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Thread: ‘Commie Cowboys’ Now Available Online for Free

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    ‘Commie Cowboys’ Now Available Online for Free

    ‘Commie Cowboys’ Now Available Online for Free
    Ryan McMaken

    Having become so fabulously wealthy on royalties, I’ve decided to make my book Commie Cowboys available online for free. I posted it here, where you can download it in PDF. If you like it, be sure to review it at the book’s Amazon page. If you prefer a physical book, you can certainly still buy it on Amazon for a measly $5.99. There’s an even cheaper Kindle version, also.

    It’s a book that details how the so-called “classic” Westerns of the post-WWII period hardly deserve their reputation for being pro-capitalist symbols of freedom. In fact, the old silent Westerns and the more modern “cynical” Westerns like Unforgiven and The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly are vastly superior, from a laissez faire perspective.

    Lew and I talk about the book here.

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    A friend of mine does aging/dyeing on costumes for the movie industry. She is getting ready to go work on a re-make of "The Magnificent Seven." She keeps telling everyone that she may need some assistants to help as it will have a large cast of extras. I offered but she told me that I wouldn't be able to do the work she needs on her house while she was gone.

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    Do something Danke

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