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Thread: New Bill Would Allow Oregon Drivers to Pump Their Own Gas

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    Quote Originally Posted by Danke View Post
    We may have to include Oregon in the Wall proposal.

    There should be a wall separating every coastal state from America.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Raginfridus View Post
    The women of Oregon seem to believe their state is full of elderly and retarded drivers.
    I kidnapped my wife from there. and am only marginally north.
    Liberty is lost through complacency and a subservient mindset. When we accept or even welcome automobile checkpoints, random searches, mandatory identification cards, and paramilitary police in our streets, we have lost a vital part of our American heritage. America was born of protest, revolution, and mistrust of government. Subservient societies neither maintain nor deserve freedom for long.
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    The other side of town's full of Asian drivers, so I can kinda relate to living near so many old, retarded, and women drivers. Really makes one cautious.

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    Pumping gas is for peons. Does Hillary Clinton pump her own gas?
    "Foreign aid is taking money from the poor people of a rich country, and giving it to the rich people of a poor country." - Ron Paul
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    Quote Originally Posted by Danke View Post
    If the demand is there, they will just have some pumps are full-service and charge a little more.
    Up until a couple years ago ( guy died and his kids sold them all of ) there was one chain around here with full service and they were the busiest places around . They sold gas , oil , cigarettes and lighters . Thats it . But they would check/add oil and do windows on request . They had free air . They pd a commision to employees on gallons pumped and the managers got a commission off of non gas items . Every old lady in the county went there .
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    Quote Originally Posted by luctor-et-emergo View Post
    Is this a joke or what ?

    It amazes me sometimes, how people are not capable of performing the most basic tasks yet they seem perfectly capable of procreating. Kind of scary, really.
    Same sort of process involved.
    All modern revolutions have ended in a reinforcement of the power of the State.
    -Albert Camus

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    Quote Originally Posted by otherone View Post
    Same sort of process involved.
    I was gonna mention that but it seemed too obvious for me.
    "I am a bird"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brian4Liberty View Post
    Pumping gas is for peons. Does Hillary Clinton pump her own gas?
    Gotta break those gas ceilings!
    Quote Originally Posted by timosman View Post
    This is getting silly.
    Quote Originally Posted by Swordsmyth View Post
    It started silly.
    T.S. Eliot's The Hollow Men

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    Quote Originally Posted by Philhelm
    I part ways with "libertarianism" when it transitions from ideology grounded in logic into self-defeating autism for the sake of ideological purity.

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    They should just call it quits and make washing their vehicles illegal too. I mean who wants to show up at work smelling like Turtle Wax? Man alive, the indignity of it all.
    The object of life is not to be on the side of the majority, but to escape finding one’s self in the ranks of the insane.” — Marcus Aurelius

    They’re not buying it. CNN, you dumb bastards!” — President Trump 2020

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    More Government = Less Freedom
    Communism never disappeared it only changed its name to Social Democrat
    Emotion and Logic mix like oil and water

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    The Bastiat Collection · FREE PDF · FREE EPUB · PAPER
    Frédéric Bastiat (1801-1850)

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      -- The Law (p. 54)
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      -- Government (p. 99)
    • "[W]ar is always begun in the interest of the few, and at the expense of the many."
      -- Economic Sophisms - Second Series (p. 312)
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    Quote Originally Posted by phill4paul View Post
    I have pumped gas 1,000's of times in my life. Had I known this I would have moved to Oregon and started a gas pumper union which demanded $50 an hour.

    United in Pumping!

    We're being governed ruled by a geriatric Alzheimer patient/puppet whose strings are being pulled by an elitist oligarchy who believe they can manage the world... imagine the utter maniacal, sociopathic hubris!

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    Quote Originally Posted by nikcers View Post
    I dated a girl who never pumped gas before in a state where you have to pump gas. It was funny until she ran out of gas and she had money and then I realized it wasn't a joke to get me to buy her gas. To her family it wasn't something women were allowed to do for some reason?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Brian4Liberty View Post
    The road to hell is paved with good intentions. No need to make it a superhighway.
    Quote Originally Posted by osan View Post
    The only way I see Trump as likely to affect any real change would be through martial law, and that has zero chances of success without strong buy-in by the JCS at the very minimum.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Occam's Banana View Post

    Why Jersey girls − and guys − still don’t pump their own gas
    {Robert H. Scott III | 29 March 2024}

    New Jersey’s quirky reputation is hard earned, but one peculiarity stands out: It’s the only place in America where you can’t pump your own gas.

