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Thread: Donald Trump is a false flag

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    942. How the FBI helps Donald Trump (1/11/2017)

    Trump is the candidate of the FBI. He from the beginning knew the secret deal of email hacking between the FBI and Russian secret police.

    Though Trump said hacking had ‘no effect on the outcome of the election’. He can not explain why he
    Called on Russia to Find Hillary Clinton’s Missing Emails.


    “Russia, if you’re listening, I hope you’re able to find the 30,000 emails that are missing,” Mr. Trump said during a news conference here in an apparent reference

    The unusual friendship manifested in his tweet that Putin has been praised for many times as being smart and being admired and respected.

    The fact that Russian were paid with war interest and economic interest after Trump being elected US president. (see #941)

    The fact that Putin remains inaction after President Obama retaliating Russia's hacking with new sanction and diplomats' expelling. (Putin says he is waiting for Trump's administration.)

    All these proved there was a secret deal that Russian hacked US in election to the order of Trump and his master.

    Trump also was helped by the FBI in following fields.

    1. S.S.G. rally. It's a nation wide informants net. A resource controlled by the Feds. (see #901)

    2. Cyber space team, especially in face book. Combine with the fake news created by the disinformation office, they waged a wave in internet community to support Trump and tarnish Clinton.

    3. Media. See #924. "Harvard Study Confirms The Media Tore Down Clinton, Built Up Trump And Sanders
    by Carter Maness".

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    943. Trump and coming economic crisis (1/18/2017)

    I allege Donald Trump is a FBI insider who handles the real estate property for the Feds. The reason I say so is based on:

    1. The company Trump runs are not public owned firms. It accordance with the FBI characteristic - all its property are secret from public.

    2. Trump avoided to pay federal income tax for decades. He refuses to open his income to public. Such a big issue generally was neglected in election and he is elected president. Because otherwise there is a lot of secret property of the FBI would have been exposed under sunshine. Under secret operation, that topic has been omitted. The income of the FBI is free from tax.

    3. Trump is arrogant, behaves like a dictator because he knows behind him is a terror power. So he was sure he would win the campaign - if not, "it was rigged", he intimidated his rival "you'd be in jail", he openly called for Russian's help to hack Clinton's email, such a fact is still a forbidden topic in recent Russian hacking debate, he blames media "fake news" if he dislikes it, he demands firms to move back to US in extorting style. All these are the characteristic of the FBI.

    4. He can command the politicians, a power only the FBI has.
    On Jan. 3, Without Warning or Public Input, House Republicans Vote to Dismantle Ethics Oversight Office
    On same day, when Trump says no, so said representatives hurried to cancel their decision.
    House Republicans cancel plan to dismantle ethics watchdog after backlash, opposition from Trump

    JANUARY 03, 2017

    5. Why the FBI push out such an unqualified person to be US president? I think it relates to coming economic collapse. Everybody knows that Federal Reserve will raise the interest rate at least twice this year. It will poke off the real estate bubble. Trump is the man that runs the real estates property of the Feds.

    Trump rooted for the housing bubble to burst


    May 24, 2016 - If there is a bubble burst, as they call it, you know you could make a lot of money. ... economic crisis before playing audio of Trump in 2006 expressing desire to see the housing market crash. "I sort of hope that happens because then people like me would go in and buy," Trump is heard saying in the ad.

    6. In Kat Sung's elimination case, the Feds have accumulated a large quantity of houses. They made a lot of money by house trading to maintain their big plot. When a bubble breaks off, the houses they hold become a hot potato.

    7. To get rid of a large quantity of real estates while to take the chance to make big money when a property market crisis comes. What else can you do except to have a real estate manager to be the president? That's why Trump is selected.

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    944. See how big the bubble is (1/25/2017)

    17 years ago, I found the Feds moved the area residents away and bought in houses in large scale. (see #733, 734, 736. CASH FOR HOUSE). As early as 2003, I warned of a housing bubble. (see #180. Beware of housing bubble (11/16/03))That bubble keeps growing up until now. I think that's because They failed to eliminate Kat Sung. The result is: San Jose becomes No.1 highest median house price city (where I live) and San Franciso is the No.2. (Where my mother and sisters live).

