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Thread: Movement to Draft Mark Meadows for Senate

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    Movement to Draft Mark Meadows for Senate

    After Congressman Mark Meadows lost his gavel when he crossed the leadership (he has since been reinstated), a few grassroots activists from North Carolina put together a movement to draft him to primary our anti-liberty Senator Richard Burr.

    A petition is set up at

    I personally think its a great idea, though I don't know if Meadows would run (he has stated to a few people in the past he doesn't plan to). Several people want him to, but think he should "wait his turn" rather than primary an incumbent. On that topic, however, a few Republicans really want to oust Burr, and plan to vote for the Democrat in the general. What do you guys think?
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    Best chance to get Meadows to run is to blow up the petition, otherwise not likely to happen. Not saying don't try, though, because Richard Burr just isn't an option.

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