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Thread: Rand Paul has this big disadvantage with his core base that no other GOP candidate ever will

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    Quote Originally Posted by Matthanuf06 View Post
    We are currently ex ante so all of this is irrelevant.

    In an ex ante world you have to make a decision on the facts at hand.

    Would you rather have a purist max out at 10-15% and be guaranteed of a Clinton or Bush presidency?

    Or would you rather side with Rand and have a chance at the a White House? A chance that's very small, but a chance nonetheless. And that's why your ex post is irrelevant, Rand would probably lose even if everything went his way.

    So what do you choose? It's not about what you wish for, what you want, or who you hope was really running It's about what and who you pick out of the people that are running.

    Stand with Rand and have a small chance at a Liberty friendly President?

    Or push for the continuance of the Bush/Clinton dynasty?

    That choice is yours. There is no third door to open
    The third door or option C, is that we will only get 10-15% of the vote with Rand anyway, despite all his playing politics. There is no reason, with no primary votes yet cast, for feeling certain Rand has a better chance than Ron, other than the non-stop presumption the pragmatic approach is better for achieving that outcome. Until now, there has been no proof of concept to prove that, or not. Whereas, by next spring there will be.

    Just saying, be prepared to take credit for advocating for compromising if it works, OR to take responsibility for pushing it, if it doesn't work. I strongly suspect that if it's the latter, the movement will be going back to 'purity' regardless of what the pragmatists think, what they wish for, or what they want.
    -----Peace & Freedom, John Clifton-----

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    Quote Originally Posted by r3volution 3.0 View Post
    It would seem that you don't appreciate the nature of this war.
    It would seem you don't appreciate WINNING the war, unless it's done via pragmatism, even if that method never ends up winning. Feeling superior to the purists seems to be the main thing some people care about on this thread, which is why I mentioned that is majoring in the minors.
    -----Peace & Freedom, John Clifton-----

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    Remember the good old days before Trump, when the biggest controversy was who did and didn't support Rand?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Brian4Liberty View Post
    Remember the good old days before Trump, when the biggest controversy was who did and didn't support Rand?
    B.T (before Trump) = boring
    A.T. (after Trump) = awesome!

    1. Don't lie.
    2. Don't cheat.
    3. Don't steal.
    4. Don't kill.
    5. Don't commit adultery.
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    8. Remember the Sabbath and keep it holy.
    9. Donít use your Higher Power's name in vain, or anyone else's.
    10. Do unto others as you would have them do to you.

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    That author is a comedian.

    The National Review is full neocon. Most of them are.

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