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Thread: Russia Leaves Syria...When Do We?

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    Russia Leaves Syria...When Do We?

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    When we finally figure out that it's just a waste (and a racket) too? That may take a while.

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    In a few years.
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    Trump wants to send 30,000 troops there to defeat ISIS. Good luck with ever leaving there.

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    The U.S. might leave Syria when they find a way to sell weapons someplace else.

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    When the dollar crashes and they can no longer transfer wealth from us to the MIC.

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    But, but, they're gonna kill us!

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    If "We" means the MIC and its tentacles...maybe never. "They" are still in Germany and Japan, ya know.
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    Whenever Assad steps down, just so it can be framed as the U.S. aiding a successful rebellion?

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