a good government scam. But what would have been the real reasons, vis-ŕ-vis the stated for both taxation and, more importantly to me, regulation (licensing and so forth)?
    Through lives and lives shalt thou pay, O' king.

    Pray for reset.

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    I think I might be the ignorant one here, I'm not sure I'm getting your point. If it's merely "taxation and licensing are bad," we're in agreement here. The Whiskey Rebellion event is a fundraiser for a Virginia PAC that aims to reduce both. I don't know the founder (Riggleman), but I know two other guys that are involved with the PAC and they are solid Ron Paul guys.

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