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Thread: Rand Paul rising on Breitbart

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    Rand Paul rising on Breitbart

    Rand is rising quickly as the number one candidate on Breitbart.

    Cruz's support has plummeted from his support of TPA/TPP.

    This is good news. I suggest some of you go over to Breitbart and spread the word, Rand is taking the GOP nomination and the White House.

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    Ted Cruz is getting all kinds of negative feedback even on Ted Cruz sites like Hot Air and even The Right Scoop, although over there we have a person who I think is a troll but purports to support Cruz and hates Rand, so he is relentless in driving anyone who doesn't support Cruz off the website. This may truly hurt Cruz.

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    Is there a way to see results after you have already voted?

    It looks like the only way to see results is when you vote.

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    I was just coming here to post this! Go vote at hxxp://

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    I just voted and see

    Cruz 31%
    Walker 23%
    Paul 13%
    Carson 6%

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    I've been battling Cruz on social media all day.

    Matthew Boyle of Breitbart is very pro-Rand.

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    Not just Cruz but Walker as well.

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