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Thread: Smoking kills more people than Obama - Anti Smoking Ad

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    Smoking kills more people than Obama - Anti Smoking Ad

    I don't know how to post the picture of Obama being used in this ad, sorry.

    A Moscow advert declaring that “smoking kills more people than Obama” has gone viral, becoming the latest in a string of actions condemning the US president as a mass killer.

    Dmitry Gudkov, the sole liberal opposition MP in Russia’s parliament, on Tuesday posted a photograph of the large poster, which was in a metal-and-glass frame at a bus shelter on Moscow’s third ring road.
    The Obama smoking advert in Moscow
    Photograph: Dmitry Gudkov/Facebook

    “Smoking kills more people than Obama, although he kills lots and lots of people,” the poster read, showing an illustration of the president smoking the last dregs of a cigarette. “Don’t smoke, don’t be like Obama.”

    Gudkov wrote that it was “disgusting and embarrassing that this is appearing on the streets of the Russian capital.” His Facebook post had received more than 1,300 likes, hundreds of positive and negative comments and extensive Russian media coverage.

    “Soon they’ll be scaring kids with Obama rather than Baba Yaga,” the witch from Russian folk tales, Gudkov later told the Guardian.

    The advert has no attribution, no author has come forward to claim it and Moscow city hall has not commented.

    Some have taken the anti-Obama ad as a reference to a “Stop Obama!” video posted last week that showed dozens of Russian students falling to the floor as if dead, revealing a lone girl with a sign claiming that the “president of the United States kills 875 people every week”.
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    So how long before there is a cigarette shaped drone?

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    Quote Originally Posted by enhanced_deficit View Post
    Putin was supposed to be ally of Christians.. why?

    The Obama smoking advert that appeared on Moscow bus shelters. Photograph: Dmitry Gudkov/Fac
    Thanks for posting the picture. What is it we hate so much about Russia? I wish I knew what the differences are, between the U.S. and Russia. I do know their men beat up rapist refugees, while their police do a thumbs up. Other than that, all I have is propaganda.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dianne View Post
    Thanks for posting the picture. What is it we hate so much about Russia? I wish I knew what the differences are, between the U.S. and Russia. I do know their men beat up rapist refugees, while their police do a thumbs up. Other than that, all I have is propaganda.
    Russian people are good people but Russian government had treated Islamic Jihadi militants/foreign fighters quite brutally in Afghanistan back in 1980s and these days Russia is mistreating/oppressing Jihadis/ISIS militants in Syria too.
    Naturally US Christians/Zionists stand with their Islamic bretheren in the battle against Russian infidels at every turn. People of the book and all.

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    Attacking the first leader is one thing but thrashing his first lady seems too politically incorrect:

    Russian TV Trashed Michelle Obama Last Night

    New documentary series seeks to expose 'American corruption' and targets Obamas

    By Mikhail Klikushin • 02/18/16 9:45am

    First Lady Michelle Obama leaves the beach club Villa Padierna in Estepona, on August 6, 2010 during her vacation in southern Spain.(Photo: Jorge Guerrero)

    On Sunday, Russian TV host Dmitry Kiselyov, who enjoys the largest audience among news programs in Russia, announced in his prime-time program News of the Week the launch of a new documentary, whose goal would be to expose corruption in the U.S.—as opposed to the familiar story in Russian he’s sick and tired of talking about.
    “This is not fair—to forget about American corruption,” he declared, “about how they get fat on the money of American taxpayers there.”
    The title of the film—Emperor Obama—says it all, but the trailer, lasting more than 10 minutes, was shown anyway.
    The first victim of attack was the American first lady.
    “The information on our clients is strictly confidential,” says the Villa Padierna hotel manager to a young and beautiful female reporter. “But I can confirm that Michelle Obama really stayed in our hotel. She was our most famous guest. Since then, we named one of our villas after her. Villa Obama has three floors, two bedrooms, one swimming pool and a big living room—here is Villa Obama.”
    “On the fourth of August 2010,” the manager continues, as the beautiful young reporter walks around the luxurious and spacious rooms, “the U.S. president celebrated his 49th birthday, and the very same day his spouse, Michelle Obama, arrived for her vacation in Spain. Here is her room.” Not ceremoniously, the reporter touches the silk sheets and very rare travertine marble. “Here are the official numbers: for the week starting August 4, 131,000 Americans were fired, losing their incomes and jobs. At that moment, Michelle Obama was on vacation, and the taxpayers were paying $6,000 a night for this hotel suit.”
    Then, the first lady is shown walking outside out in the Spanish heat. “Michelle! Michelle!” thunders the crowd.

    Villa Obama in Spain, named after the American First Lady.(Photo: Tumblr)

    The reporter continues:
    “Michelle Obama and her 9-year-old daughter Sasha were accompanied by their personnel and secret agents, by 250 specially hired Spanish bodyguards and 68 bodyguards brought from the U.S. As the American first lady eats ice cream, the street in Spanish Granada is totally blocked. Ms. Obama flew in on her husband’s airplane—plane No. 2, a Bowing-747—according to protocol, which transports the American president while plane number one goes through technical maintenance. At $11,000 per hour, Michelle’s flight from Washington, D.C., to the Spanish Malaga cost the US $150,000. The U.S. Air Force was sued for Michelle’s unlawful vacation—and for the fifth year, the lawsuit drags on without any resolution.”

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    and Russia has horrible cigarettes.
    Liberty is lost through complacency and a subservient mindset. When we accept or even welcome automobile checkpoints, random searches, mandatory identification cards, and paramilitary police in our streets, we have lost a vital part of our American heritage. America was born of protest, revolution, and mistrust of government. Subservient societies neither maintain nor deserve freedom for long.
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    It's all about Freedom

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