    Laws against self-service gasoline used to be common: In the late 1960s, nearly half the states in the U.S. had one. But as fuel dispensers became safer and credit cards made paying at pumps possible, those states began to reconsider. By the early 1990s, nearly four out of five gas stations nationwide were self-serve.

    For decades, Oregon and New Jersey were the last two holdouts. But Oregon loosened its restrictions against gas station self-service in 2018 and ultimately reversed its ban in 2023.

    That leaves the Garden State. Its self-service ban, which went into effect in 1949, has a colorful history: It was born of a thuggish, Sopranosesque effort to thwart competition. In the late 1940s, a man named Irving Reingold opened a self-service station in Hackensack, offering gasoline at a lower price than his competitors. Those competitors tried to intimidate Reingold – complete with a drive-by gas-station shooting. When that didn’t work, they formed an alliance and proposed the self-service ban.

    As an economics professor based in New Jersey (but from the Midwest), I’ve taken a keen interest in this rule. And I don’t think it’s going anywhere – for now, at least.

    Why New Jersey’s ban is here to stay

    Despite the ban’s unsavory origins, New Jersey residents seem to like it. Nearly three out of four New Jerseyans oppose lifting the ban, a 2022 Rutgers poll found. That same year, a Monmouth University poll found that a slight majority would support allowing self-service gasoline, but only if the state required all gas stations to offer full service as an alternative. If the state didn’t do that, then 60% said they’d support maintaining the current ban.

    State politicians are clearly paying attention. When asked about the self-service ban in 2019, Gov. Phil Murphy said that trying to reverse it would be “political suicide.” Former New Jersey Govs. Chris Christie, a Republican, and Jon Corzine, a Democrat, met the same resistance and also never pushed the issue. Self-service gas stations may be the most bipartisan public policy issue in New Jersey.

    Do drivers benefit from the ban?

    There are reasonable arguments for and against the self-service ban.

    One is that banning self-service leads to higher prices at the pump because it boosts labor costs. There’s evidence supporting this claim. A recent study found that gasoline prices fell 4.4 cents per gallon after Oregon partially removed its ban in 2018. Interestingly, this estimate is in line with an earlier study that found self-service bans increase gas prices from 3 to 5 cents per gallon.

    However, gasoline prices likely won’t fall more than a few cents per gallon if the ban is repealed. That’s because having full-time gasoline pumpers lowers stations’ insurance costs because of fewer accidents and less risk. Clearly, the risk is significant, or you wouldn’t see lawyers advertising based on the issue.

    For people who want to pump their own gasoline, a ban on self-service may feel oppressive, but they might be disappointed by the alternative. That’s because research shows full service doesn’t take longer than self-service, even though people expect it will.

    People think full service takes longer because temporal relevance distorts their perception of time. Temporal relevance is why waiting in line when you’re in a hurry feels like an eternity but time flies when you’re having fun. In much the same way, time seems to move more quickly when you’re pumping your own gas.

    What about the workers?

    People also support the self-service ban for a practical reason: It creates jobs.

    There are 3,205 gasoline service stations in New Jersey. If each station employs two attendants, that would add up to 7,410 employees across the state. These are jobs that are open to people with limited education,which is a big deal at a time when blue-collar service jobs are being replaced by automation.

    But the labor issue is complex. During the pandemic there were legitimate concerns about finding enough employees to work these jobs. These labor constraints led the New Jersey Gasoline, Convenience Store, Automotive Association to reverse its long-standing support of the ban.

    The net economic effects from lifting the ban remain unclear. Researchers will have a better sense of it from watching what happens in Oregon, although there’s a movement to put the issue on the ballot in November 2024 and let Oregon voters decide whether to reinstate the ban. If successful, this will be an election that New Jersey politicians – and self-service gurus – will watch closely.

    In the meantime, if you want to pump your own gasoline in the Garden State, fuhgeddaboudit.

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