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Thread: The BEST Pro-Encryption Argument Ever!

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    Thumbs up The BEST Pro-Encryption Argument Ever!

    Courtesy of CGP Grey

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    Very nice.
    Issue remains unresolved though.


    Everything and anything is crackable w/time and enough processing power,
    it might take a microscope to unscramble and recover data from a chip
    but that is unnecessary if unlocking or decrypting software is available
    for opening a mainstream mass-production communications product...
    Very risky to have a key floating around that unlocks ALL.

    Standard high speed back door access and then sifting through gobs of scooped up info
    is just a tyrants wet dream and should be abandoned. The risks are too great.

    Most everything already has a back door anyhow. (it's still a bad idea - access
    it won't prevent squat... - it's used to punish)

    Metadata call records and call intercept are still legal and possible.
    Same goes for ISP and T-phone company records

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    Well done video.
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