Gotta love the Ron Paul shoutout too.

‘I oppose fast track’

Friday, June 5, 2015 12:00 pm

I was greatly disappointed last week that the Senate voted to give the president “fast-track” Trade Promotion Authority (TPA).

Under fast track, only when the president and foreign leaders have agreed on a trade deal would it come to Congress for a simple up-or-down vote with almost no debate and no amendments. As my friend and former colleague, Congressman Ron Paul, has rightly pointed out, fast track is an “unconstitutional usurpation of Congress’s authority by the president” that “eliminates a critical check and balance that our Founding Fathers wisely included in the Constitution.” Furthermore, it “concentrates vast powers in the hands of a president” in ways that “undermine our nation’s sovereignty and solvency.”

I strongly oppose giving fast track to any president, particularly President Obama. For the past six years he has ignored Congress, repeatedly abused his executive authority and flaunted the law on ObamaCare, amnesty for illegal aliens, and many other things. Given his record, I am astonished that some of my colleagues are so eager to fork over even more of their constitutional authority for him to abuse. It would be incredibly naďve to think the president has changed his tune and will now dutifully follow whatever trade negotiating instructions Congress might seek to require of him in a fast track bill.

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