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Thread: The RPF Weapons Exchange

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    The RPF Weapons Exchange

    What do you have?
    How much you need for it?

    Is it patriot grade?

    Do you take Bitcoin?


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    Yet another good reason to dump FedBook.

    That said, I'm in the market for another "pocket" .380 auto.

    Anybody in NH looking to sell, PM me.

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    If anyone has an old , beat up 16 Ga or 28 Ga side by side double for sale I may be interested . Or a 10 Ga of any type.
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    I also buy some single shot , doubles and semi auto shotguns in every gauge ( 410 , 28 , 20 , 16 ,12 , 10 ) for personal use and buy some pump shotguns for resale . I buy rifles too that are chambered in about anything larger than .22 . I pay shipping also . I also am interested in any double rifles and any working black powder revolvers .
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    I have an old , (but new) black Stack On ( brand)14 gun metal cabinet. I am considering using it for some things . I know they make a smaller , like handgun- ammo cabinet that bolts to the top of it . I looked around on the net and those things run around 80 FRN's, that seems high to me ( I think retail on the actual 14 long gun safe I already have is around 149) . Any ideas where I may look for the small add on cabinet cheaper ? I also have a small fire proof safe I am not using about the same size , if I cannot find the add on cabinet for less than 80 I may just drill and bolt the one I have.....

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    Cabelas was at one time selling reproduction Lemat Revolvers , I would be interested in another used one if anyone has one .

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    I am running low on 12 Ga incendiary rounds , Flechette rounds and Rhodesian Jungle Rounds . New purchases are very expensive , if anyone has any laying around not being used I would buy them . Otherwise , probably just load some Rhodesians myself .

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    I scored some 000 Buck in .410 at a yard sale today , I got some #4 Buck in 12 Ga from the same guy last time.

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    I have been kind of looking around town for a used rifle chambered in something bigger than .30 and have not really seen anything that has caught my eye . If anyone here has one for sale , let me know .

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    Been looking for another rifle something like a 22. 250 , probably a magazine feed that I can by some extra mags for .
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