    Here is a chart of median home sale prices of San Francisco. The curve is accordant to the persecution course the Feds apply on me. The unusual upward price started from 1993. Though the chart author thought there were two bubbles, it is still a big one in fact. The bubble stopped growing up in 2008 due to financial tsunami but the Feds managed to prevent it from breaking. The down turn was mild. Even in lowest point of 2011, it's 695,000. Double the amount of starting price.

    From steep curve you may see how big this bubble is.

    Report: San Jose, Not San Francisco, Has Highest Median Home Price In Country

    San Jose, with a median home price of $1,085,000, currently ranks as the most expensive metropolitan area for would-be home owners. The second most expensive? That would be San Francisco coming in at $885,600.

    945. The 2017 bubble(2/1/2017)

    It was the popping up of the housing bubble that caused the financial tsunami in 2008. The bubble hasn't been cleaned up completely. The real estate loan were lent from banks. No big bank collapsed. They were bailed out by government with tax-payers' money. The banks still held large quantity of foreclosed houses. Then we saw Federal Reserve's Quantitative easy programme. That money took over the foreclosed houses for a larger bubble. QE3, where the central bank had spent close to $40 billion per month in mortgage-backed securities. So much money injected into real estate's area, that's why I said there is only one bubble - the 2007 one hasn't been cleaned up and the residue has been extended to a even bigger one - I call it 2017 bubble.

    A bubble needs money to keep it to inflating. Federal Reserve had spent nearly four trillion to blow up such a big real estate balloon. It seems they don't want to pour money into that hole any more. So a crook is pushed out to take that responsibility.

    I say 2017 bubble because: 1. Federal Reserve said it likely will increase interest twice this year - that will pop up the housing bubble.

    2. The unprecedented 2016 election in US that put an unqualified man on president seat. I said something big will happen that nobody (party) want to take the responsibility. (see "902. Trump's job (2) (5/7/2016)")

    3. Something big (other then the coming economic crisis) will take place in Europe: War; natural disaster; terror attack.... to distract people from that economic crisis, and drive the money in Europe to US to take over the bubble too. It relates to Russian. I believe Putin is bribed by the Feds to cooperate on this. Trump's Russian love is not a coincidence.

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    946. Two unprecedented big bubbles(2/8/2017)

    Real estates bubble.(see chart at #944) Stock market bubble.

    You don't have to be an expert to realize the two big balloons Americans are facing. Yet where are those professionals, economical officials and media people? In coming months, you will see a lot of news, events to encourage people to jump into the speculation pool to buy the securities, houses.

    Trump to Halt Obama Fiduciary Rule, Order Review of Dodd-Frank

    Katherine Chiglinsky, Justin Sink, Elizabeth Dexheimer
    Bloomberg February 2, 2017

    President Donald Trump will halt an Obama administration regulation, hated by the financial industry, that requires retirement advisers to work in the best interests of their clients, while the new administration reviews the rule.

    The president also will order a review of Dodd-Frank Act rules enacted in response to the 2008 financial crisis, a White House official said. Trump is scheduled to issue the directives at a signing ceremony around noon on Friday following a meeting of more than a dozen top corporate executives led byBlackstone Group LP Chief Executive OfficerSteve Schwarzman.

    Trump is going to open a pandola box to release financial demons. Those demons had caused 2008 financial tsunami, were locked up by Obama, Trump wants to free them to make America greater?

    It's funny that they accuse Clinton represents the interest of Wall Street. What about Trump?
    Read 2 and 3 of last message(#945) to see how the Feds rule this country.

    947. Why Trump kneels to China (2/15/2017)

    Trump has said "US doesn't 'have to be bound' by 'one China' policy." But he abruptly changes the tone.

    Trump Just Promised To Respect The “One China” Policy: Here’s What That Means

    James Holbrooks FEBRUARY 11, 2017

    President Donald Trump, according to official statements, has agreed to change course and abide by the ‘One China’ policy.

    Now, with Trump seemingly succumbing to the will of the Chinese leader, many analysts are saying the new U.S. president has lost serious face.

    “There is certainly a way of negotiating with the Chinese, but threats concerning fundamental, core interests are counterproductive from the get-go,” he said. “The end result is that Trump just confirmed to the world that he is a paper tiger, a zhilaohu — someone that seems threatening but is wholly ineffectual and unable to stomach a challenge.”

