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Thread: Washington Condemns Saudi Bombing of Yemen-Still Provides them the Bombs

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    Washington Condemns Saudi Bombing of Yemen-Still Provides them the Bombs

    Saudi Attacks on Schools/Hospitals So Bad, US FINALLY Condemns Them-Still Gives them Bombs

    Monday’s bombing by the Saudi-led coalition of yet another Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders) hospital in Yemen … “Of course, we condemn the attack,” State Department spokeswoman Elizabeth Trudeau uncharacteristically asserted. …

    Trudeau again emphasized “U.S. officials regularly engage with Saudi officials” concerning civilian deaths — an apparently fruitless dialogue, given the U.S.-backed coalition’s astonishing penchant for bombing civilian homes, schools, markets, factories, and, with alarming frequency, medical facilities. …

    “In October,” Alex Emmons wrote for the Intercept, “the coalition bombed an MSF-supported hospital in Yemen’s Haydan district, destroying the only emergency medical facility serving 200,000 people … In December, airstrikes destroyed an MSF clinic in Taiz while doctors were treating the wounded from a nearby Saudi airstrike in a park. And in January, the coalition destroyed a hospital in Razeh district …”

    This August, alone, the coalition obliterated a children’s school, killing 10 children and nine adults; a potato chip factory, killing 14; and a critical bridge, which Oxfam called “the main supply route for Sanaa” — leaving swaths of the already starving populace in jeopardy of being unable to attain food. … Trudeau continued. “The bridge was critical for the delivery of humanitarian assistance, destruction will further complicate efforts to provide assistance to the people of Yemen.” Clarifying afterward, she said, “The bridge — you saw me condemn that today.” …

    While certainly stronger language than her original phraseology, any condemnation without decisive action or swift consequences backing it will have little, if any, effect on the either criminally reckless or purposefully illegal bombing of civilian sites by the coalition. …

    Asked whether the State Department condemning the Abs bombing would consequent a reduction in military aid to Saudi Arabia … Trudeau said dismissively, “I have nothing to preview on that.”

    And a good message form the great Dr. Ron Paul on the Washington backed Saudi bombing:
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