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Thread: Oklahoma: Vaccinations Discussion

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    Oklahoma: Vaccinations Discussion

    General discussion thread for vaccines and related health discussion in Oklahoma.

    Recently, State Senator Ervin Yen debated a psychiatrist regarding vaccines and their use.
    His bill (SB830) would remove the religious/philosophical exemptions currently allowed for vaccines.

    Senator Yen's argument is simple: Vaccines save lives
    The opposing view is simple: the parents and children should be able to decide what is put into their bodies

    What we have is another wave of hypocrisy and ignorance spewing from multiple angles. Mainly from the liberals/progressives who are supposedly staunch believers in personal choice of what individuals can consume. BUT, when it comes to vaccines, they become rabid and state that if you refuse to vaccinate your children, you should be taken out to the pasture away from the herd for your safety and theirs.
    On the other side, you have some religious right wingers who finally decide they want to chime in and say it's up to themselves and God what can be put it into their bodies or their children's bodies. Oh, irony, you dirty, filthy S.O.B.

    One thing I simply don't understand, probably because my little liberty-oriented brain just isn't as big as a progressives, is that if YOU and YOUR children have the vaccine, WHY ARE YOU WORRIED WHAT OTHER PEOPLE DO? You are safe, you are IMMUNE! So it's not going to spread to you or your family, it'll stay isolated.
    I'm open to any corrections/opinions/facts. Please discuss below.

    Further reading:
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