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Thread: 6-year-old mayor endorses 3-year-old brother for office

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    6-year-old mayor endorses 3-year-old brother for office

    This is how family dynasties begin. Where's Danke to take this kid down, Trump style?

    DOREST, Minn. -- If elected mayor of a small town in Minnesota, not only will 3-year-old James Tufts be the youngest mayor in the state's history, but he will also be the cutest.

    Six-year-old Robert "Bobby" Tufts is a two-term mayor of the small town, but he is ready to pass on the torch to younger brother James, reports CBS Minnesota.

    "Because my mom said I have to, and I'm the older brother," Bobby said. "I've been it before so I can help him do it."
    (I wonder if that's what Barbara told George)

    A dollar buys a candidate their name in a jar. Each dollar gives James one more chance for his name to be drawn at random to become mayor. And James has some good ideas if he becomes mayor, and already knows what he would do once in office.

    "Eat ice cream all day," he said.

    Older brother Bobby has some advice for his little brother too.

    "To not talk poopy to people, to be nice," Bobby said.

    As James greets potential voters, he shakes their hands and tells them, "Welcome to Dorest. Please vote for me."

    "Use your right hand, not your left hand, James," Bobby coaches.

    James' campaign slogan is, "Out with the ex, bring in with the next."

    Voters also seemed enthused about the idea of James as their new mayor. Many along the campaign route said they would vote for him. One voter said he thinks James would be a good leader.

    If James is elected it will be on Sunday, Aug. 2, reports CBS Minnesota. He will be two days younger than Bobby was he first swept into office.
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