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Thread: Paul Lepage

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    Paul Lepage

    What does RPF think of him? So far, all I can see is that he seems to want to raise money for drug enforcement and he always wants to cut welfare before cutting anything else.

    But he endorsed Ron Paul back in '12. Forgetting that, though...

    What else has he done?

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    I don't think he endorsed Ron Paul.

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    He met with Ron but didn't endorse anyone. He did refuse to go to the RNC in protest after the state was taken from Ron.

    LePage endorsed Christie this time.

    I've rather liked what LePage has done. He's tried to do what he promised in his campaigns, he's spoke his mind and never taken $#@! from anyone. His big issue right now is eliminating income tax. Maine is also about to become a constitutional carry state under Lepage.

    The liberals hate him, so he's doing something right.

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