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Thread: Georgia Marijuana Bust Prompts Facebook Debate

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    Georgia Marijuana Bust Prompts Facebook Debate

    LOGANVILLE, GA It started as a simple news post about a marijuana bust in Walton County. It ended up being a chance for folks on both sides of the marijuana debate to have their say, with the sheriff's office listening and chiming in.

    Thursday afternoon, the Walton County Sheriff's Office posted a Facebook photo of a marijuana grow operation it had busted in north Walton County.

    The post initially said more than 300 plants had been found and was updated later to say the grand total stood at 637 marijuana plants.

    On the Facebook post, many comments from followers were the typical congratulations to law enforcement for a job well done.

    But, atypically for a post by a law enforcement agency, some folks also stood up for the accused.

    "We're gonna look back one day and say 'I remember when weed was illegal'," wrote one Facebook user. "It's weed for Pete's sake!! Who the hell cares if people smoke freakin' weed???? It's NOT meth!!!!!!!"

    The sheriff's office replied to that comment, and was at least partially sympathetic.

    "You are so right," wrote someone handling social media for the sheriff's office, "but we don't make the laws. We just enforce them."

    The original post was also updated to say: "For those who are criticizing us for this, remember: we don't make the laws. We just enforce them."

    Other commenters made similar arguments.

    "So more people's lives wi

    ll be ruined for non violent 'crimes'?" one wrote. "Yep, our morals are definitely in the right place."

    But others had a decidedly more law-and-order take on things.

    "You know, you pot smokers may be upset by this, but the fact remains, it's against the law and the person who was growing this was well aware of the law and the risk he/she was taking," wrote one woman. "I have no sympathy at all for these people."

    Another commenter suggested the confiscated marijuana should be donated to people who use the drug for medicinal purposes, adding some humorous advice.

    "You guys try to burn all that mess, half the Walton County population will be stoned ... depending on the direction of the wind, of course," she wrote.
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