    What makes Trump bend to China? He has to follow his master - FBI's order to make another secret deal with China. He did one in November 2016,

    11/14/2016, Trump confirmed the secret deal with Chinese leader in a phone call.

    11/15/2016, Payment to confirm the deal. China's most-wanted corruption suspect returned to China from the United States on Wednesday after turning herself in. (see #935)

    That secret deal (frame a drug case to eliminate Kat Sung and his relatives) failed to go through. Now something happens that the Feds hurries up for a new deal.

    2/8/2017, Trump wrote a letter to Chinese president Xi.

    2/9/2017, Trump, in phone call with China's Xi, agrees to honor 'One China' policy.

    2/10/2017, Payment to confirm the new deal.

    China says gets another graft suspect back from U.S.
    By Reuters 10 February 2017

    BEIJING, Feb 10 (Reuters) - Another Chinese corruption suspect who had fled to the United States has given herself up and returned home, the ruling Communist Party's anti-graft watchdog said on Friday, in a further victory for China's overseas hunt for fugitive officials.

    The framed case likely follows the old style - a drug smuggling case organized by Chinese secret police and will break out in US - may be as early as this month.

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    948. Frame a case on 2/19 (2/18/2017)

    Feds have their agents scattered in web sites to control public opinion in Internet. You can see such phenomenon especially in 2016 president election when Clinton was attacked and Trump was praised.

    There is such a team member in forum Liveleak. com. whose user's name is jaxmeov. Jaxmeov pretends friendly with me. Last month she had a message that I thought an intimidation that they will eliminate my relatives and I.

    01-06-2017, 10:44 AM #78
    jaxmeov Location: Los Angeles, CA

    d) something tragic happened to his family and he continues to "see" them when, in fact, they exist only in his head and he cannot come to grips with it.

    e) this has all been planned and they are preparing for the day that he keeps warning us about.

    Hang in there, Kat. Just don't do anything stupid and you should be fine.

    This month jaxmeov talked about Ben Gu. It's unusual. She must be very familiar with the framed case.

    02-04-2017, 07:44 AM #87

    And it is good your brother in law is Ben Gu and not Ben Gay!

    Ben Gu is my brother in law. I always think he is the target of the Feds and repeated allegation many times in this thread. Here is quote from #646.

    "Starts from 9/16, San Jose Mercury News forecasts that there will be a rain on Sunday, 9/19. It's unusual because it's still summer - the dry season. The tactic is the old one. China will supply the drug. The drug will be planted in the shipment of umbrella. To frame B (my brother in law) in the case, there must be a rain day on week ends. B has to work on week-ends while his employees are on holiday. That unusual rain is an urge to B. It's time to order an umbrella shipment from China. The similar story acted again and again and again. Even the action of one of the payments -Thailand regime change, had played several times. There is one thing new here: the $40 billion contract to build high-speed railway is likely the next reward to China."

    The third storm of this week in San Francisco area will arrive on 2/19 - Sunday. Since the Feds used to distract public by big event, I worry they may destroy a dam to create a big disaster.

    Damaged dam threatens Northern California towns

    Yahoo News February 16, 2017

    My wife's car had an accident and has to be left in her company. I view this as a trick of unwarrantable search.

    949. Trump and Sweden terror attack (2/25/2017)

    On 2/15 and 2/18, I wrote two articles, predicted the Feds(FBI and DEA)would frame a drug case on 2/19 and they would distract public's attention by natural disaster- flooding caused by storm and dam collapsing.

    (947) Why Trump kneels to China (2/15/2017)
    (948) Frame a case on 2/19 (2/18/2017)

    Now I would say my view is very accurate. The Feds not only planed to distract with natural disaster, but also planed a terror attack in Europe - a "Sweden terror attack" that caused controversy.

    Sweden to Trump: What happened last night?
    19 February 2017

    "You look at what's happening in Germany, you look at what's happening last night in Sweden. Sweden, who would believe this. Sweden. They took in large numbers.

    The Sweden terror attack(likely designated to take place on 2/17 night) was cancelled after I revealed(on 2/15) a secret deal of drug case was done by Trump and Chinese secret police. Trump didn't know. On 2/18 morning, He declared a "terror attack last night in Sweden" to their original plan.(Obviously the foreign plot and domestic plot are controlled by different groups)Thus made such a big mistake.

