I just caught Patrick Byrne, the CEO of Overstock.com on CNBC. When the talking head asked him about the economy he said he was pretty bearish on the economy, and started talking about how the Fed stopped releasing M3 and how any apparent increase in the stock market and standards of living are only possible by basically writing checks to burden future generations.

He's been a strong voice in fighting naked short selling, which is a tool that some hedge funds and institutions use, illegally, to create phantom shares and manipulate a companies' stock prices. The SEC has ignored the issue, but Patrick Byrne keeps fighting to expose the wrongdoers and protect the individual investor and the companies who are harmed. Point is, I think he's one of the somewhat bigger guys fighting for the little guys, and he's a guy that sees and tells it like it is. Those kind of people usually have the spirit of liberty in them.

I wonder if an endorsement from Patrick Byrne would mean anything...at the very least he's got some moola that could be employed for Ron Paul's benefit.

p.s. - What's that website where you can search for people's political donations? I can't seem to find it. I wonder if he supports anyone financially. TIA.