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Thread: Jeremy Durham confirms resignation as whip

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    Jeremy Durham confirms resignation as whip

    House Majority Whip Jeremy Durham's decision Sunday to resign his leadership position in the Tennessee House Republican Caucus came after a two-hour whirlwind in which GOP leadership released a statement from Durham saying he resigned, only to have Durham waffle on his resignation in several emails to The Tennessean.

    The decision to resign came as Durham spent his afternoon watching the Denver Broncos football team beat the New England Patriots, and in the wake of a Tennessean investigation into inappropriate text messages he sent to three women.

    After the caucus sent a statement to The Tennessean at 4:27 p.m. Sunday from Durham purportedly announcing his resignation, Durham told The Tennessean in an email at 4:48 p.m. he hadn’t made up his mind yet.

    “I'm talking it over with my family but have not made a decision. Nothing should've gone out,” Durham said in the 4:48 p.m. email to The Tennessean.

    “Watching Broncos game at the moment.”

    Durham’s denial email came three minutes after House Majority Leader Gerald McCormick said he had accepted Durham’s resignation.

    "In accordance with our House Republican Caucus bylaws, I have received and accepted the resignation of Representative Jeremy Durham as House Majority Whip. I believe he has made a good decision to prevent this issue from continuing to be a distraction to our Caucus,” McCormick said in a statement.

    Durham also tweeted late in the afternoon that he had not resigned. That tweet was later deleted.


    According to caucus leadership, Durham made the decision to resign hours after The Tennessean published an investigation that included three women who said they received messages from the Franklin Republican they considered inappropriate. Two of the women provided text messages from Durham that were sent in 2013. Both received texts sent after midnight in which Durham asked them for pictures.

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    If you want the inside scoop, this is the place to go:
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