    It's funny how the Feds followers tried to cover up that mistake Trump had made. No matter how bad your English are, it's hard to explain "what's happening last night in Sweden". The similar story I remembered is that BBC had reported the WTC 7 collapsing news before it actually happening.

    The tactic they used are familiar for us. In 2005, there was a terror case in Europe - 7/7 London under railway bombing, then followed by 8/29 hurricane Katrina and drown of New Orleans. Compare with recent one: 2/17, a terror case in Sweden, Europe.(cancelled, but Trump's speech proved the plan.) 2/19, flooding in California, possible dam collapsing.(didn't happen after plan cancelled)

    ... California as dangerous storm moves in; Residents south of Oroville Dam should stay alert as storm passes ... expect heavier rain late Sunday(2/19) and ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChristianAnarchist View Post
    I still think he's going to drop out of the race now
    Astute analysis!

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    Quote Originally Posted by RonPaulGeorge&Ringo View Post
    Astute analysis!
    I guess it's still a possibility...

    Christian Anarchy - Our Only Hope For Liberty In Our Lifetime!
    Sonmi 451: Truth is singular. Its "versions" are mistruths.

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    950. Big slaughter to distract elimination case (3/4/2017)

    The contradictory flaw Trump made on "Sweden terrorist attacks" is similar to that BBC"s report on the collapse of WTC7(in 9/11) before it happens.

    Be noticed that there would be a large casualties if the plan had gone through. Trump said, "They took in large numbers".

    I was once wondered how many people could they kill in 2/19 California flooding. It seemed not too many if it was only a collapse of a dam. Later I knew it was a much big slaughter in their plan.

    Possible norovirus outbreak reported at Oroville evacuation shelter
    By Alyssa Pereira, San Francisco Chronicle Monday, February 20, 2017

    Between 20-30 Oroville Dam evacuees at the Silver Dollar Shelter in Chico, California are reportedly exhibiting symptoms of norovirus, reports The Sacramento Bee.

    Norovirus symptoms typically include vomiting, stomach pain, diarrhea, and nausea. It is highly contagious, and is spread by touching or ingesting items contaminated with the virus. The effects of the virus can be more extreme in children and senior adults.

    Bill Gates Warns Of Epidemic That Could Kill Over 30 Million People

    FEB 19, 2017 Bruce Y. Lee ,

    If the Feds had been successful in their framed drug case plot, there would have been a dam collapse and break out of epidemic thereafter. The death toll would have been up-graded each day to panic public over that small elimination case. Watch the date of the news of Bill Gate's warning. It's not a coincidence.

    951. New plot on 3/15? (3/10/2017)

    For the 2/19/2017 framed case, Trump administration sent a China most wanted fugitive back to China. (see #947)

    Yesterday they did it again which may mean the FBI hurriedly organize another plot.

    One of China's "most-wanted" fugitives returns from U.S. to surrender

    Reuters Reuters March 9, 2017

    BEIJING (Reuters) - A former employee of a state-owned newspaper who figured among China's 100 "most-wanted" fugitives has returned from the United States to turn himself in, the top anti-graft body said on Thursday, as China mapped out its strategy on fugitives in 2017.

    The new plot likely would happen on 3/14 or 3/15 when The Federal Reserve plans to raise rates "if the economy cooperates". Since the FBI used to prepare a big event to distract public attention, they can develop a financial storm by poping up the balloon of stock market and housing market with that rising interest rate.

    This week, W.S. came to my house twice at night.She talked with my wife at doorway in darkness. I allege W.S. is an agent of Chinese secret police (see #668, #669 and #724. Frame a case of Chinese intelligence link) Her presence always link to some attempt framed case. So be this time.

    see #668,#669 and #724 at:

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    A majority of white voters elected THE worst president in history. Intelligent???

    By blackascoal


    The implication is that whites know better .. and perhaps politics is above the heads of black voters. So in their 'wisdom' .. a majority of white voters elected the absolute worst president in American history .. a celebrity clown and buffoon .. a complete failure in under two months.

    Given the propensity of white republicans to always question the political intelligence of black voters .. surely it's fair to question the intelligence of that majority of white voters who elected a danger and total embarrassment to this nation .. or more correctly stated, the lack of intelligence.

