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Thread: Israeli Soldier's Message To US: "You Are Next In Line." Please Watch.

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    Israeli Soldier's Message To US: "You Are Next In Line." Please Watch.

    Paranoia is having all of the facts.

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    Humans in general are reactionary by nature, so they are easy prey, a little patience and it's easy pickins.... most of them either cannot even see past the first layer, or choose not to, because of personal gain.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tommyrp12 View Post
    Oh that is not good. I had no idea but certainly not surprised. I followed a link that I believe was supposed to be the website of former Israeli soldiers who are now whistleblowers, but I immediately got a warning from my computer about a virus.

    The video I posted earlier was only a segment from a longer presentation. It actually made me cry when he described the simiilarities of a screaming Palestinian woman over the death of her young son, to his grandmother's screams when she has nightmares about the Holocaust. There is no difference between people. All suffering sounds the same.

    Paranoia is having all of the facts.

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    I’ll be the first to be arrested because I’m black

    Israelis should ask themselves how is it that what was always justified as a fear of losing the Jewish majority has now taken the form of xenophobia.

    By Carolina Landsmann | May 15, 2015 | 6:00 AM

    Protesters and police clash at Tel Aviv demonstration of Ethiopian Israelis, May 3, 2015. Photo by AFP


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    Quote Originally Posted by ctiger2 View Post @haaretzcom · 13h 13 hours ago

    Sheldon Adelson now proud owner of George W. Bush original painting

    Adelson primary heats up — fawning George Bush gives him a painting of his casino

    May 15, 2015 The Bush Brothers are going the extra yard to woo billionaire Sheldon Adelson to support Jeb’s campaign for president. George W. Bush, by training a portraitist of dogs and heads of state, did an architectural painting to give to Adelson at the Republican Jewish Coalition.
    From the Jewish Telegraphic Agency:
    The New York Times has reported that George W. Bush, who began painting amateur portraits in 2012, gave Adelson one of his original paintings at last month’s Republican Jewish Coalition conference in Las Vegas.
    According to the Times, the painting is of Adelson’s Marina Bay Sands resort and casino in Singapore, which is one of the most expensive buildings ever constructed.
    Last night on Hardball, Chris Matthews wondered why Jeb Bush was packing his advisory team with neoconservatives, led by a planner of the Iraq war, Paul Wolfowitz, then wondered where Bush’s heart is.

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