Ron Paul: Hillary's Server Of Influence Peddling

By Ron Paul

We all know that ethics is a marginal quality for Hillary Clinton, who has been in serious trouble with the FBI and government over her handling of emails as U.S. Secretary of State. Many emails disappeared!

Sometimes people get into trouble when they erase evidence, but so far Hillary doesn't seem to be bothered too much.

The Romanian hacker Gucifer was able to hack into the Clinton Foundation servers and has provided some important information. It really startled me as to the extensiveness of this information and the sheer number of individuals who felt compelled to send the Clinton Foundation money.

Thus far, the media has kept this out of the limelight. It's funny how the New York Times thought that 51 State Department employees (out of 13,000 foreign service agents) writing a 'let's bomb Assad' letter should be front page news, while this tremendous story is being kept at arm's length.

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