    Where is the intelligence in electing a loud-mouth lying celebrity with no legislative experience to be the President of the United States? Where?

    Trump is no surprise, he's exactly as advertised .. a clown .. a clown who hates people .. particularly people with non-white skin. How's that working out for you?

    Get rid of Obamacare? Sure, go ahead and do it .. what are you waiting on? Oh wait .. millions of whites who vote republican are benefitting from Obamacare and don't want to let it go. It seems they've spent 8 years voting against their own best interests. Where was the intelligence in that? Truth is, white republican voters spend a lot of time voting against their best interests. 9 of out the 10 poorest states in the country, and 97 out of the 100 poorest counties in America are republican controlled .. and their citizens benefit from the safety nets legislated by democrats. Maybe Trump will help them grow up as he attempts to yank away their healthcare in preference to his rich friends.


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    President Trump Signs Bill Overturning Internet Privacy Protections
    Katie Reilly
    Apr 03, 2017

    President Donald Trump on Monday signed into law a controversial measure repealing online privacy protections established by the Federal Communications Commission under the Obama Administration.

    The rules, which would have taken effect in December, required internet service providers — including Comcast, Verizon and AT&T — to obtain permission from customers before sharing personal data like their web-browsing history. The rules were aimed at preventing internet providers from selling that data without permission.

    Critics of the rules argued they were an example of government overreach and were unfair because tech companies, like Google and Facebook, are not required to get such permission before tracking customers' habits.

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    Our Dishonest President

    APRIL 2, 2017

    It was no secret during the campaign that Donald Trump was a narcissist and a demagogue who used fear and dishonesty to appeal to the worst in American voters. The Times called him unprepared and unsuited for the job he was seeking, and said his election would be a “catastrophe.”

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    Quote Originally Posted by katsung47 View Post
    Our Dishonest President

    APRIL 2, 2017

    It was no secret during the campaign that Donald Trump was a narcissist and a demagogue who used fear and dishonesty to appeal to the worst in American voters. The Times called him unprepared and unsuited for the job he was seeking, and said his election would be a “catastrophe.”
    There was no outcome of that election that would have been preferred. Clinton, Trump... Makes one want to go jump off the twin towers... (oops...)

    Christian Anarchy - Our Only Hope For Liberty In Our Lifetime!
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    Donald Trump has 'dangerous mental illness', say psychiatry experts at Yale conference
    Mental health experts say President is 'paranoid and delusional'

    May Bulman 4/21/2017

    Donald Trump has a “dangerous mental illness” and is not fit to lead the US, a group of psychiatrists has warned during a conference at Yale University

    Mental health experts claimed the President was “paranoid and delusional”, and said it was their “ethical responsibility” to warn the American public about the “dangers” Mr Trump’s psychological state poses to the country.

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    Japanese Interpreter: Translating Trump Word For Word Makes Us ‘Sound Stupid’

    Some things get lost in Trumpslation.

    By David Moye Feb 25, 2017

    Donald Trump says things that can defy description—and that’s proving a challenge for translators around the globe.

    Tokyo-based translator Chikako Tsuruta told the Japan Times that translating the president into Japanese is a challenge, what with the lack of logic or concern for facts.

    “[Trump] rarely speaks logically, and he only emphasizes one side of things as if it were the absolute truth,” Tsuruta said. “There are lots of moments when I suspected his assertions were factually dubious.”

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    Quote Originally Posted by katsung47 View Post
    Tsuruta told the Japan Times that translating the president into Japanese is a challenge, what with the lack of logic
    "For the average person, all problems date to World War II; for the more informed, to World War I; for the genuine historian, to the French Revolution."

    - Erik Maria Ritter von Kuehnelt-Leddihn

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    D.C. and Maryland sue President Trump, alleging breach of constitutional oath

    By Aaron C. Davis June 12

    Attorneys general for the District of Columbia and the state of Maryland sued President Trump on Monday, alleging that he has violated anti-corruption clauses in the Constitution by accepting millions in payments and benefits from foreign governments since moving into the White House.

    The lawsuit, the first of its kind brought by government entities, centers on the fact that Trump chose to retain ownership of his company when he became president. Trump said in January that he was shifting his business assets into a trust managed by his sons to eliminate potential conflicts of interests.

