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Thread: MN CD-2 Open Race (Kline's Seat)?

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    MN CD-2 Open Race (Kline's Seat)?

    So, John Kline is retiring and the caucuses are kicking up. What are opinions of the other GOP candidates in this wide open race?

    I've heard good things about David Gerson. I also used to listen to Jason Lewis when he had his radio show in the past, and I think he could be decent too.

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    Just an update here, it looks like the MN GOP has endorsed Jason Lewis for this seat. He still has to officially win the primary, I think. Can't say I'm disappointed. I may have had a slight preference for Gerson, but Lewis isn't bad overall, and might be friendly to some liberty ideas. Much better than neocon SOB Kline. Good riddance to him.

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