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Thread: Thomas McNutt challenging RINO Texas State Rep. Byron Cook in HD 8

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    Default Thomas McNutt challenging RINO Texas State Rep. Byron Cook in HD 8

    I will be looking for more info on Thomas, but so far what I have seen about him, and his connections makes me think at first glance that he will be both a formidable and good candidate. I will update if and when he gets a detailed issue page on his site.

    Byron Cook is a complete RINO, who supports Joe Straus, and has done his best to kill pro gun and pro life and liberty legislation. If any other candidates join the race, I will post about them in this thread. Please follow Thomas on Facebook and Twitter if you have accounts at either place.

    As a Christian first, conservative second, and Republican third I strive every day to serve those around me through my family, work, church and community. I am a 9th generation Texan who is proud of our state's leadership in the causes of liberty and freedom. Growing up in a close extended family, I learned from my grandparents -two former school teachers and soldiers in the Reagan Revolution- that Texas is not free because we are great; rather Texas is great because we are free. Today, as I live and work here in our community, I am blessed to see firsthand the principles we believe in lived out. Our beliefs in faith, family, and the free market are the cornerstones of who we are. We need a representative who stands for those principles instead of standing in their way. I am running to be our steadfast voice in Austin, because we deserve a representative who champions our conservative ideals both at home and in the Capitol.

    Howdy friends,
    It is with tremendous excitement and humility that I announce my campaign for State Representative for House District 8. Please visit our website at In the coming months ahead I look forward to talking with my neighbors and friends to earn their support and hear their concerns for the future of our community and our State.

    Thomas McNutt

    13 hrs ·

    Howdy Everybody!
    Thank you for the support! Please click the "invite friends to like this page" button and spread the word!... Wow, what an amazing social media kick off! The number of likes, donations, and sign-ups have been beyond projection! We will do our very best to steward y'all's investment wisely for Liberty and Freedom!
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    Stickland just mentioned this guy being in the liberty camp, but I can't find his issues or positions anywhere...
    Find liberty candidates to support:

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    Quote Originally Posted by jurgs01 View Post
    Stickland just mentioned this guy being in the liberty camp, but I can't find his issues or positions anywhere...
    He has an issues section now.

    I've asked around and poked around, seems like he's a very good candidate. Taking out chairman Byron Cook is one of if not the main goal of the fiscally conservative groups in Texas this year such as Empower Texans, etc. I got an anti-Cook mailer the other day, and I'm not even in his district. Because they have McNutt's back so strongly, I think hardcore liberty resources would be most useful in other races.

    Read King has a great shot at HD 64 this year, as does Keith Strahan in HD 18. They are both solid liberty and running in open seats now. Eby will need a lot of help as well. I think Jess Fields is probably great also. David Simpson and C.J Grisham will be our main State Senate candidates.
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    TFR: McNutt For Texas House 8

    Across the nation and the Lone Star State, citizens are demanding bold action on commonsense reforms. That’s why Texans for Fiscal Responsibility is endorsing Thomas McNutt in the Republican primary for Texas House District 8.

    “Thomas McNutt is a bold champion for values and principles that Texans hold dear,” said TFR’s president, Michael Quinn Sullivan. “Thomas McNutt’s energy and excitement for good public policy is precisely what taxpayers are demanding. McNutt will fight against the cronyism and corruption that has infested the Texas House.”

    McNutt is the vice president of the Collin Street Bakery, one of the mainstays of business and culture in Corsicana and the surrounding area. He is a graduate of Texas A&M and is challenging Byron Cook in the Republican primary.

    Last session, Cook pushed driver’s permits for illegal aliens, voted to remove “mother” and “father” from birth certificates in order to facilitate homosexual adoptions, and killed Gov. Greg Abbott’s ethics reform agenda. Cook also assisted Democrats and public employee labor unions by stopping legislation that would have ended the collusion between governments and labor organizers in Texas.

    Texans for Fiscal Responsibility ( is the largest grassroots organization in the state focused on state and local fiscal and governance policy issues. Endorsements are made in consultation with advisors, subscribers and supporters in each district.

    “Texans are looking for reform-minded, no-nonsense candidates who will fight for their constituents rather than serve the corrupt crony-culture of Austin,” added Sullivan. “That’s why so many citizens in House District 8 are already supporting Thomas McNutt, and why we are proud to stand alongside them.”
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    I'd like to vote for Deez Nuts, but I guess McNutt will do.
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