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    Majority of Americans would give up alcohol to see Donald Trump impeached, finds survey

    73 per cent of Democrats and 17 per cent of Republicans say they would cut out the liquor if the official political process of removing the President were to be put in motion

    Maya Oppenheim 27 June 2017

    The study carried out by surveyed 1,013 men and women across the US.

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    Quote Originally Posted by katsung47 View Post
    Majority of Americans would give up alcohol to see Donald Trump impeached, finds survey

    73 per cent of Democrats and 17 per cent of Republicans say they would cut out the liquor if the official political process of removing the President were to be put in motion

    Maya Oppenheim 27 June 2017

    The study carried out by surveyed 1,013 men and women across the US.
    Get Trump out and nothing changes... just like putting him in changed nothing. We are still in endless wars and taxes continue to climb. We have "new jobs" which are mostly more goonerment ticks and the BATF is ramping up efforts to take guns from "we the people"... Pence will continue doing all of the above and with each new "king" we get an increase of goonerment and a decrease of liberty. Hell, I can't even find "liberty" anymore... Seems to have vanished off the face of the planet!

    Christian Anarchy - Our Only Hope For Liberty In Our Lifetime!
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    Quote Originally Posted by katsung47 View Post
    Majority of Americans would give up alcohol to see Donald Trump impeached, finds survey

    73 per cent of Democrats and 17 per cent of Republicans say they would cut out the liquor if the official political process of removing the President were to be put in motion

    Maya Oppenheim 27 June 2017

    The study carried out by surveyed 1,013 men and women across the US.
    How about moving to Canada?
    The essential English leadership secret does not depend on particular intelligence. Rather, it depends on a remarkably stupid thick-headedness. The English follow the principle that when one lies, one should lie big, and stick to it. They keep up their lies, even at the risk of looking ridiculous.

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    970. Trump is the representative of the Feds (7/15/2017)

    The first three framed cases since Trump was elected US president.

    (1)I revealed, 933. Big drug case in China, Philippines and USA (11/12/2016)
    My wife is arranged a trip to China and Philippines from 11/13 to 11/21.

    Trump confirmed the secret deal
    In phone call, China's Xi tells Trump cooperation is only choice

    Reuters 11/14/2016


    China's most-wanted corruption suspect surrenders after 13 years abroad

    Reuters November 16, 2016

    Yang was ranked number one on the list and is the 37th fugitive to return so far, the commission said.

    (2) I revealed, 948. Frame a case on 2/19 (2/18/2017)

    Trump confirmed the secret deal.
    Trump commits to 'One China' policy in phone call with Xi
    CNN February 10, 2017

    China says gets another graft suspect back from U.S.

    | Reuters Feb 10, 2017

    She was the 38th person on the list China had managed to get back, the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection said in a brief statement on its website.

    (3) I revealed, 951. New plot on 3/15? (3/10/2017)

    One of China's 'Most-Wanted' Fugitives Returns From US to Surrender
    March 09, 2017

    Wang is the 39th fugitive on the list to return, the graft body said, without giving details, such as whether U.S. law enforcement provided assistance.

    You can see to repatriate Chinese fugitives became part of secret deal between the Feds(FBI and DEA) and Chinese secret police. Since then, China abandoned to number their fugitives because it's too evident to reveal their secret deal.

    Be noticed that in November 2016, the US president was still Obama. But it was Trump called China two days before US deported the Chinese most wanted fugitive because he represented the Feds.

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    6 years ago foresaw election, now predicts Supreme Court upheaval
    Published: 07/01/2017

    Now, in his new book, Taylor says President Trump, with God’s help, is going to massively remake the federal government, starting with the Supreme Court.

    “God is beginning to make changes from the top down,” Taylor writes in “The Trump Prophecies.” And he argues it is the power of prayer that is driving so many of these changes.

    “When people pray and begin to make a change from the top down, not only does the transformation have to happen with the role of the highest leader, but it is necessary to rearrange his surrounding advisers, peers and supporting staff as well,” he writes. “There was a time when leaders had godly advisers. This will happen again.”

    President Trump received massive support from the evangelical community during the election, despite his unconventional background and morally checkered past. Some suggested Trump had grown in faith in recent years; others claimed God could use anyone for His purposes.

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