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Thread: Norman Dodd On The Tax Exempt Foundations

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    Norman Dodd On The Tax Exempt Foundations

    This is not new material for most of you, I assume.

    But, when you listen to it, I suggest listening carefully to the language (the style), as well as the content.

    Note that this man speaks English, properly and grammatically.

    You will, most likely, have never heard someone speaking in this way.

    It may seem trivial, but it is very important.



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    Dodd report -

    These original studies of "the public interest" disclosed that during the four years, 1933-1936, a change took place which was so drastic as to constitute a "revolution" . They also indicated conclusively that the responsibility for the economic welfare of the American people had been transferred heavily to the Executive Branch of the Federal Government; that a corresponding change in education had taken place from an impetus outside of the local community, and that this "revolution" had occurred without violence and with the full consent of an overwhelming majority of the electorate .

    Un-American and Subversive - Any action having as its purpose the alteration of either the principle or the form of the United States Government by other than constitutional means. (This definition is derived from a study of this subject made by the Brookings Institute at the request of the House Un-American Activities Committee .)

    I directed the staff to explore Foundation practices, educational procedures, and the operations of the Executive branch of the Federal Government since 1903 for reasonable evidence of a purposeful relationship between them.
    Its ensuing studies disclosed such a relationship and that it had existed continuously since the beginning of this 50-year period. In addition, these studies seem to give evidence of a response to our involvement in international affairs . Likewise, they seemed to reveal that grants had been made by Foundations (chiefly by Carnegie and Rockefeller) which were used to further this purpose by :
    • Directing education in the United States towardan international view-point and discrediting the traditions to which, it [formerly) had been dedicated.*
    • Training individuals and servicing agencies to render advice to the Executive branch of the Federal Government.
    • Decreasing the dependency of education upon the resources of the local community and freeing it from many of the natural safeguards inherent in this American tradition
    • Changing both school and college curricula to the point where they sometimes denied the principles underlying the American way of life.
    • Financing experiments designed to determine the most effective means by which education could be pressed into service of a political nature.


    It seems incredible that the trustees of typically American fortune-created foundations should have permitted them to be used to finance ideas and practices incompatible with the fundamental concepts of our Constitution. Yet there seems evidence that this may have occurred.
    I assume it is the purpose of this inquiry to gather and weigh the facts.
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    My Foundation is tax exempt .

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