This should sound familiar to those of us who supported Ron Paul's 2008 and 2012 campaign.

Whatever your opinion of the Democrats, what happened today in Nevada is another disgusting example of the establishment politics of the DNC, which apparently has learned some tactics from 2012's RNC.

According to, Sanders delegates were emailed with instructions from the official county party stating that they didn't need to stay for today's Nevada DNC convention if they checked in the previous day; meanwhile, Hillary supporters were emailed by the Clinton campaign and were told to be sure and stay until told to leave:

County delegates were confused about the rules for voting in the convention, Las Vegas Sun reported. The county party sent out an email on Friday saying that delegates who checked in and registered on Friday night didn’t have to attend the Saturday convention. Alternates did have to attend, the email continued. But most delegates thought that everyone had to attend the convention all day on Saturday anyway. Many decided to attend all day just in case.

This is an email that Hillary for America sent to their delegates:
Stay at the convention until the Hillary Campaign announces it's okay to depart!
The two very different letters have both been posted to

It also turns out that Hillary's lawyer, Marc Elias, sent a letter to the Clark County party chair asking that the credentialing chair be suspended:

But the biggest threat to the convention’s success appeared to be the suspension of the county party’s credentials chair early Saturday morning. Christine Kramar was suspended from her post after Clinton campaign officials raised concerns about her neutrality.

The issue came to the fore late Friday night, when Kramar learned from Sanders campaign staffers that the Clinton campaign was pressing for her removal. When Kramar showed up at Cashman Center just before 8 a.m. Saturday, she discovered she had been suspended for not showing up earlier.

In protest, Kramar and a few others staged a sit-in in the hall where the convention was held and were almost cited with trespassing.

Kramar said state Sen. Aaron Ford sat on the ground with the group and helped smooth over the situation to prevent further law enforcement involvement.
In addition, "only 6,600 seats had been set up for 8,900 delegates. Police were called to remove people from the overflow area." Then Sanders delegates were apparently told they would be arrested if they didn't vote for Hillary:

“The Clark County Dem party told them they had to change their vote to Clinton if they wanted to go to the convention. They were told if they’re unwilling to change their vote they can just go home. Sanders campaign attorneys showed up as the Bernie delegates refused to leave. The Clark County Dem party called the police an are trying to get the Bernie delegates arrested. … The Clark County Dem party is trying to bypass the chair. … They haven’t been arrested yet but said Las Vegas Metro was called and charges were being pressed. What charges I don’t know.”
Despite the hi-jinks, enough Sanders supporters stayed, and enough Clinton supporters failed to show, that The LV Sun is reporting that Sanders has won Nevada.

I sometimes get extremely upset at the corruption of the RNC. But then these articles remind me the DNC is no better; they're really just opposite sides of the same coin.