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Thread: Post-Lobby Day 2016 Meetup?

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    Post-Lobby Day 2016 Meetup?

    If any RPFers are attending Lobby Day and want to grab a beer afterwards, let's coordinate. With all the politicians concentrated at the state house, there's got to be a watering hole around there somewhere.

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    I'll be heading up that way in the next hour or two and not sure how much RPF checking I'll do in the next 24 hours. If you see a guy in a blue zipper sweater and khakis with the ubiquitous "Guns Save Lives" sticker and a Rand Paul button, it's probably me. Come say hello. If you want to be sure it's me, I've prepared a cloak-n-dagger sign/counter-sign for us to use.

    You: "Did you come by car or by blimp?"
    Me: "I got a ride from Rev9"

    See you there!

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