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Thread: Is Abengoa The 2016 October Surprise?

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    Is Abengoa The 2016 October Surprise?

    Probably not but, man, are the Clintons some unbelievably greedy, tax-eating, corporatist slimeballs, or what?!

    Most persons in the US have never heard of the Spanish renewable energy and engineering giant Abengoa. That’s exactly how the DC cronyists and mainstream media like it. But the Abengoa bankruptcy scandal may erupt to be the October Surprise of 2016. It’s 100X as large as Solyndra. Abengoa was the for profit arm of the Clinton Climate agenda. They were bankrupt in 2009 but hid it for 7 years playing games and looting banks and shareholders since. No more games.

    The world player in solar and wind power, biofuels and water management announced last year that it was filing for preliminary protection from creditors following years of frenzied, unsustainable expansion worldwide. It has launched a recovery plan that includes the sale of biofuels assets and other non-strategic holdings, as well as job cuts — it has already shed at least 11,000 jobs since the end of last year — and finalised a debt restructuring deal in August. The group now has until October 25 for creditors and investors to sign off on the deal, which would see it receive a cash injection of 650 million euros on top of loans already granted to the company. Abengoa’s billions-strong debt has affected many of its projects around the world, which it has either been unable to keep constructing or operating.

    Moreover, Lachlan Markay of the Washington Free Beacon elaborates on de Rugy’s study, whereas in identifying the top foreign-owned beneficiaries of Ex-Im financing, there are “a number of them that have either donated to the Clinton Foundation or received government-guaranteed loans from a bank that has.”

    Worse, according to Carney, “The Export-Import Bank is the International Bank of Clinton,” noting that Hillary would like “to put Ex-Im Bank on steroids.” But the reason has nothing to do with small business or jobs. Carney exposes Ex-Im’s recent history, which connects the Clintons to the Banks’ “deals, its staff, and its revolving-door alumni.”
    The Export-Import Bank is the International Bank of Clinton.”

    "Hillary Clinton is a natural cheerleader for the Export-Import Bank. After all, Ex-Im's biggest beneficiaries are foreign governments and giant corporations. Conveniently, these just happen to be among the biggest donors to the Clinton Foundation as well as major underwriters of the speaking fees that added millions of dollars to the Clinton bank account."
    Hillary Clinton, the Export Import Bank and Abengoa

    In her 2016 presidential campaign, Hillary Clinton has argued for the reauthorization of the Export-Import Bank, insisting she wants to be “the small business president.”

    Last June, Breitbart reported that under the Obama administration, Export-Import Bank lending has increased 248 percent, with U.S. taxpayers now holding nearly $140 billion in Export-Import Bank exposure.

    The same article noted Abengoa has obligations of more than $225 million in Export-Import Bank support.

    The article further observed that Bill Richardson, appointed by President Bill Clinton as secretary of energy from 1998-2001, was both an advisory board member to the Export-Import Bank and a member of the Abengoa advisory board at the time the Export-Import Bank loan commitments were made to Abengoa.

    The Washington Free Beacon reported in January 2013 that the Export-Import Bank had approved a $78.6 million direct loan to Abengoa in December 2012, as well as a $73.6 million direct loan to a wind farm owned by Abengoa in Uruguay, noting Richardson’s conflict of interest.

    The Free Beacon pointed out that the Export-Import Bank, as a function of extending taxpayer-backed loans to foreign buyers of U.S. exports, estimated approximately 510 American jobs would be supported by the Abengoa transactions.

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    Hillary is a bonafide financial genius.... you might be too young to remember but I remember back in the day how it was discovered how she took $500 and turned it into $500,000 or $1million in 6 months just by playing around in the commodities market - the most volatile market there is for investments. She just read the papers and invested and voila she got rich... shes so smart....

    Thats her side of it anyway - but the rest of the country knew better back then just as they would today Im sure if this event were ever brought up in the media

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    Nothing to see here. Hillary dug up a former Miss Universe, and it's important stuff. Anderson Cooper told me so.
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