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Thread: Aloha! (NOT!) Telescope Of Aggression muh TMT

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    Aloha! (NOT!) Telescope Of Aggression muh TMT

    To get up to speed, there is a propaganda blitz by government, lobbyists, and msm Hawaii, to sell the community of our Big Island, on a thirty meter telescope, before government and special interest circumvent the community, and put it up any way. Dream jobs, ya know.

    I don't expect anyone to watch these, unless they want to hear what national statist talking points sound like in Pidgin. The guy mentioned the word "aloha", so I sprung into action lol. I'm working on discovering some sort of style to this, consider it a horrific sketch, but progress for me, as I try to make this fun. Not exactly the medium I'm fully comfortable with for what I think I'm trying to do -still trying to get there. lol

    @ 11:55
    "For me, as one native Hawaiian in the 21st century, I don't want to buck the system, I want to use the system, to help us get ahead, um not to say we need to not stand up when we feel we being you know suppressed or being robbed but this here is one opportunity for all Hawaii ya know there's so many people that benefited from you know from what is on the mountain, your connection to the mountain, a lot of us wouldn't have a connection to Mauna Kea, you know, we'd still be riding horses up there... bla bla bla bla bla..."

    This has been anothermuh roads tender moment.

    Smoke can be icky. Metal too. Need dream jobs for Hawaiians. Here are some of the dream jobs Mr. Warfield and company have scored:
    21st Century After School Program Director jobs Not too $habby! Force sounds pretty good! The mighty R.I.S.E. After School Program And It's Awesome Website. Some things you just can't fit into a Hawaiian school day, and the parents are working anyway for a devalued dollar, so let's have another program!

    Another sales pitch for a telescope of aggression for the keiki:
    "you didn't build that" highlight at 2:05-2:53 roads again of course.

    My step sons are hapa-haole native Hawaiian, and I dig a lot about the host culture here. What I don't dig is a system of force messing with my neighbors or myself, near or far, and pretending it's "aloha".
    Mr. Warfield, it's never too late to reject force, and choose aloha.
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