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Thread: The Halvening

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    The Halvening

    Not long from now we can sit around and tell 'back in my day I remember when a block reward was 25 coins', followed by a 'Oh yeah, I remember them being 50. 50 whole coins from having your computer churning, none of those fancy ASICs back then'

    Anyone happen to have some past halvening charts? I'm not sure the past will really apply as mining has consolidated so much, still would be interesting to see.
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    It was October or November 2012. The diff was somewhere between 2-3m and then dropped to 1.4-1.7m after halving. Price still waffled between $10-$20. It took 2-3 months before the 2011 ATH of $31 was broken in January 2013 and kept going to $266 by March 2013.

    Over the next 6 months the diff shot up to 8 figures, then 9 figures by the end of 2013. By summer 2014 mining was pointless and I got out still selling miners for twice what I paid.
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    Scroll down on there's an interactive graph that shows each halving (past and future).

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