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Thread: Rand Paul: Here’s How the GOP Can Stop Government Dysfunction

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    Rand Paul: Here’s How the GOP Can Stop Government Dysfunction

    Rand Paul: Here’s How the GOP Can Stop Government Dysfunction

    When I ran for office, I ran in opposition to the establishment and the politicians in both parties. Bank bailouts, Obamacare, and a failure to stand up and fight were among my main complaints, and these were many of the same frustrations that moved people to start the Tea Party.

    Frankly, I just got sick of throwing things at my television and decided to do something about it by running for office. I took on the special interests and Washington Machine, and I won.

    Since I’ve been in Washington, let me tell you, it is every bit as bad as I feared. It’s why so many people—myself included—are angry and challenging the status quo.

    At first, we were told that we couldn’t fight for change because we didn’t control the Senate. Now we are told we can’t take a stand until we win the Presidency. I’m tired of waiting—it’s time to stand and fight for the principles of limited government that voters sent us to office to defend.

    This week will be a crucial test. Putting forward a “continuing resolution” is simply more of the status quo: More debt, more Obamacare, more funding of Planned Parenthood.

    I won’t vote to continue borrowing and spending a million dollars a minute. I urge the leaders of my party to do something different: to take the offensive for our beliefs rather than surrendering before the battle begins.

    Too often Washington looks like two sides of the same coin to the American people. We have a chance to change that and we must act this week.

    I hear our leaders preaching of the necessity of 60 votes to defund anything. This is a warped and completely backwards mis-reading of our role. Spending ends automatically with the end of the fiscal year. We should state clearly and boldly that any spending moving forward will take 60 votes. Instead of preemptively announcing defeat, we should take a stand and put forward 12 individual spending bills with hundreds of instructions to cut wasteful spending and eliminate funding for outrageous regulations.

    The burden of 60 votes to pass a bill in the Senate then works in our favor. Unless Democrats can gather 60 votes, most wasteful spending will fail and—with certainty—offensive spending like that of Planned Parenthood will fail.
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    Yes the defunding and funding rules ought to be inversed. Nice Rand.

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    That's absolutely what ought to be done. The Democrat's only win these "shutting down the government" fights because they think the Republicans are bluffing. Show them you're not, and they'll fold. Problem is, about 90% of them really are bluffing, and don't want to cut spending any more than the Democrats. Realistically, nothing's going to change with this Congress: need a lot more genuine conservatives/libertarians. Till then, though, I'd love to see Rand make his own stand on principle.
    "Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want, and deserve to get it good and hard."

    -H. L. Mencken

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    "Who wants to fund the butchering of babies?" Hands please.

    "Who wants to fund the sexual abuse of children in Afghanistan?" Hands please.

    Get the $#@!ers on record.
    Non-violence is the creed of those that maintain a monopoly on force.

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    I hate to tell you, Rand, that's just the establishment politics that people can see. It rots from the head right down to the tail. County parties are establishment. The House and Senate are establishment, else why would Boehner and McConnell still be in charge. Everything in between is establishment.

    In my mind establishment = corrupt.

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