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Thread: Do Nightshade Vegetables Aggravate Your Arthritis Worsening Pain?

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    Default Do Nightshade Vegetables Aggravate Your Arthritis Worsening Pain?

    Do Nightshade Vegetables Aggravate Your Arthritis Worsening Pain?

    Written by Sarah, The Healthy Home Economist

    It is almost foodie sacrilege to suggest that a group of colorful, antioxidant rich vegetables ubiquitous within the Western diet might not be as healthy as the natural food community paints them to be. This is exactly what this article is going to attempt to do – wade you through the process of considering whether nightshade vegetables might in fact be worsening your health symptoms even if they are grown organically in nutrient dense soil.

    Hopefully not, as nightshade veggies are delicious! But, it makes sense to investigate the possibility especially if you have issues with chronic pain, arthritis, or GERD among other challenges..

    First, let’s examine exactly what the nightshades are and what health problems they sometimes exacerbate for those who are sensitive.
    What are the Nightshade Vegetables?

    Nightshades are members of a large family of plants calledSolanaceae. The plants to consider as potentially problematic are the nightshade vegetables that are widely used in the Western diet primarily including:

    White potatoes
    Peppers (not peppercorns)

    In addition, the nightshade family includes a few fruits as well:

    Goji berries
    Ground cherries
    Cape gooseberries
    Garden huckleberries

    It really is hard to imagine that these delicious and antioxidant rich vegetables and fruits might in fact be worsening some very serious health challenges even if they are not the true cause of the problem.


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    Tomatoes are veggies though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by William Tell View Post
    Tomatoes are veggies though.
    Nope. Fruits.
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